“There are no more middle seasons”. A famous weather cliché states that, but we belie it immediately because the “middle seasons” at Lake Garda are nicer than ever!

The sun shines up in the mild sky, it warms you up without burning. The nature around us is getting a beautiful warm tone, turning everything romantic. The land gives us mouthwatering fruits like chestnuts and mushrooms!

The woods smell of resin and the sounds of nature are the perfect background music for some beautiful walks you could take on without suffering the summer hot weather.

Are you ready to discover the 5 autumn activities to undertake around the lake in Garda Trentino? READY, SET, GO!

Appreciating the nature turning yellow. Well, the most energising colour in chromotherapy is in the spotlight in autumn. The woods turn yellow-orange as painted by a great painter and enable you to take the most striking pictures ever! It will be great to frame and hang photos at home as a memento of your autumn holiday all together!

  1. Hiking. Ponale, Busatte-Tempesta, San Pietro, Mount Altissimo. Whatever the path you chose, hiking in Garda Trentino has never been so impactful. Grueling sweats? Bye bye! Baking heat? Forget it. The golden landscapes and the pleasant, not yet cold temperatures are a perfect combination for those who love this activity.
  2. Olives. This incredible fruit gives its best in autumn with its… pressing! The “green gold”, that is the precious 46° parallel oil (the most northern latitude where this tree is cultivated in Italy), is produced exactly during this season! It is possible to taste it in many restaurants and taverns together with delicious traditional dishes.
  3. Biking. Another perfect outdoor sport in the fall is biking. Pedaling on even challenging routes is easier when the temperatures are not so high! Lakefront walks with children are also ideal as there are far fewer people crowding the many cycle paths in Torbole, Arco, Riva del Garda! It will be a pleasure to ride in the quiet of this season.
  4. SUP. Autumn is the ideal season to enjoy the lake without too many boats and crafts! The color of the water is an even more intense blue and the green mountains with amber brushstrokes seem to enhance it even more! It will be great to paddle with the sup enjoying the sun and the peace without too much wind (which gradually decreases its power this season). The temperatures in September and October on Lake Garda are really optimal for SUP and all other water and non-water sports.

You can choose yourself if paddling, ambling or… running! Anyway, at the end you should remember to stop for a lakefront sundowner. After all, for this last “activity” every season is perfect!

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