Five great excursions on Lake Garda

Hiking in Lake Garda has a completely different flavor: easy walks for families with children while you admire the blue skies, lakeside walks as you breath in the scent of the Mediterranean, uphill trails towards infinity for true experts, or romantic excursions for couples with breathtaking views. 

From the Trentino side to the Brescia side, passing through Veneto, Lake Garda is undoubtedly a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. 

Choosing an itinerary is almost impossible but, in this article, we have five suggestions for five itineraries in Lake Garda you definitely have to try! 

  • Ponale. Perhaps the most well-known. Take a bike and pedestrian trail (on foot – even with a stroller – or by mountain bike), starting from Riva del Garda all the way to Val di Ledro. Not only is this  really panoramic, but it’s also very romantic for couples seeking a place where they can steal a kiss. We wrote about it here.
Strada del Ponale
Strada del Ponale
  • Busatte-Tempesta. Located in one of the prettiest villages near the lake: Torbole, the colorful town so loved by Goethe. This exclusively pedestrian trail includes a thrilling staircase with a  steep overlook, from where you can admire the lake from above. Simply spectacular. Find out more at this link.
Sentiero Busatte - Tempesta
Sentiero Busatte – Tempesta @gardaoutdoors
  • Monte Baldo. They call it the “Garden of Europe”, and you can easily see why. In spring, it’s an explosion of colors and inebriating scents. To reach its peak at 1,700 meters, you can take the 360° cable car that starts from Malcesine. From there, it’s just a short walk to the natural terrace, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. And those who feel courageous enough can also try paragliding!
  • Rocca di Garda. From the center of the beautiful town of Garda, you can hike up to the the Rocca, entering the green woods by way of a  staircase. Once you reach the Rocca, the view is spectacular. From here, the beauty of Garda and of Punta San Vigilio from above is incredible. At sunset, it all becomes very romantic! 
Rocca di Manerba
Rocca di Manerba @gardaoutdoors
  • Belot tacà via. This is a trail that very few are familiar with. The name itself, in Venetian dialect, translates into: “boulder set between two rock walls”. Just one kilometer long, it’s still very        “scenographic” and worthy of a photo. It can be reached from Sommavilla di Brenzone by walking for about forty minutes up the dry bed of the stream in the Val Torrente. 

Of course, these are just five excursions you can experience during a vacation in Lake Garda, but there are lots more, both for hiking and mountain bike lovers. 

Starting from Torbole, these five are all in the vicinity. 

In the heart of this colorful postcard village, you’ll also find our two accomodations: Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini “Al Lago”.  Stefano, the owner, is a great hiking enthusiast, so he can offer you advice or even accompany you for free towards exploring the lesser-known trails of Lake Garda. 

So all you have to do is put on your backpack and head on over! But remember to first book your ideal accommodation here.

Happy vacation!

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