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Eco-sustainable holiday on Lake Garda

A slow and eco-friendly holiday, slow walks while aware of the surrounding beauty, outdoor sports without frenzy: it’s time to follow the rhythm of nature in a land suspended between water and mountains like Lake Garda Trentino.

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spiaggia attrezzata Torbole sul Garda


In summer, the beach life at Lake Garda is marked by the rhythm of water sports, sunbathing and the unique panorama that blends the blue of the lake with high and green mountains. Sky and earth, water and wind, sun and lots of fun: this is the life on the beach at Lake Garda.

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Trekkiing d'autunno Lago di garda


Summer brings precious perfumes and flavours in itself, and we keep them for the long upcoming winter season; but before moving to the lukewarm autumn, the end of the summer gives off some wonderful treks, only a few steps from Lake Garda Trentino.

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are thinking about spending a whole weekend in Torbole, in the Garda Trentino region? Perhaps it won’t be enough! Some long walks on the beach, a lot of fabulous bikeways, many romantic restaurants on the lake and a fairytale atmosphere: you won’t desire to leave this place anymore!

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Holidays with friends on Lake Garda

A small group of women and one and only dream: a holiday with friends. A woman holiday on Lake Garda, where you will dream of not going back amid many sports, as gentle as a lakefront walk and as fast-paced as downhill, some great shopping sessions and a lot of relaxing days lying in the sun!

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Ponale, the road of marvels

At Lake Garda, between Riva and Valle di Ledro, there is an iconic road that fascinates all trekking lovers and bikers – Ponale. The walk begins from Torbole and you will fall in love with this thrilling route.

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September in Lake Garda

The golden month par excellence, full of events and the first fruits of the earth. September in Lake Garda becomes the ideal period for vacationing as a couple or as a family.

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Foliage Lago di Garda

Autumn vacation on Lake Garda

What to do and experience on vacation when it’s warm, enveloped by seasonal colors, where gold and amber blend together like a painting: discover the beauty of autumn in Torbole sul Garda

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Spring 2021 in Lake Garda

A new year is on the horizon. A trip, discovering a new place, or returning to a place you cherish. Fill your vacation with happiness next spring 2021.

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Panorama Torbole sul Garda

5 must-sees in Torbole on Lake Garda

You only have a few days, but you don’t want to miss out on the most beautiful spots in Torbole? Then get moving and get organized for a holiday on Lake Garda in search of the most spectacular views and the five top places to visit!

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October at Lake Garda. The perfect holiday

Who says Lake Garda is the perfect holiday destination only in summer? October is great to discover and appreciate the biggest lake in Italy and its northerly side, in Trentino, become even more alluring in October. Get ready for your autumn outdoor holidays.

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e-bike Lake Garda


On the e-bike at Lake Garda? Yes, there are so many routes to be explored on your bike or e-bike. If you choose the right accommodation facility, to recharge your bike will be an easy task!

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Sailing at Lake Garda

Sailing at Lake Garda is the sport par excellence. Regular winds, international competitions, professional schools and breath taking landscapes will make you sail as never before.

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