Top 5 trekking courses from Torbole sul Garda

trekking lago di garda ph giampaolo calzà

Lake Garda is the perfect holiday destination for hundreds of Italian and international tourists.
No matter if you just need to relax or practise outdoor sports, Lake Garda – and even more at its northern side – offers everything you need to spend an unforgettable holiday: sailing and windsurfing, wall climbing, panoramic cycling or walking.
If you love walking, Lake Garda and especially Torbole gives you the chance to try a lot of often easy paths where you can stare at beautiful views. Well, the fabulous landscape of a huge lake surrounded by green mountains can bewitch everyone going for a trek.

From Residence Toblini, very close to the lake, and Casa al Lago, situated at the beach, you can leave for various trekking courses. Here our Top 5 and, when you are back, you can get relaxed even more in the swimming pools of Residence Toblini or by watching the restful panorama of Casa al Lago.
And, if you are a gourmand, the heady fragrances from the restaurants of Torbole will be the best way to end your day without feeling guilty thanks to the long calorie-burning walks!

About 400 steps to get a breath-taking view over the whole Lake Garda. It is called the “balcony over the lake”. Five thrilling kilometres that cannot be missed. You can also leave from Tempesta and get to Torbole then go back by bus or viceversa. This trek takes half a day or even a whole day, but don’t worry! At Busatte you can have lunch in an excellent restaurant!

Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors
Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors

Walk to Castel Penede.
A course from Torbole in Piazza Vittorio Veneto of about one hour. Walk up towards Nago on an old panoramic 1-kilometre road, then through a green park – illuminated at night – until the ruins of Castel Penede. Finally, the amazing view over Lake Garda.

Marmitte dei Giganti.
What are the “marmitte”? They are boulders vertically digged in the ice age (130,000-10,000 b.C.) in the living rocks. You can reach the main wells from the left side of the main road from Torbole to Nago or walking on a path leaving from the end of Via Strada Granda in Torbole and arriving at Marmitte (1.5 km). A unique landscape, it seems like being on the moon!

Torbole- Altissimo.
The real trekking experts will love this path. Altissimo is the highest mountain of Baldo in Trentino (2,090 metres) and to walk to its top from Torbole it takes about five hours (path no. 601), but you can drive until Doss Casina then walk for about two hours. This path is one of the most beautiful ones – you can see ruins of foxholes, sheltered walkways and artillery posts of the First World War. The boundary between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy passed here. Nature and history, what a legendary combination.

Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino
Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino

From Torbole to Monte Brione.
Nice walk along the north shore of Lake Garda from Torbole to the harbour San Nicolò, in Riva del Garda. You can leave from the harbour of Torbole and walk along the lake until the mouth of river Sarca, towards Riva. The keep walking along the climbing walls of Monte Brione until the harbour, where you can find pretty boats, coffee bars and restaurants. Here you can decide if walking up to Monte Brione – it is a wonderful biotope where there are many historical proofs of the First World War – or walking back to Torbole. Walking to the mount – you will climb many wood steps through the wood – takes about one hour. From the top, the view is simply amazing!

From Torbole there are many courses you can take, but you will need more than your leg muscles: open your eyes and heart and let the beauty overwhelm you! You just need to book your dream.

April in Torbole at Lake Garda Trentino

pasqua sul algo di garda toblini

There is a destination that will never get bored either alone or with children in tow, as a couple or with friends – Lake Garda.

And there is one place in particular that condenses into itself a thousand and more facets – Torbole sul Garda.

A small and enchanting village on the slopes of Monte Baldo which, from afar, looks like a big and colourful postcard! Its peculiarity is the strong wind that blows here – an undisputed paradise for sailing sports like windsurfing.

Torbole sul Garda offers a lot – free and equipped beaches, cycle paths, ferries and hydrofoils ready to set sail to visit the other resorts.

What is the best time to visit Torbole and the whole Lake Garda? Well, it does not exist! The luck of this corner of the Mediterranean in the Alps is that the days are almost always sunny, there are very few rainy days. The temperature is always mild and the water of the lake never freezes, not even in the middle of winter.

If you can only plan your holidays in April, well, you are lucky! This is a great month to visit Lake Garda.


Torbole, its microclimate and its poetic glimpses fascinated the greatest of literature and poetry like Goethe, who described its winds as a wonder of nature and an enchanting spectacle. The weather in April in Torbole sul Garda is favourable for any outdoor activities thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate.

In April, the sun starts to get warmer and the lake breezes are very pleasant.

There are many walks in Torbole to discover hidden corners. Would you like to reawaken your muscles with a nice trekking route to Busatte-Tempesta? Its almost 300 steps will surely wake you up from winter hibernation!. Otherwise, to Monte Brione on the hunt for history – there are very important Austro-Hungarian traces there. Or to Castel Penede and the Austro-Hungarian forts of Nago to admire the strategic surveillance points on the main road from the Valle dell’Adige to Lake Garda. The castle and forts have been restored and are open to the public.

Another wonderful walk between Nago and Torbole leads you to visit the Marmitte dei Giganti, large glacial wells of the Quaternary era that will make you experience a real journey through time between picturesque views of Lake Garda and lush nature.

But in addition to a lot of sport, as the proverb says “April sweet sleep”, you also want to relax, In Torbole it will be wonderful to sleep on the beach, under the never “invasive” rays of the April sun.

Busatte Tempesta
Busatte Tempesta

And in the evening? There are many restaurants in Torbole and in April the nightlife starts again in the narrow streets of the old town centre. Gourmet pizzerias, typical trattorias and lakeside restaurants where you can taste local delicacies. A good homemade ice cream – did you know that eating an ice cream overlooking the lake is a must for any tourist in Torbole? Here the homemade ice cream is an institution!

Let’s go to sleep. Have a good sleep before leaving for another day of sport. Your accommodation in Torbole in April is very important. You are looking for a place that allows you to be shortly in the historical centre, to leave your car in a comfortable and safe free parking and to move only by bike. Our Toblini Apartments is directly on the beach. What’s more? Two beautiful swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a well-kept garden, a brand new storage for sports equipment and… hTe latest design apartments.

In April enjoy your holiday at Lake Garda. Book now your ideal apartment and enjoy the spring to awaken body and soul in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Spring 2021 in Lake Garda

Lake Garda is never disappointing, in any season! But it certainly offers its best in springtime. Colorfully dressed, with warm, pleasant temperatures, it makes you a really want to be outdoors. 

Maybe never, after a year as difficult as 2020, does spring 2021 rhyme with an irrepressible desire for a vacation! 

A Lake Garda spring vacation in apartments

This uncertain period and fear shouldn’t limit our desire to relax. But you should choose where to spend your spring break carefully. 

Without a doubt, choosing an apartment in a residential hotel that’ssuper-equipped with every amenity in a privileged position, with respect to the historic center and the lake, is an excellent solution, compared to a classic hotel that cannot (for obvious reasons) guarantee the same privacy as an apartment can. 

We had already talked about the advantages of an apartment vacation.

But, more than ever, this choice could prove extremely effective in 2021. 

One of the main advantages is more privacy. In your apartment, equipped with every kind of amenity, you can sleep, cook, relax on your private terrace or in your private garden, without having to bump into strangers. 

Just like Quality Travel states you’ll probably be able to travel to Italy during  the post-Covid-19 summer, and residential hotels and apartments will be favored. In fact, an increasing number of families with children are choosing these solutions, especially when it comes to ensuring health safety protocols.

These ideal locations include a swimming pool, maybe even two: an outdoor one but also an indoor one, just in case the temperature is cooler than usual. 

And how about breakfast? There will probably be nothing better in 2021 than starting out your vacation days with delicious breakfasts you can enjoy in your apartment, either by ordering at the nearest café or even lovingly preparing them with your own hands for your children or your sweetheart, using zero mile products. You’ll be able to find many delicious specialties for your morning meal in Lake Garda! 

If you want to organize your vacation in Lake Garda with your entire family or with your partner, Torbole sul Garda is the ideal destination, and Residence Toblini and Casa al Lago are the perfect choice for a safe, clean, panoramic vacation provided with every amenity. 

Two swimming pools: an outdoor one for beautiful sunny days and an indoor heated one that  overlooks a garden. There’s also a café corner where you can enjoy a cool drink or a good Italian coffee and, finally… the apartments: modern and stylish, clean, and perfectly kept in every detail. 

The location is excellent: Casa al Lago is directly located on Torbole beach, where you can wake up lulled by the sweet sound of the waves, while Residence Toblini is just a two minute walk from the beach and the historic center of Torbole. 

Are you thinking about not using your  car and getting around on foot or by bicycle? Well, then, you can just leave it the residential hotel’s large and convenient parking area. 

Want to surf the waves? Our brand new storage facility is made especially for sails, but also sports equipment in general. 

And if you need to wash your clothes, there’s also a washing machine available that you can use to sanitize your sportswear. 

Sounds like a dream? No, it’s not, and it can become your reality in the spring of 2021, the year that could make your every wish come true, starting with your vacation. Book now, and find our best rates on our website.

October at Lake Garda. The perfect holiday

Somebody says that the best holidays are in August and that in October it is too late to head to a Mediterranean resort like Lake Garda.

Are they right? Of course not!

Lake Garda is amazing all year round. Here, the climate is mild and sunny from April to October. Furthermore, there are incredible places to visit, heavenly beaches, good food and welcoming people anywhere you will go.

There are many good reasons to visit Lake Garda in October. We will give you five to get you into a holiday mood and leave right now!

1 – Mediterranean climate in autumn

September and October temperatures are fantastic – still warm and sunny, but no more heat like in July and August. You will enjoy a very agreeable climate.

The average temperature in September is about 25° while in October it is around 20°. Watch our webcam in Torbole sul Garda (LINK) to see how the weather will be like in October.

2 – Perfect for families and couples

Beaches like the ones in Torbole and Riva del Garda, the village, the tourist points of interest… in October, these places are less crowded. Families with children can have fun at the beaches even more and couples can enjoy romantic sunsets, get relaxed at the SPA and have a drink or a candlelight dinner at the lake.

3 – The Parking

Parking… a real dilemma in summer! While in August to find a free parking spot near the tourist points of interest is almost impossible, in October it is not. Furthermore, at our Residence Toblini you will always find a parking spot for you, in summer too! And, if you want, you can leave your car and walk: the old centre and the beaches are at a very short walking distance!

4- Restaurants

Dining out without reserving your table will be possible again. You will enjoy a relaxing dinner and stay there as much as you want to taste delicious local products. In October “pure relax” will be your watchword!

In addition, in October they organize a lot of festivals and village fêtes all around Lake Garda where you can taste typical products and drink good wine!

5- Uncrowded bike and trekking routes

That’s it! In October, all bike and trekking routes at Lake Garda will surprise you: no more crowd, no more heat. And, when you are back, you can dive into the indoor swimming pool of Residence Toblini in Torbole sul Garda, one of the few accommodation facilities with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, parking spots and bike and sports equipment storage room!

And Casa al Lago? Do you prefer to wake up directly on the beach? At Casa al Lago you will! The dawn and twilight over the lake will be your exclusive show. And, our guests staying at Casa al Lago will benefit from the swimming pools and the large garden of Residence Toblini for free.

October is the new August. Maybe. Well, book now and find it out.


e-bike Gardasee

Lake Garda is an ideal territory to explore on a two-wheeler and it doesn’t matter if it is a mountain bike, a racing bike, a city bike or one of the most modern e-bikes, the largest lake in Italy and in particular, the northern side in Trentino, gives unforgettable emotions.

Water and mountains are two elements that, together, give great impact to the landscape to enjoy riding a bike.

The lakeside cycle paths, the mountain paths, the ancient mule tracks and small villages, the narrow streets of the towns: any bike route will give you here on Lake Garda an emotion all its own.

Here there are routes for everyone, from easy cycling along the lake shore to challenging climbs with great differences in height and technical descents for the most extreme bikers. And, if you are a mountain fan or a lover of long bike rides, modern e-bikes will help you to “fulfil” your dream as a cyclist with a little help or assisted cycling.

The models and types are many but, once you choose your ideal e-bike, you just have to choose your favourite route. Here we suggest 5! Follow our top 5 e-bike routes on Lake Garda!

1. Ponale. The most famous cycle-pedestrian route of Lake Garda, very panoramic, with important historical details and not too demanding. Walking along the Ponale path with your own e-mountain bike will be an unforgettable experience. The route was the old road that led from Riva del Garda to Lake Ledro. Climbing along the dirt road, the view and the route becomes more and more spectacular and alternates stretches overlooking the lake with exceptional views to short tunnels carved into the rock, a unique experience to do if you are in the area.

2. Tremalzo. Another super panoramic route and perfect also with the e-mtb! The route from Ledro on the legendary Road to Tremalzo is one of the most popular mountain bike tours in Garda region. Go there by our e-mtb will to get the pleasure of this mythical route!

3. Lake Tenno. You will love it, we are sure of it. The most emerald lake in Italy is an enchantment! It is an ideal tour for those who, albeit with a fair amount of preparation or on a bike with pedal assistance, want to avoid technical routes and do not disdain pedalling on asphalt.

4. Tour of the “Busa”. The northern part of Lake Garda, called “busa” (that means “hole”), is for many the most enchanting and the most suitable for a cycling holiday. This tour is ideal for an e-bike (instead of e-mtb), very simple, with refreshment and recharge points. A tour to discover the most beautiful urban centres on the northern side of Lake Garda. You will visit fairy.tale places such as Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole sul Garda. A dream!

5. Marocche. Another easy route to take with the e-mtb is that of the Marche di Dro. A unique landscape, “lunar”. This route develops on the western bank of the river Sarca, with long stretches on comfortable forest, at the foot of some famous climbing walls; on the return, on the opposite side of the river, mostly on a bike path. The slopes, never excessive and the places of interest such as the hermitage of San Paolo, the Zebrate Walls and the wall of Monte Brento, make this route a beautiful moment to share with family or friends.

What about the refills? In the evening, tired after the rides (as assisted), you just want to pamper yourself a bit. The ideal accommodation becomes essential to enjoy the best of your holiday on Lake Garda. So there is room for overnight stays “targeted” to your needs. An example? Residence Toblini and Casa al Lago! The Residence Toblini – whose services can also be used by guests of Casa al Lago – has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna cabin (to relax the muscles after training) and … especially a brand new and modern bike depot with a column for charging electric bikes!

Live your holidays without worries, book now your holiday on Lake Garda and … go ahead with your e-bike!

Apartments with swimming pool for your holiday at Lake Garda

Ferienwohnungen mit Pool am Gardasee

The holidays spent in an apartment are an appreciated solution to spend your time independently but without giving up the comforts.

You can feel free and at ease in the apartments supplied with all the comforts as if you were at home. Definitely a clever option, isn’t it?

Anyway, the look is connected to the way it tastes, thus to book (cta) an apartment for your holidays it is better to give a look, first.

Would you renounce to the contemporary design of our Toblini Apartaments? No, you would not if you book a holiday apartment with swimming pool at Residence Toblini at Lake Garda, in Torbole.

Surrounded by a stunning landscape, modern apartments – some have a breath-taking view, too. Everyone can enjoy an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, where you can spend your time and relax yourselves maybe after a long en plein air!

Design studio apartments and two-room apartments, comfort three-room apartments, design two-room and three-room apartments. Choose your favourite one or the one that better suits your needs to live your holiday in an apartment with swimming pool at Residence Toblini at Lake Garda as you have never done before.

And you fell in love with our Casa al Lago , do you know that you can take advantage of the swimming pool at Residence Toblini for free? You just need to cover a short distance and you can dive into it!

Casa al Lago, on the beach of Torbole, with its glass wall overlooking the immense Lake Garda and its romantic sunsets, will let you live a fabulous atmosphere. Imagine… taking a swim at sunset in our swimming pool, having a candle-light dinner at Toblini Apartments… isn’t it a magical place at Lake Garda? Don’t wait longer! Live your wonderful holiday now.

Couple holidays at Lake Garda. The gentle awakening of spring

Love, passion, romance and sweetness. A couple’s spring holiday is full of wonderful feelings. Delight yourself with special days in the purest romance in the unique and breathtaking Lake Garda to turn your holiday for two into pure magic.

Lake Garda – especially its northern shore, with places like Torbole and Riva del Garda – is the most evocative place to spend a romantic holiday, especially in spring. Orange sunsets and pink sunrises reflect this spectacle of nature in the lake and on the surrounding mountains.

While Lake Garda in the south looks like a sea, in Trentino it is a huge stretch of fresh water embraced by imposing and verdant mountain that make every glimpse a film set! A special place, the right stage for fairytale loves, with hidden corners that immortalize unforgettable memories.

A spring couple’s holiday in one of the most fairy-tale villages of Lake Garda like Torbole is a dream to share, an exciting moment. If the accommodation is directly on the beach, in front of the lake and a stone’s throw from the historic centre, this romantic holiday for two turns into authentic and pure pleasure. Where? At Casa al Lago, the Toblini family’s residence with direct access to the beach and reserved stables for surfboards and rigged sails.

What will guarantee you a romantic stay at Casa al Lago in this corner of paradise called Torbole sul Garda?

1. Awakening to the gentle sound of the waves.

The privileged position of our Residence Casa al Lago will allow you to hear the waves breaking on the shore from our beautiful terrace. The best wake-up call you can ask for?

2. Breakfast overlooking the lake

Start the day with a delicious breakfast with your partner at the affiliated café. Priceless views, relaxation, the scent of freshly baked bread and warm croissants. What more could you wish for?

3. Outdoor sports at Lake Garda

Breath-taking views and smooth shades from dawn to dusk. Lake Garda awakens the senses and practising sport directly on the beach could be a wonderful activity for two. You can have a ride along the lakeside promenade, go for romantic walks hand in hand or try one of the many trekking routes that start in the surroundings of Casa al Lago! Any season is right for visiting Torbole and Lake Garda.

4. Windsurfing & Co.

Lake Garda is the home of windsurfing and water sports. At sunset, you and your babe can be lulled by the gentle waves of the lake. A romantic sailboat ride or a dynamic windsurfing, a dive – contact one of the local diving centres – or simply a swim – the crystal-clear water of Lake Garda will frame your romantic holiday.

windsurf Lago di Garda

5. Candlelight gourmet dinner

Staying Casa al Lago, with its apartments directly on the beach in front of the lake, also means having a candlelight dinner prepared with your own hands – or ordered in one of the many local restaurants – in the equipped kitchenette of your apartment. Serve it on the terrace while admiring the moon shining on the lake. Is there anything more romantic than this?

Casa al Lago has thought for you an ALL INCLUSIVE spring offer that includes accommodation in an apartment facing the lake, linen service, final cleaning and a rich buffet breakfast.

Have you already visited our website? Organize your sweet spring holiday at Lake Garda.

Apartments with breakfast included at Lake Garda

Appartamenti con prima colazione sul Lago di Garda

Holidays should begin with the unique fragrance of coffee and freshly toasted slices of bread in one of the most fascinating resorts of Lake Garda: Torbole.

We are offering you both!

At Toblini Apartments you will spend unforgettable holidays dedicated to sports at Lake Garda with your family, your partner or your best friend!

Our Residence Toblini is in Torbole, very close to the long beach where you can practise your sports and leave for the outdoor adventures that have made the biggest lake of Italy famous all over the world – cycling, windsurfing, sailing and climbing.

Anyway, the accommodation for your holiday is as important as all the rest. If you are looking for a residence with well-finished apartments Design, a green garden, two swimming pools (an indoor and an outdoor one) and near the centre… the perfect residence for you is Toblini Apartments.

Holidays should begin with the unique fragrance of coffee and freshly toasted slices of bread in one of the most fascinating resorts of Lake Garda: Torbole.

We are offering you both!

At Toblini Apartments you will spend unforgettable holidays dedicated to sports at Lake Garda with your family, your partner or your best friend!

Our Residence Toblini is in Torbole, very close to the long beach where you can practise your sports and leave for the outdoor adventures that have made the biggest lake of Italy famous all over the world – cycling, windsurfing, sailing and climbing.

Anyway, the accommodation for your holiday is as important as all the rest. If you are looking for a residence with well-finished apartments Design, a green garden, two swimming pools (an indoor and an outdoor one) and near the centre… the perfect residence for you is Toblini Apartments.

From today, for a limited time, at Toblini Apartments you can get delicious news.

From 19th to 29th September for 5 apartments Design only, breakfast is included and served directly in your apartment! Choose the time, get up and enjoy your sweet and handmade breakfast.

And, not to waste food and to have an environmental-friendly breakfast time, you will choose the extras to your basic breakfast.

The Basic Breakfast includes:

  • Cappuccino, coffee or tea
  • 2 slices of freshly-made bread
  • Butter
  • Jam
  • Fresh-squeezed orange juice




Scrambled eggs/boiled eggs

Home-made cake


Choose when you want your energy breakfast to be served in your apartment Design:

  • 8:00/8:30
  • 8:30/9:00
  • 9:00/9:30
  • 9:30/10:00

Nothing better for a sweet awakening. Give your day a great start with a slow breakfast. Enjoy it in your comfortable apartment! Fresh and crunchy bread, a cup of good coffee and other delicious food you can choose to begin your day with full energy. And after breakfast? Go and discover Lake Garda and its marvellous places. This offer is valid for five apartments only. Go for it! Book your holiday with the yummy awakening at Toblini Apartments, where the pleasure of a holiday will become an unforgettable memory.

Riding a road bike at Lake Garda

Lake Garda by bike does its best. Especially its north side, Torbole with its narrow and perched alleys or Riva and Arco, is the perfect destination for cyclists.

Here, the mountain bike is a must-have, but don’t forget the road bike to explore the hidden corners of these pearls of Garda. You can ride your light two wheels for kilometres on paved roads.

Road cycling is a very popular sport. Kids and adults practise it. Just choose the route that better conforms with your fitness level and go.

Are you a road bike enthusiast? Believe us, Lake Garda is the real paradise for cyclists!

Why? For so many reasons: the Mediterranean climate, stunning glimpses all around, easy or harder and long or shorter courses.

A bike tour at Lake Garda is worth to be experienced! The best time of the year? In our opinion… there’s no favourite one! Anyway, September is perfect to ride your road bike.

Cyclists love the north area of Lake Garda, in Trentino. The most beautiful ones? The turquoise-blue Lake Tenno, the lakefront promenade from Torbole to Malcesine, the curvy road to Drena or the biotope Marocche of Dro.

Enchanting places that in September show their best side thanks to the fragrance of must you can smell and the colours that tend to the nuances of yellow.

In September, Lake Garda Trentino is pure magic. Such an experience by your road bike, bend after bend, will make you feel on cloud nine! Now open your eyes and live it for real! Book your holiday at our Toblini Apartments in Torbole. Residence Toblini, with its indoor and outdoor swimming pool, its marvellous garden for your end summer barbeques and Casa al Lago, directly on the beach of Torbole to wake up looking at the lake, are the best destinations to discover Lake Garda by bike! And… no fear! At Toblini Apartments there is also a brand-new bike storage with video surveillance! Book your September holiday now!

Ponale, the road of marvels

Strada del Ponale in e-bike

The Road of Ponale between Riva del Garda and Valle di Ledro is on the northern side of Lake Garda, in Trentino.

Undoubtedly, Ponale is the most famous and popular route of Lake Garda – perched over the lake, this panoramic route is a wealth of history.

The contour of the old road of Ponale can be easily seen from the beach of Riva and from Torbole.

In the past, this road was the only one to connect Alto Garda to Valle di Ledro. Along the route, you can still see the signs of the passage of carts and donkey’s hooves.

And, between the second and the third tunnel, you can see the ruins of Tagliata del Ponale, a huge fortification the Austrians built from 1860. The tunnels and foxholes carved in the rock were then used during the World War I.

Today, trekkers and mountain bikers love taking pictures along the Road of Ponale, the most popular, the most appreciated route you can experience!

Ponale after the re-opening

Let’s go and live Ponale! The Road will officially re-open on April 12, 2019.

Have you already decided to cover it by your Mtb or are you going for a trek? Whatever you will do, our tip is to leave early in the morning – most of all if you plan to come in summer – from Torbole to enjoy the stunning beauty of Lake Garda. Get dressed adequately and bring some food and drinks with you. Don’t forget some bottles of water, you will need it until you reach the Bar/Ristorante Belvedere Ponale Alto).

Get ready. The Road of Ponale will leave you speechless. During the uphill, the immense and deep blue lake will be on your left! You will take dozens of pictures to such a marvel while reaching the Waterfall of Ponale. There, have a break and a cup of coffee on the panoramic terrace of the café, then you can come back or keep on walking towards Valle di Ledro and its wonderful lake.

Your wayback to Torbole

If you are riding your Mtb, pay attention to the steep downhill! If you walking, pay attention to the bikers who are riding downhill. The less fatiguing route will let you fully enjoy the natural beauty around you. If you are with your partner, what about stopping and taking a picture – and giving him/her a kiss – at Belvedere degli Innamorati (the lover’s panoramic viewpoint)? They reported that, in 1852, the Austria emperor Austria Franz Joseph wanted his bodyguards to cover an unplanned route. They dedicated it to lovers because it is one of the most romantic and immortal places of the world!

When you come back after the efforts and your eyes full of beauties, nothing is better than the swimming pool of your Residence Toblini. In our green garden, our large outdoor swimming pool – we have an indoor one, maybe after a sauna – is the best solution to stretch your muscles. Afterwards, come and have a drink or something typical to eat in our café. In love with Lake Garda, with Ponale and with yourself. You deserved a top-level holiday like that! Book it, click here. The Road of Ponale is waiting for you.