Canoeing is a sport that has been moving thousands of tourists from all over the world for years, as a “classical everlasting sport”!

This outdoor sport has always moved billions of tourists who choose to discover the crystal clear waters of Lake Garda, comfortably seated in a canoe, making the most out of the hours when Lake Garda is flat.

In this way, it is possible to find out remote spots and sun-kissed rocky bays, where many birds and fish settle in, looking curiously at humans.

Canoe uses the arm energy, their stamina and staying power when, stroke after stroke, it leads you to real pieces of heaven.
Although Sup has lately overcome the old “canoeing”, this last one won’t surely be dropped out!

A funny and exciting programme will let you visit and discover Lake Garda at its fullest. How? Canoeing, on a Sup board, windsurfing, or maybe with your scuba tank to discover a different Lake Garda you’d never expect, submerged and mysterious.

Whatever the outdoor water activity you would carry out, Lake Garda will be able to guide you to discover it stroke after stroke, no doubt about that. And you couldn’t definitely say it won’t have moved you, as you were kids again. A proper “game”, good for you and your health.

Canoeing and kayaking are among the perfect ways to explore nature for young and old. A sport, paddling on the surface of the water, truly for everyone, which, especially in magical moments of the day, such as sunrise or sunset, offer really strong emotions.

The calm waters of Lake Garda (before they ripple thanks to the Ora, the famous wind from the north) are ideal for feeling an integral part of the landscape, at one with it, while admiring the surrounding beauty. Explore it calmly, breathe deeply and let yourself go. Whatever your destination, you have already arrived.

For active travellers, a canoe excursion is the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Alto Garda, this atypical fjord blessed with a Mediterranean climate.

So how can one have a canoeing experience on Garda Trentino?

It’s very simple: rent the right equipment and go looking for unforgettable views of nature.

And as Schiller stated: “Man is only completely a man when he plays”, then here in Garda Trentino going back to your childhood is a piece of cake!

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