Typical products of Lake Garda: what to eat

Simple, authentic, genuine. The cooking of Lake Garda is like a tasty and fragrant bread loaf. You can’t do without it! It’s almost like mopping up the plate with some bread when you eat at your grandmother’s house (you should admit you want to do it as well…)! And if you are one of those who count calories and avoid carbs, we could compare the cuisine of this place, between freshwater and green mountains, to oil… extra virgin olive oil, of course! Precisely the oil produced in this area, the northernmost of the world, beyond the 46° parallel. Here in Garda Trentino a delicate, not intrusive, enhancing extra virgin olive is produced with pride and joy (in 1998 it obtained also the Garda Trentino POD – Protected Designation Origin).

Photo Isabelle Yrma Pace

From cheeses to dairy products, moving through processed meat. How can we forget the luganega (a sort of sausage), but mainly the carne salada (salted beef), undisputed protagonist on our tables (recently it has also obtained the De.Co. – original and traditional product – certification). The recipe is easy: you put some beef in salt solution for 15 – 30 days adding some pepper, garlic, rosemary, bay leaves, sage, juniper berries and other spices which give this speciality a distinguishing taste, and that mixes perfectly with a classic side dish: fasòi con le zìgole (boiled beans with onions).

And if you are among the lovers of mother nature’s gifts, Garda Trentino rewards you with a vegetable called Broccolo di Torbole (a specific kind of green broccoli which takes its name from one of the villages of this area) which has a sweet taste thanks to the near Lake Garda and the Pelèr (a wind blowing from north-east), and with a texture that will win over your taste. From side dish to the main course, with the exquisite fish from Lake Garda: whitefish, tench, pike, chub and finally her… Madam trout! Undisputed protagonist of the best lake fish recipes.

We could even affirm we have created a real menu thanks to all these products. And how could we end without a sweet treat? Surely with the plum from Dro (another village of our area), that obtained the Protected Designed Origin certification – POD, in 2010. This fruit has a dark blue skin, a green-yellowish solid pulp which is appropriate for a long conservation (you should try it dried, it’s delicious). And if you are a cooking lover, don’t worry: this plum is a versatile element in the preparation of desserts , tarts, semifreddo and delicious preserves!

You know what? I’m hungry now: I take up a bit of imagination and the lovely products made in Lago di Garda, and I let myself be transported by the graceful sensations they call to taste. After all, could Goethe, Mann, Kafka and all the other writers who came here, have been inspired only by the places? I bet their masterpieces have been created after having tasted the delights of Lake Garda!

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The Biotope Marocche in Dro:One of the most popular routes on Lake Garda

The sensation you feel while admiring the Biotope Marocche in Dro at Lake Garda Trentino is being on the moon. An incredibly fascinating and unique landscape.

Many people don’t know the origin of Marocche in Dro, a marvellous natural and ancient proof.

The protected biotope, one of the few ranked arid and not humid biotopes – Marocche di Dro is a huge amount of melted rocky materials with groups of even bigger stones.

Marocche – a dialectal word of Trentino from the Paleoeuropean word “mar” which means stone, rock – were formed by falls detached from Brento and Monte Casale (right side of the valley) and by landslides from the left side. Quaternary glaciations caused these slides. 

This rocky and arid landscape attracts the visitors not only for its history but also for its natural beauty.

The little vegetation is composed of Austrian pines grown in the middle of the rocks like natural bonsai. All the rest are stones and rocks, as if you were literally in the stone age! In fact, you can even observe some traces of dinosaurs, the giant animals living in the Triassic era!

Tracks of dinosaurs at the Biotope of Marocche of Dro

The area around Marocche of Dro has been protected as biotope for years. The only path with some staging points lets you can carefully look at the geomorphological and naturalistic features of this natural oasis.

The biggest curiosity? The traces of dinosaurs – a herbivorous and a carnivorous one, at least – left in some rocks about 190 millions of years ago in the area of the landslide Kas.

If you want to try an amazing staging tour up to the tracks of the dinosaurs, from Riva del Garda take the 45 bis gardesana road to Arco then keep driving northwards to Dro or take the other access along the SP84 provincial road SP84 to Drena, about 4km from Dro. At any access there are road signals with the biotope logo, the route map and the allowed activities.

This hike is perfect and enjoyable for children, too, but they need to pay attention in any case. The traces of dinosaurs and the suggestive landscape of the biotope will fascinate them – they will feel like in a Jurassic Park!

If you love riding a mountain bike, what about riding the Jurassic Marocche? It is a short loop tour (12.4 km) with two short downhill stretches and you can ride it all year round.

If you love walking silently on the paths in the company of nature and wind, this route is perfect for you. Explore one of the most important proofs on the post ice age!

Our suggestion? Proper trekking clothing and boots and a canteen of water (there are no refreshment points), ready to admire unique landscapes. The loop route lasts about 2 hours and a half. Feel the contact with a charming nature and a thousand-year old history.

Starting by bike from Residence Toblini or from Casa al Lago you can easily reach the Marocche path

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Foliage Lago di Garda

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower,” said the great French poet Albert Camus. Could you blame him? This season contains a magic that only nature can perform – the foliage. The woods are gently “stripped” of their foliage, creating a chromatic game that cannot fail to fascinate – golden yellow, fiery red, sunset orange, even pink.

At Lake Garda Trentino this phenomenon gives intense emotions, where autumn is still mild and sunny. Under a clear sky, you can reach woods and peaks that will give more than an emotion.

Bring your trekking shoes and a camera. You can go hunting for foliage at Lake Garda Trentino! Let’s discover the top 5 places where you can “charge your batteries” with the colours of Mother Nature before the long winter.

#San Pietro. An easy autumn excursion to the mountain hut San Pietro on Monte Calino. This wonderful natural balcony overlooks the lake, opening the view to an all-round landscape of the surrounding nature. Its vivid colours look like impressionist painting. Although the hike is at a low altitude, we still recommend the mountain equipment. In the refuge you can enjoy excellent traditional dishes so, be hungry!

#Castagneti di Drena. Between history and lush nature, this trail (link) to the wonderful Castello di Drena from which you can enjoy an open view of the surrounding beauty, will immerse you in the scents of undergrowth and a real palette of colours. The centuries-old chestnut trees near the village are the main attraction. These places condense in themselves the richness and diversity of the nature that surrounds Drena. In autumn, among the warm shades of this precious fruit and its prickly curls, gives the best of itself.

#Monte Brione. Water, wind and mountains. Lake Garda Trentino is a perfectly balanced combination of these three elements and in autumn, it almost seems as if you can appreciate them more in their harmony. This particular mountain, with its elegant “cap-shaped” shape, is an easy excursion between nature and history. From Porto San Nicolò (Riva) you walk to the slopes of the mountain through the Austro-Hungarian fortresses. The view from cannot be described. The nature with its colours in this fascinating chromatic kaleidoscope offers its best aspect and the lake from the top to the sunset excites like in no other season!

#Lake Tenno. A route suitable for everyone, a wonderful dive into a nature: an intense turquoise lake closed by tall trees all around. The area of Tenno is included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria”. In autumn, this lake offers its visitors its best – the intense orange colour seems to make the emerald colour of its water even more vivid. A walk around will regenerate you and, if you want to stop and admire its beauty on a nice coloured plaid, you could also have a picnic with a view!

#Punta Larici. Fans of Instagram? You can’t miss this super photographed viewpoint. Attention: this route is of high difficulty and is suitable for the most experienced hikers equipped with everything they need (internal link) to be able to tackle this route which, however, repays the effort thanks to a spectacular view over the whole Lake Garda. Travelling along this route in autumn will give you many satisfactions. First of all, the climate. The never-too-intense sun will warm you without making you sweat and the breeze will refresh you properly. In front of you, the immensity of the lake. At your feet, the splendid Limone sul Garda. In your heart, pure happiness!

Autumn is a truly precious season to enjoy both by bike and on foot. It is the time for the harvest of apples, new wine, chestnuts, PDO Dro plums. Walking in autumn means enjoying nature again after the summer, before it “falls asleep” with the first frosts and the long winter. Golden autumn, full of nuances. The season that most of all teaches us to let go of what is no longer needed and to regain the beauty around us to reap with love the fruits of a nature that here, at Lake Garda Trentino, is pure poetry.

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Sun, clear blue sky. Slightly ruffled by the Ora wind, Lake Garda Trentino seems even more blue. 

Yep, who wouldn’t live some wonderful sunny days on the lake shore? Well, you wouldn’t believe it, Garda Trentino can fill your eyes and heart even during a storm! 

Rain, snow, sun. How much influence has the weather been gaining in these last years? The weather forecast has undoubtedly improved and become more precise and detailed. 

Hand in hand with its improvement, it has also caught on a lot, but not always with high quality. Nowadays, a lot of automatic weather forecast is available, offering a service which is often misleading; due to the absence of a “human” weatherman, it is often even wrong, because many factors necessary to realise some good forecast can only come from the human experience. 

If this fact is already true for those areas where weather forecast turns out to be pretty “easy”, it’s rather clear that it is even more relevant for more complex and tourism-related areas such as Lake Garda, and more specifically its northern tip. 

The automatic forecast and the several apps often get wrong, because they can’t know all the weather and morphological distinctive traits of Lake Garda. 

Moreover, as already stated, the forecast produced by the softwares always assumes the computer-based weather forecast to be well-founded, and directly produce their own forecast. 

The problem is that the different forecast (about temperature, rain, etc), produced by a specific computer, not rarely works worse with an hypothetical weather situation Y than with another situation X, and viceversa for another computer. 

A software only knows these traits partially. Instead, thanks to its experience, a weatherman perfectly knows which one is better in a specific situation, and when to use a forecast rather than the other when writing the daily weather. If you rather want to check the weather by yourself, you can choose to visit the webpage of our webcam!

Our suggestion is always to turn to “local” weather forecast! The local forecast is carried out by local people who know the area pretty well and are aware of how it changes according to the different weather conditions, rather than sterile apps or automatic forecast on Italian and foreign websites. 

And even if a local forecast can “misfire” and clouds appear, don’t worry: you could swimming in our indoor pool heated at 27° by solar panels or go for a tour to the MAG or to the Varone waterfall (you couldn’t be any wetter!) or to an ice-cream parlour, why not! After all, you could always blame the bad weather for this little innocent overindulgence!

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spiaggia attrezzata Torbole sul Garda

Running, running, running! So many things to do every day, we are always in a hurry and never leave our smartphones alone… even when we sit at a cafeteria with our best friends. It seems we cannot get bored anymore. Though, there is a place, lake Garda, where you can yawn without feeling guilty.

Nowadays, the otium has been condemned by technologies and a more and more active life but during the Roman Empire it was considered a common lifestyle! While our ancestors did their best to do less, today we press on our delirious daily activities.

If you even do not remember when you last felt bored like the Romans used to do with pleasure, we suggest you three very idle things you can do at Garda Trentino:

  1. The panoramic benches. Sitting on a bench to tie the laces of your shoes or to enjoy that dull and boring ice cream… The benches at the lakefront are a world heritage site at Lake Garda Trentino… you know what I mean! There are benches along the panoramic trekking courses like BusatteTempesta or in front of the lake. So, while the others practice some sport and get sweaty, you loaf around. Oh yeah, getting bored in front of the lake… what a pity!
  2. Food and drink excellences. What a bore! Eating, eating and eating again! At Garda Trentino there are so many typical products – carne salada, broccoli of Torbole, lake fish, the extra-virgin oil produced more a north than other kinds of oil in the world. Holy mackerel! Eating these specialities is so hard… 
  3. Beaches. How many kilometres of beaches are there at Lake Garda Trentino?! Too many? From Riva to Torbole through the Lido di Arco, the long and large beaches of green grass ad little stones, with beach facilities or free are a good place where to rest or to have a cocktail and listen to some live music at the beachbars. “Stop there, I’ll take a pic to you!” Bah, always the same panoramic and like-catching pic for Instagram… are you a social- addicted? Or do you prefer to read a book! You can read all the books you want on these silent and quiet beaches? Idleness is welcomed here. No doubt about it. 

Let the other tourists ride their bike or their mountain bike. We, incurable couch potatoes, will look at them passing by then look ahead and get bored in front of the beautiful Lake Garda. Stop and stare, do nothing more. At Lake Garda Trentino you are allowed to!

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Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a huge rectangle from Trentino to Veneto, overlooking Lake Garda for about 40 kilometres. It is Monte Baldo, the undisputed king of the mounts around Garda. Its name derives from the Langobardic word “wald” which means forest. A paradise of colours that in spring can show their best nuances.

If you love trekking, you must go trekking on this mount during your holiday at Lake Garda, especially in spring.

Not a case, the variety of plant life of Baldo conferred it the nickname “Hortus Europae”. And it couldn’t be different.

In March and for the whole spring, Lake Garda shows its most beautiful colours thanks to the stunning blooming. At Monte Baldo, the first flowers to blossom in spring are the narcissus, tulips and wisteria. Marvellous colours and perfumes everywhere. Spring is the best place to visit such a place with your family so your children can discover what our precious nature can expresses in this beautiful season.

Despite Monte Baldo only covers the 0.2% of the alpine surface, it hosts three endemic species. For this reason, many researchers, botanists and scientists have visited Monte Baldo for centuries. Not only. This incredible “balcony” over Garda also houses many species of animals that come back to surface after the long hibernation, such as the marmots! Try to lie in silent wait and you may take some pictures to them! 

In spring, the Mediterranean climate of Lake Garda is warm and, thanks to the fragrant flowers, you will feel on cloud nine.

Trek on Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo.Brentonico, Monte Baldo. Credits: Luciano Gaudenzio

Any day is the perfect day to visit Monte Baldo. You can take the cableway from Malcesine to reach the top – in few minutes, its rotating cabins will carry you to almost 1,800 metres. Otherwise, you can wear the proper equipment and leave for a trek, better if with a botanist or an expert guide, but you can walk on your own – please be careful, anyway! The colourful view will enchant you.

Have you ever seen the mountain wild orchids? And the primroses? Bellflowers, rare lilies and many other flowers that will really amaze you.

If you love the botany, Monte Baldo is your place – a workshop in the open air to discover medicinal herbs but also… many poisonous plants! 

After a long walk, at the top of Monte Baldo you can take a break at the mountain restaurant and taste delicious typical food. 

After the carne salada and a glass of local wine, you can even go paragliding if you are brave enough! 

Please keep in mind that on Monte Baldo there are two protected area where it is forbidden to pick up flowers and fruit, to light fires, to ride bikes and to walk the dog. Please get well informed before leaving for a hike on this mount. 

Be curious, because this place will pay you back with its extraordinary natural beauty. Monte Baldo, the spring and Mother Nature will amaze you so much!

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Lake Garda Trentino is the birthplace of climbing.

There are many vias of every grade. Beginners and experts can both find the most adequate ones.

Mediterranean climate, breath-taking views, walls that seem to be created for your favourite sport… climbing!

Not a case if a lot of international champions love this magical place and have chosen this land to be home all year round.


BeginnerBelvedere Cliff. This is the best cliff for beginners because, besides its easy route, it offers incredible and unique views over Lake Garda. From both the bottom and the top of the routes you can admire the landscape and the underlying village of Torbole. 

Intermediate: This cliff is more difficult, for more skilled climbers. We suggest Calvario Cliff in Laghel. The approach is comfortable and you can walk there from the centre of Arco. The beautiful wall is vertical and it offers from sixth to eighth grade routes, if you want to face something harder. Anyway, it is perfect for families too as you can sunbathe in the morning. If you want to climb, we recommend going there in the afternoon as the wall is in the shade.

Advanced: For expert climbers, we suggests Massone, the most famous cliff of Arco. 

Actually it is good for intermediate climbers too, according to the sections, but what I like most are the most difficult routes, 9a+ in the Pueblo section. The strongest climbers of the world do love it. We like Massone cliff because there is always something new to do. It is so big and full of routes; You can go there for years and never get bored. 

The Pueblo cliff of Massone is outside the Outdoor Park Garda Trentino and for this reason you must face it carefully. 

Before facing any wall, consider your ability and the possible risks and never forget the necessary equipment. You see, you will fall in love with this place and you will feel a champions for a while!

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Someone wants it chic, others in a rural style, others basic and others… overblown! It is the picnic basket. 

Imagine a sunny day, a pleasant temperature – here, at Garda Trentino, the climate is Mediterranean hence, such days are common. Imagine a blanket, two glasses of good wine from Trentino, 0-km tasty and fast-to-eat food and privileged views. 

A real picnic with charm!


Here are the best locations for your ideal picnic, but give us some other ideas, too!

  • Next to the lake. We know you love our beaches all year round. Baia Azzurra in Torbole, Porfina, close to Porto San Nicolò, or Punta Lido close to the centre of Riva. A picnic on the beach is so romantic. Imagine a white tablecloth, two glasses of Teroldego and bruschette with carne salada cruda and flakes of grana cheese. 
  • Picnic with a view, on Monte Brione. First you have your picnic, then you burn calories. Monte Brione is a must. The view over Lake Garda is total – if the sun shines you are even able to see the opposite side of the lake and if you want to stay there longer you can enjoy an awesome sunset. Bring a backpack with you and put some god food into it: the finger food is ready! Sandwiches with smoked trout, already-cut cheese and some plums of Dro, the perfect combination with the malga cheese. 
  • 50 shades of… emerald. Picnicking at Lake Tenno.A turquoise pearl in the green nature of Tenno. Here you must eat some carne salada, so try it raw or in a roulade with some malga ricotta and the walnuts of Bleggio! 
Lago di tenno
Lago di tenno
  • Picnicking with history at Castel Penede. A rarefied atmosphere on the ruins of a castle built in 1200, a castle that endured the happenings of the War of the Spanish Succession. The French soldiers ransacked and destroyed it in 1703 and started deteriorating since then. Anyway, today the ruins of this castle is the perfect place for a legendary picnic. Your picnic basket must contain the broccoli of Torbole. The best recipe? A savoury pie with cream of broccoli and olives of Garda! Super yummy! 
  • Royal Picnic: at the Castle of Arco. The green lawn of the Lizza seems to be an ideal place to relax on its fragrant and soft mantle admiring the historic center of Arco all around and the imposing Mount Brione in front of us. Here it will be very pleasant to sip a good glass of Trentodoc and taste some appetizers based on 0 km products at the foot of the castle! But this “royal” picnic will also allow you a nice invigorating walk to reach your destination. The path to the castle is in fact one of the most beautiful in all of Garda Trentino. The scent of olive trees will be there during this easy walk that from the historic center of Arco will make you climb through wonderful views (especially at sunset) to the ancient manor.

Any season is perfect for a picnic at Lake Garda Trentino. In spring, when the flowers show their bright colours, in autumn when the foliage gives its best, in summer – under the moonlight is even better – when you can have your bath in the lake and even in winter, when spending some time outdoor becomes a real panacea. 

Along with a green and panoramic location, the real picnic first delights your palate then your view. 

To buy the excellences of Garda Trentino – molche, plums of Dro, broccoli of Torbole, cheese, carne salada, cold cuts and the extravirgin oil of Garda – come to Agraria and the other shops of the center of Riva, Arco and Torbole sul Garda.  

These were our suggestions. Now you just need to bring a touch of happiness with you and enjoy your picnic at Lake Garda Trentino during your holidays here with the company of your friends and family members.  

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Eco-sustainable holiday on Lake Garda

Residence Toblini

Step by step, look after look, nature envelops us like a comforting embrace. It’s time to follow the rhythm of nature and be reborn with it! And what better occasion to bloom like a rose if not a holiday in Garda Trentino? This is the destination which, thanks to the way it is organized and the services it offers, manages to transform a simple holiday into a green experience capable of welcoming new eco travellers.

The “eco” traveller finds his ideal destination in Lake Garda Trentino

By all means, call yourselves “ecotourists” if it is uncontaminated nature, a postcard landscape and the possibility of long walks savouring the beauty around you with all your senses, which trigger your unrestrainable desire to set off on holiday.

If you love to be surprised at every glimpse, if you are still moved by a sunrise or sunset overlooking the lake, this destination will explain the meaning of the word “travel”.

The many outdoor sports to enjoy while admiring the beauty around you

A “slow” holiday in Garda Trentino begins with a simple walk. Perhaps immersed in the silence of an extensive area covered with olive trees. In Arco, a splendid Habsburg-style town, there is a simple route immersed in olive groves, suitable for everyone, with beautiful views of its medieval castle and the whole of Garda Trentino.

Or on the lakefront, starting from Riva del Garda, you could follow the entire cycle and pedestrian path that leads up to Torbole sul Garda, experiencing the emotion of the Garda wind (the Ora) step by step, as it gently caresses your skin, while the sun’s rays begin to tan you.

A holiday following the rhythm of nature allows you to enjoy with great intimacy and privacy a territory like Garda Trentino perfectly suited to the outdoor life.

Paddling on the SUP or in a canoe, not too demanding trekking immersed in the woods (so many paths that wind from the urban centres directly to the woods close to them), a bicycle ride on a cycle path or lightly with an e-mtb . Without effort, without any concerns, without any hustle and bustle. Immersed in the peace and tranquility of nature and its simple and slow rhythms.

A slow holiday also at the table

You will find the wild nature of this corner of paradise at the table, in the wholesome taste of the 0 km products that characterize Garda Trentino. From the most northern DOP ( protected designation of origin) extra virgin olive oil in the world, to the Dro DOP plums, from the countless wines to the prestigious Vino Santo and the broccoli from Torbole sul Garda, both of which are Slow Food Presidia. From the polenta ground in local mills, to lake fish bred right here or caught directly in the crystal clear waters of the lake. And this is how lunches and dinners (or cheerful outdoor brunches) become the ideal opportunity to discover excellent local products and ancient culinary traditions that are still alive today.

A holiday following the rhythm of nature starts from the curiosity of every traveller to see the most remote and hidden corners of a territory, to savour them slowly by deeply breathing in the surrounding living nature.

Because the eco holiday in Garda Trentino is a real lifestyle, it is an immersion with all the senses in this place, savouring it. It means abandoning the daily routine and rediscovering yourself in a territory that offers everything you could wish for: privacy, protection, a lush and slightly wild nature, but also many services tailored for an outdoor life without dangers

Your only concern will be to breathe in slowly the clean and healthy air and be enchanted by the eternal beauty of nature in Garda Trentino.

Our Toblini Apartments in Torbole sul Garda have always been green and eco- friendly!

We use the solar and photovoltaic panels to product clean energy, we have created charging stations for cars and electric bikes and we have always tried to avoid waste.

Not only.

Starting from our Residence and from our Casa al Lago you can enjoy a totally car free holiday and set out to discover the most beautiful routes to experience on foot or by bicycle!

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spiaggia attrezzata Torbole sul Garda

“Beach life.” Even the thought of living it brings joy, well-being, joy! 

Sunbathing comfortably lying down, reading a good book perhaps under the umbrella caressed by the Òra (the wind of Lake Garda), practicing activities for real sports like windsurfing or less demanding as sup. Whatever your favourite occupation, the beach life in summer (but also in spring in places like Garda Trentino) is synonymous with happiness! 


Paraphrasing an old Italian song, beach life is often linked to the sea. Anyway, what will amaze you about Lake Garda is its extreme resemblance to the latter (it is the largest lake in Italy) but with peculiarities all of its own that make it unique. Starting from the frame: a Mediterranean landscape in an alpine context, with mountains but scents of lemon and Mediterranean scrub. 

This uniqueness is not the only characteristic of this fairy-tale place. Another is the variety of its beaches. 


Lake Garda boasts enchanting and kilometric free beaches, with many services. 

The beaches of Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda, Arco and also those of the emerald Lake Tenno (a few kilometers from Riva) are perfect for sunbathing, relaxing in the shade (there are beautiful trees and various refreshment points where you can enjoy cocktails on the beach) and do sports. Thanks to the availability of showers, toilets, deckchairs and sunbeds, you can enjoy a whole day on the beach without needing anything else. 

In the water you can cool off and maybe read a book on the new pier. The temperatures of the lake are always pleasant (never fall below 8 degrees even in winter) reaching in summer reach over 22 degrees! Every day, the lifeguards every day – during the period of presence of “spiagge sicure” – write the temperature of the water on the sides of their lookout post so it will be easy for you to “check” in advance the temperature of the water in view of a nice bath. A nice swim in the lake is always a good idea in summer. Swimming enthusiasts will discover crystal-clear waters where they can swim just like the sea. It is good to remember, however, that Lake Garda lives depending on the time of day more or less intense movements (due to the winds) and, in summer, between many bathers and many boats, it is appropriate for your safety, swim along the shore and, if you go away, take with you the buoy signs float. 


Torbole Strand am See
Torbole Strand am See

Both adults and children can bathe in peace: during the summer months, in fact, on the beaches of Riva del Garda and Torbole there is a surveillance and rescue service on land and in the water. Moreover, contrary to what you might think, the bottom of Lake Garda is also perfect for children as it is very safe: the depth in fact is reached step by step gently, without sudden “dives” (it is just the case to say) in the void. 

And for the disabled, there are many services available at the Sabbioni beach in Riva del Garda: from the brand-new wheelchairs that allow you to enter the water, to specific sunbeds to ensure that even those with reduced mobility can enjoy the beach life. 


By bike, on foot, with children in a stroller or with your beloved and faithful dog you can take the lakeside promenade from Torbole to Riva del Garda, or the bike path to Arco, and stop on a bench along the way, perhaps taking a picture at sunset. 

Eat a good homemade ice cream or sip an Italian spritz while the sky is tinged with orange shades with the evocative light of twilight will make even more magical the end of a long day on the beach on Lake Garda. What beach emotions!

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