September on Lake Garda: between foliage and the last glimmer of summer

Hot, but not scorching, a pleasant breeze known as the Ora that’s not as strong during this month, crystalline water that’s warmer than it is in springtime because heated by the heat of summer: this is September and, perhaps, this month, which is the end to summer, has much more to offer than you can imagine. 

A September holiday on Lake Garda is an experience that involves all of your senses: from taste – with the many first fruits the Earth has to propose, to smell – entranced by the intense aromas of ripe figs, from sight –  satisfied by the first hints of foliage, to hearing – with the lulling waves that gently break on the shore, to touch. 

Eat, relax, experience the adrenaline of outdoor sports, and enjoy the Mediterranean climate in September in Torbole sul Garda: the undisputed home of sailing and mountain biking. 

Why spend your vacation here in September?

Simple: it’s more convenient, there are less crowds, places seem made just for you, and our perception of its exclusivity increases. 

The slow pace of a September vacation cannot compare with the hustle and bustle of the summer, when you need to book every single activity that interests you. 

Weather in September on Lake Garda 

Weather forecasts clearly indicate an increasingly clear trend in recent years: warm, sunny, and incredibly serene autumn seasons! The mild and typically Mediterranean climate the lake offers is the “cause” of this unique climate, appreciated by hundreds of tourists who choose Lake Garda every year for their vacation. This is how September was rediscovered, thanks to a climate that’s as favorable as springtime is, a month that greets the summer with dignity, with typically summer days, but with the hues and hints of autumn. 

Get your camera ready… you’ll take some great, unforgettable shots in September!

Your vacation in an apartment with swimming pool in Torbole sul Garda

If you’ve decided on a September vacation, and you want all the privacy of an apartment, but also the comfort of a beautiful outdoor pool and an indoor pool heated to 27° C. with solar panels, there’s a place in Torbole sul Garda just 100 meters from the historic center and beach: Residence Toblini

Both the Residence and Casa Toblini al Lago are more than a place to stay… they’re a place of the heart. 

A big family, where you’re greeted in the lush green garden with a cocktail and many services and amenities. 

From parking to bike storage with video surveillance, from a washing machine to a small workshop for quick repairs. 

And, also pools and a café. You’ll find everything you’re looking for here. 

Choose among the very modern studio, or two or three room apartments. Forget everything else. It’s time to think about happiness… and Lake Garda in September can really offer you a lot of it!

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