The kids’ laughter is infectious, their happiness is mum and dad’s happiness. So why not choosing a completely child-friendly holiday? Lake Garda Trentino gives more than a single opportunity to carry out some outdoor activities and have fun all together.

Guided tours to discover the area, haunts to be explored, teaching farms to find out how to milk a cow or to grow thriving vegetables at close quarters with nature. Tailor-made family tours to satisfy adults and kids’ needs, or just some good lakefront walks!

Whatever the activity you would choose to undertake with your family, Lake Garda Trentino will be able to welcome you and make you spend some unforgettable moments.

We have drawn up a specific top 5 list just for you, five family activities that you can’t definitely missed once arrived on the northern shore of Italy’s biggest lake!

  • Excursions. Mountain, amusement park, adventure treks! Lake Garda won’t definitely get you bored, who wants to bet? Your little ones will love the thrill they feel at the Busatte Adventure Park. Between lianas and suspension bridges, the lake-view fun is guaranteed! 
  • Climbing. Little Adam Ondra are growing up. Who said that climbing is just for adults? Dad (or mum) and kid can train together and discover the most scenic peaks and heights along easy cliffs you can pleasantly climb! Local alpine guides hold out some activities targeted to all the family, to approach the climbing world safely. 
Familienurlaub am Gardasee
  • Biking. Bike lovers, here you go! Get your helmet, backpack and start cycling! There are many bikeways , or also cycle lanes for the little ones to live on their bikes under the careful eye of mum and dad.
  • Teaching farms. A great opportunity to live the lush Trentino nature with your family is visiting the teaching farms. At close quarters with nature, in these places it is possible to get to know trees and animals while relaxing and maybe also tasting the most genuine and typical products from Alto Garda! 
  • Theme parks. The proximity of Garda Trentino to Gardaland makes this area a perfect combination of wild fun and unspoilt nature. Getting on a comfy bus you could reach Italy’s most famous them park together with all your family. You can buy the tickets here at our offices and so take your family to live a unique experience between fun and adrenaline! 

These are only five activities you could carry out with your kids, but many more are waiting for you!

After all, even the fact of spending some relaxation moments with your loved ones gives strength and value to the holiday you decide to live. Comprising it both adventure park or treks, water sports or mountain excursions. A family holiday holds your heart around the biggest emotion: all gathered together under a blue stretch called Lake Garda!

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Studios with swimming pool on Lake Garda: the perfect holiday for single parents with children

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

Holiday at Lake Garda for single parents with children. The number of single-parent families formed by a single parent with one or more children is growing. A different composition of families also means a different approach to holidays. When in the family there is one parent and one or more children, the only solution is to choose the ideal place to have fun and spend peaceful holidays!

If mum or dad are thinking about holidays with their offspring, we suggest the ideal destination to spend the most awaited period of the year. Ready for happy moments with your children and for the deserved relax for you?

Where? At Lake Garda Trentino!

Lake Garda for all ages

The immense lake basin is full of breath-taking views and the northern shore, in the province of Trento, is child-friendly.

Its tranquillity, its many cycle paths, beaches, and thousands of outdoor activities designed for families, make this destination the ideal one for a parent with child in tow.

So, why choosing Lake Garda for a 1+1 holiday? We will give you some great reasons:

Mediterranean climate. When we say: “health first of all” is a great truth and especially when choosing a destination to spend a holiday with children. Garda Trentino ensures sunny days and a mild climate for many months of the year, perfect for the many outdoor activities you can practise even in the middle of winter!

Little champions grow up. Did you know? At Garda Trentino there are many specialized schools where you can also start a fast course your little champions! Active outdoor experiences directly on the lake by boat such as sailing, windsurfing, exciting canyoning or “land” activities such as climbing, trekking, biking!

Amusement parks just a stone’s throw from you. Gardaland and the other famous amusement and adventure parks are comfortably just an hour away, with direct connections with transfer. In Riva del Garda, the little ones will be able to discover the wonders of the curious reptiles at Reptiland or feel like little Indiana Jones at Torbole, at Parco delle Busatte which offers a large place surrounded by nature, with services dedicated to dynamic spirits.

Boat tours. Malcesine, Limone and other beautiful places in the nearby will be even more beautiful to discover by boat! A straw hat, a camera and the sun kissing you and your little explorer! What more could you ask for?

Tailor-made offers. The residences as Toblini Apartments with swimming pool offer perfect solutions for single parents such as studios. A tailor-made small family holiday in a perfectly organized design studio apartment with swimming pool and large garden for children is ideal! All you have to do is book with one click.

Every family, whether traditional, extended or small, is worth the trip. The destination that turns it into a dream is called Torbole sul Garda.

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“There are no more middle seasons”. A famous weather cliché states that, but we belie it immediately because the “middle seasons” at Lake Garda are nicer than ever!

The sun shines up in the mild sky, it warms you up without burning. The nature around us is getting a beautiful warm tone, turning everything romantic. The land gives us mouthwatering fruits like chestnuts and mushrooms!

The woods smell of resin and the sounds of nature are the perfect background music for some beautiful walks you could take on without suffering the summer hot weather.

Are you ready to discover the 5 autumn activities to undertake around the lake in Garda Trentino? READY, SET, GO!

Appreciating the nature turning yellow. Well, the most energising colour in chromotherapy is in the spotlight in autumn. The woods turn yellow-orange as painted by a great painter and enable you to take the most striking pictures ever! It will be great to frame and hang photos at home as a memento of your autumn holiday all together!

  1. Hiking. Ponale, Busatte-Tempesta, San Pietro, Mount Altissimo. Whatever the path you chose, hiking in Garda Trentino has never been so impactful. Grueling sweats? Bye bye! Baking heat? Forget it. The golden landscapes and the pleasant, not yet cold temperatures are a perfect combination for those who love this activity.
  2. Olives. This incredible fruit gives its best in autumn with its… pressing! The “green gold”, that is the precious 46° parallel oil (the most northern latitude where this tree is cultivated in Italy), is produced exactly during this season! It is possible to taste it in many restaurants and taverns together with delicious traditional dishes.
  3. Biking. Another perfect outdoor sport in the fall is biking. Pedaling on even challenging routes is easier when the temperatures are not so high! Lakefront walks with children are also ideal as there are far fewer people crowding the many cycle paths in Torbole, Arco, Riva del Garda! It will be a pleasure to ride in the quiet of this season.
  4. SUP. Autumn is the ideal season to enjoy the lake without too many boats and crafts! The color of the water is an even more intense blue and the green mountains with amber brushstrokes seem to enhance it even more! It will be great to paddle with the sup enjoying the sun and the peace without too much wind (which gradually decreases its power this season). The temperatures in September and October on Lake Garda are really optimal for SUP and all other water and non-water sports.

You can choose yourself if paddling, ambling or… running! Anyway, at the end you should remember to stop for a lakefront sundowner. After all, for this last “activity” every season is perfect!

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Familienurlaub am Gardasee

Are you all ready to leave for the holidays? Fun, sports, games and your kids will be happy all day long.

Lake Garda is the perfect destination for such a holiday!

Here, the blue Lake Garda combines with the green mountains, the olive trees and the yellow lemons. What a stunning background for your holidays!

The destination for your family holidays. 

Lake Garda is the home of outdoor sports to be practised with your kids!

Windsurfing, sailing, climbing, cycling, trekking and canyoning… you just need to choose!

So? What are you ready for?

At Lake Garda the outdoor activities for children are many, super funny and safe!

Expert guides will always be with your kids. They will check their equipment and explain them the risks and dangers to be careful of.

Are you willing to make a breath taking experience with your kids, surrounded by nature and animals? Try the trek with the donkeys at Monte Creino! The quiet and friendly animals will be the best company for your kids.If they love the thrilling experiences, try the Family Ferrata Rio Salagoni! A funny course in a canyon under the castle of Drena, with two suspended bridges and narrow passages among vertical rocks. The LOLgarda guides will be with you during this experience and will accompany you to other fabulous places. If your kids prefer to feel the adrenaline on the water, try the canyoning or theFamily Canyoning experience. Your kids will feel like little Indiana Jones! Natural slides, short dives and descents with the rope that you can fearlessly enjoy.

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

What if your kid wants to ride a horse?

At the farmhouse Laghel 7, kids older than four can ride the most elegant four-paw animals on earth among the pure nature of Laghel, near Arco.

At Garda Trentino you can learn and watch the local nature and animals in the wood or at Reptiland in Riva del Garda, where your kids will be amazed by the reptiles, amphibians, insects living in any corner of our planet.

Going on holiday is also worth a visit to the architectural and engineering beauties such as the Hydroelectric Generating Plant! Little engineers grow… go and discover how it works! With a helmet on, they will explore this structure and learn many things about the hydroelectric generating plant of Riva, conceived by Giancarlo Maroni, the architect of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Vittoriale.

These are just some of the active experiences you and your family can live on holiday at Lake Garda.

And, if you are looking for family-friendly facilities, in Torbole, in a strategic position between the beach and the historic center, you will find the Toblini Apartments: modern apartments with a large and well-kept garden and a beautiful swimming pool to relax mum, dad and children, after a long day active! 

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Sweet climate, scent of freshly blossomed flowers, slopes covered with Mediterranean scrub, deep green mountains that frame the bright blue of the lake. This is spring at Lake Garda, the most beautiful season to experience a territory that has inspired the greatest poets over the centuries.

It is here, in this unique natural context, suspended between the water and the mountains that Lake Garda is the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to outdoor sports and remise en forme after the long winter. 

The cycle paths, suitable for the whole family, which easily connect the most beautiful places, the long mountain trails for mountain biking that bring altitude or simple urban walks to enjoy the historic centres. Here at Lake Garda, the bicycle is an extension of the human body, perfect for discovering breath-taking views and experiencing ancient villages and towns, mountains and valleys.

Throughout Trentino, spring fascinates visitors with the slow awakening of nature that gives bright colors and alive, but while in many areas is still a gamble to enjoy the two wheels, here in Torbole and at Lake Garda territory is the perfect season to experience outdoor activities and especially cycling. Long days and mild temperatures are ideal for a real holiday on two wheels with the whole family. 

Cycling admiring the lake kissed by the sun becomes an experience that involves all the senses.

Here there are many accommodation facilities “bike friendly” as Residence Toblini, and specialized shops that have bike rental and maintenance services, including modern e-bikes to live a two-wheeled experience at 360 degrees and without worries.

In spring, then, it will be a pleasure to stop for “gourmet stops” and relaxing in the many bike grills along the bike paths where you can enjoy nature and taste typical dishes, maybe admiring the lake and taking advantage of the sun to begin to gild your skin!

If you have not yet chosen your facility for spring holidays, the Toblini Apartments will welcome you halfway between the beach and the historic center of Torbole and will offer you the opportunity of a car free holiday.

By bike, the lake has a completely different charm! And, in the evening, you can comfortably leave your two wheels in the video surveillance deposit available at the structure. 

Furthermore, at your disposal, free of charge, a small equipped workshop besides, you will find a coin laundry where you can wash your sportswear without worries.

Still doubts about which structure to choose for your spring holiday on two wheels?

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Easter 2022 on Lake Garda: a new, exciting season starts again

Ostern am Gardasee

After a long winter, the watchword in spring is: awakening! And what’s better than getting the kinks out of your body and spirit if not on vacation

One of the most anticipated holidays afterthe winter is definitely Easter. And one of the most desired destinations is, without a doubt, Italy… where there’s one place that encloses in itself  more worlds than one: Lake Garda.

Nature awakens in all its splendor, flowers bloom, and their intense fragrance permeates everywhere. This is the spectacle that is  spring, and witnessing this awakening is undoubtedly the perfect excuse for going on vacation. 

If it seems premature to be thinking about a vacation on Lake Garda for Easter 2022, you’re mistaken, and we’ll give you at least three good reasons to book now: 

1- More convenient prices. It might seem strange, but most everyone offers more competitive rates if you book well in advance. This happens especially if you book directly or without going through the internet and/or agencies. 

2- Tailored accommodations. Booking in advance of your arrival date allows you to have a vast choice in terms of accommodations, such as a panoramic apartment with the prettiest view that’s waiting just for you. Book it with just a click before someone else grabs it! 

3-  More time to plan your vacation. Accommodations are no longer a worry. Now that you’ve booked your stay and you’ve been able to choose your dream apartment at the lowest rate, you can dedicate your free time towards deciding on the places you’d like to see and make a list of the activities you absolutely want to do, like visiting  museums or trekking and biking. Things you’ve been desiring for a long time. You can also select the restaurants where you want to dine by taking a look at the reviews and also the distance from your accommodation. 

A dream? No! Reality. An undeniable advantage you’ll have in booking your vacation well in advance is being able to take your time in deciding on your stay by carefully selecting the structure, the type of accommodation, its location, and being able to get a better quality-price ratio. 

We at Toblini Apartments love to reward our most loyal guests, guaranteeing they receive a better rate if booked in advance. This is why we’ve already posted our rates on online for the 2022 season.

One-room, two-room, three-room apartments with a clean essential design, comfortable terraces where you can dine, swimming pool, and modern bike storage. 

So book your Easter 2022 vacation on Lake Garda now and discover all the advantages of this  clever choice. See you soon in Torbole to celebrate together! 

Single parents with Kids: a bespoke vacation for mom or dad and your children

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

Thenumber of “special” families is on the rise. We’re talking about single parents who live with their children without a partner or, vice versa, of parents who don’t live with their children but choose to go on vacation with them and enjoy happy moments free from the daily grind.

It’s a different kind of family makeup, which also involves a different approach towards planning a vacation. When the family consists of only one parent and one or more children, a perfect solution is being able to carefully choose your destination where you’ll be able to spend your fun-filled, peaceful vacation, while satisfying everyone’s needs! So, if you single moms or dads are thinking about taking a vacation with your kids, we’d like to suggest an ideal destination: Lake Garda!

Lake Garda is great for any age but, while the south is more suitable for young people (thanks to its great number of discos), the north of the lake (Riva del Garda, Torbole, Arco), is certainly the best for a family vacation, with your kids in tow. No traffic, no smog, no chaos.

Only tranquility, lots of bike trails, long expanses of beach with lots of privacy, and a myriad of outdoor activities designed for children: schools that offer windsurfing, sailing, climbing, and canyoning lessons, easy mountain trails for your little ones.

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

A 1+1 or 1+2 vacation is always a challenge for a single parent: you’d like to relax and have fun, while your kids want to let loose and participate in thousands of activities.

But, here, while parents can sit back and enjoy a good book on the beach, your kids can have all the fun they want , with the help of guides and professionals in the sector, and even get to enjoy a junior windsurfing outing!

Or, if you prefer spending some time together, you can enjoy a catamaran ride accompanied by one of the many professionals from the sailing clubs located in Lake Garda.

A bike ride is also perfect for a fun adventure in Torbole sul Garda. Pedaling along the lake, perhaps at sunset, is a wonderful experience for the entire family. And if you love amusement parks, Gardaland, and other well-known adventure parks, are conveniently located at just an hour away, with direct connections.

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

Instead, in Riva del Garda, younger children can discover the wonders of the reptile world at Reptiland, or become little adventurers at Busatte Park in Torbole, immersed in the greenery and surrounded by nature, with services dedicated to enterprising vacationers.

And because, where there’s love, there’s a home, If you’re instead looking for a home to spend a nice vacation with your kids in, our Residence Toblini, at just 100 meters from Torbole beach, offers you super-equipped modern apartments for the needs of every adult and child. Go ahead and have a look at our studio apartments.

Toblini Apartments. The story of a family

Everything began in the Fifties (1953) when Aurelio, from Torbole, and Johanna, a German tourism from Nuremberg, met at Lake Garda. Love at first sight.

A love that let them give life to one of the first apartments with reception to be rented in Torbole.

Yes, Toblini Apartments, where in any corner, in any object, in any stylish selection, Aurelio and Johanna relive thanks to their children Stefano and Claudio with his wife Giovanna who are successfully running it with their parents’ same passion. All three take care with enthusiasm of any single detail in their Casa al Lago and Residence Toblini and give them a unique mark.

Since 1988 Claudio has taken the lead and, when Stefano and Giovanna joined him (Stefano two years later and Giovanna in 1994), they gave life to a different way of welcoming their guests.

Toblini Apartments is not only a well-cared facility, but Claudio, Stefano and Giovanna’s heart, life and passion. The magic of Lake Garda will do the rest.

Who are Claudio, Stefano and Giovanna?

Claudio: he’s the rock, his father alike. Precise, friendly and a gourmant!
He will recommend you the best restaurants and he will share with you all the things he knows on wines, the great excellences of Trentino!

Stefano: In love with nature and the outdoor sports, he is always moving at Toblini Apartments! Bon vivant, versatile and always looking for new concepts of design and new trekking paths. He will suggest you the places and routes you can take to enjoy the life out there!

Giovanna: A discreet woman who loves taking care of details. She’s a caliente heart – she’s from Peru – of Toblini Apartments.
Keen on cooking and gardening, thanks to her you can taste organic, delicious and fragrant dishes at Toblini Apartments. And if you give a look outside, you can easily recognise the touch of her green thumb.

Furthermore they speak Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

You just need to personally come and meet them. Claudio, Stefano and Giovanna are looking forward to meeting you!