Single parents with Kids: a bespoke vacation for mom or dad and your children

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

Thenumber of “special” families is on the rise. We’re talking about single parents who live with their children without a partner or, vice versa, of parents who don’t live with their children but choose to go on vacation with them and enjoy happy moments free from the daily grind.

It’s a different kind of family makeup, which also involves a different approach towards planning a vacation. When the family consists of only one parent and one or more children, a perfect solution is being able to carefully choose your destination where you’ll be able to spend your fun-filled, peaceful vacation, while satisfying everyone’s needs! So, if you single moms or dads are thinking about taking a vacation with your kids, we’d like to suggest an ideal destination: Lake Garda!

Lake Garda is great for any age but, while the south is more suitable for young people (thanks to its great number of discos), the north of the lake (Riva del Garda, Torbole, Arco), is certainly the best for a family vacation, with your kids in tow. No traffic, no smog, no chaos.

Only tranquility, lots of bike trails, long expanses of beach with lots of privacy, and a myriad of outdoor activities designed for children: schools that offer windsurfing, sailing, climbing, and canyoning lessons, easy mountain trails for your little ones.

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

A 1+1 or 1+2 vacation is always a challenge for a single parent: you’d like to relax and have fun, while your kids want to let loose and participate in thousands of activities.

But, here, while parents can sit back and enjoy a good book on the beach, your kids can have all the fun they want , with the help of guides and professionals in the sector, and even get to enjoy a junior windsurfing outing!

Or, if you prefer spending some time together, you can enjoy a catamaran ride accompanied by one of the many professionals from the sailing clubs located in Lake Garda.

A bike ride is also perfect for a fun adventure in Torbole sul Garda. Pedaling along the lake, perhaps at sunset, is a wonderful experience for the entire family. And if you love amusement parks, Gardaland, and other well-known adventure parks, are conveniently located at just an hour away, with direct connections.

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

Instead, in Riva del Garda, younger children can discover the wonders of the reptile world at Reptiland, or become little adventurers at Busatte Park in Torbole, immersed in the greenery and surrounded by nature, with services dedicated to enterprising vacationers.

And because, where there’s love, there’s a home, If you’re instead looking for a home to spend a nice vacation with your kids in, our Residence Toblini, at just 100 meters from Torbole beach, offers you super-equipped modern apartments for the needs of every adult and child. Go ahead and have a look at our studio apartments.

Toblini Apartments. The story of a family

Everything began in the Fifties (1953) when Aurelio, from Torbole, and Johanna, a German tourism from Nuremberg, met at Lake Garda. Love at first sight.

A love that let them give life to one of the first apartments with reception to be rented in Torbole.

Yes, Toblini Apartments, where in any corner, in any object, in any stylish selection, Aurelio and Johanna relive thanks to their children Stefano and Claudio with his wife Giovanna who are successfully running it with their parents’ same passion. All three take care with enthusiasm of any single detail in their Casa al Lago and Residence Toblini and give them a unique mark.

Since 1988 Claudio has taken the lead and, when Stefano and Giovanna joined him (Stefano two years later and Giovanna in 1994), they gave life to a different way of welcoming their guests.

Toblini Apartments is not only a well-cared facility, but Claudio, Stefano and Giovanna’s heart, life and passion. The magic of Lake Garda will do the rest.

Who are Claudio, Stefano and Giovanna?

Claudio: he’s the rock, his father alike. Precise, friendly and a gourmant!
He will recommend you the best restaurants and he will share with you all the things he knows on wines, the great excellences of Trentino!

Stefano: In love with nature and the outdoor sports, he is always moving at Toblini Apartments! Bon vivant, versatile and always looking for new concepts of design and new trekking paths. He will suggest you the places and routes you can take to enjoy the life out there!

Giovanna: A discreet woman who loves taking care of details. She’s a caliente heart – she’s from Peru – of Toblini Apartments.
Keen on cooking and gardening, thanks to her you can taste organic, delicious and fragrant dishes at Toblini Apartments. And if you give a look outside, you can easily recognise the touch of her green thumb.

Furthermore they speak Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

You just need to personally come and meet them. Claudio, Stefano and Giovanna are looking forward to meeting you!