Two-room and three-room studio apartments for your vacation in Torbole sul Garda: everything that Toblini Apartments can offer you

Residence Toblini

Today we’d like to tell you about us. Simply about Toblini Apartments.

Our guests range from families with children to couples, even older ones, who want to enjoy their vacation on Lake Garda, at just a stone’s throw from the beach, but also the historic center and its many restaurants and cafés, for those evenings when you’d like to enjoy an outdoor dinner and aperitif with a panoramic view. 

Our apartments suit everyone’s needs. At RESIDENCE TOBLINI APT. you’ll find modern and super-equipped. one-room, two-room, and even three-room apartments. They were designed by trusted architects and modernized a few years ago, in order to offer our guests the privilege of a vacation with the privacy of a private apartment and the amenities of a hotel. 

Our strong point is undoubtedly our beautiful manicured garden with a large outdoor swimming pool and also a small pool for children, as well as a nice indoor pool that’s heated 27°C using solar panels. 

We’re the only ones with apartments in all of Torbole sul Garda that offer both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. 

If you’re looking for a vacation to justlay back and relax, you can choose our apartments with a panoramic terrace directly on Torbole’s beach with private access. Casa Toblini Al Lago offers six independent apartments without common areas in a privileged and impactful position. Here you’ll feel like 

you’re almost touching the lake, and you’ll wake up to the sound of its waves. 

Both of our facilities have large parking areas (a real privilege in the historic center of Torbole) and, above all, the guests of Casa Al Lago can take advantage of all the services available in the Toblini Residence (swimming pools, bar, garden, laundry, bike and sails storage) free of charge. 

The residence in Torbole sul Garda has one, two, and three room apartments that can accommodate from two up to a maximum of five people. 

The solutions – perfect for couples, friends, and families with children, depending on the layout – are independent, super-equipped, and have panoramic terraces, balconies, and large windows from which you can see timeless views: from the imposing mountains of the Lake Garda Trentino area to the lake in all its splendor. 

Of course, we’ve also thought about your safety, offering you the possibility to book an insured rate and a healthcare rate, even if this has always been one of our priorities: for over forty years, since the first day that dad Aurelio and mom Johanna gave life to the Toblini Apartments.

Now, like back then, we’ve always opened our doors to our guests, offering them what we’ve always provided: a quality vacation but with the heartfelt warmth of a family. 

Lake Garda Waterfalls – A Dip Between Heaven and Earth

cascata Gorg d'Abiss

A dip between heaven and earth. A gentle splash that is music to the ears of walking and hiking enthusiasts. We’re talking about the melodious sound of waterfalls. Nature’s true wonders. 

Which are the most beautiful waterfalls in Lake Garda?

You can find some really wonderful ones here that can easily be reached by car, like the Varone waterfalls, or after a nice walk in the woods, like the Gorg d’Abiss in Val di Ledro, or even those that are a bit more off the beaten path, like the Ponale, which you can get to also by water. 

Gorg d’Abiss waterfall

cascata Gorg d’Abiss

We’re in Val di Ledro, in Tiarno di Sotto, just thirty minutes by car from Residence Toblini and Casa al Lago (Torbole). 

Starting from town, you reach the start of the trail that, from the old Bugatini Mill, after a short walk into the woods, will lead you to the Gorg d’Abiss – “Vortex of the Abyss” – waterfall and its splendid emerald green color. Just like a fairytale! 

Varone waterfall between Riva del Garda and Tenno 

We’re in Trentino, home of waterfalls and woods, and the most vivacious wild nature. These spectacular waterfalls are the easiest to visit, even with small children. A practical parking area is available right outside of the entrance. And this is  where the amazing tour of the park begins. The waterfalls are in Foci, within the Parco Grotta Cascata Varone. 

The waterfall originates from the underground springs of Lake Tenno and, through limestone caves that were hallowed out over thousands of years, ends in an almost 100-meter gorge.

The Varone waterfall, just 8 kilometers from the Toblini apartments, is one of the most popular places to visit around Lake Garda. Historical note: the building, which serves as an entrance, was designed by a very famous local architect, Giancarlo Maroni, the same architect who, in that period, also designed the Vittoriale (Gabriele D’Annunzio’s villa in Gardone).

Simply spectacular and a must-see. 

Ponale waterfall

You’re probably already familiar with the Ponale trail, which we wrote about here. It’s one of the most popular scenic cycling and walking trails in all of Europe. But what you may not know is that there are some very lovely waterfalls you can visit right along it.

After Ponale Alto, you cross the bridge over the Ponale stream and continue to the left, taking the trail that leads to the Ponale waterfall, a hidden location, and that’s probably why it’s even lovelier to visit. 

And it’s even more exciting if you reach the waterfall by lake, with a canoe or even a SUP! Some extra “exertion” that will be amply rewarded by a spectacular view. 

These are the three waterfalls you can admire around Torbole and our facilities: Residence Toblini e Casa a Lago, both located in Torbole. 

Already have some ideas for your next vacation? If you want it to be vacation surrounded by the spectacle that is nature, take a look at our availabilities for the 2021 season.

May and June 2021: Holidays to spend on Lake Garda

Ascension, Pentecost, Corpus Domini: holidays during the months of May and June 2021

After a year as intense as 2020 was, we hope that 2021 will bring us lots of serenity, health, but also many trips. The ones we missed out on during the previous year. 

We probably would all like to pick up our suitcases and take a trip and… if you’re looking for a “comfortable” destination to reach by car from Northern Europe, with a very pleasant Mediterranean climate, then Lake Garda is the perfect spot for you. And what better time to leave than during the post-Easter holidays? Ascension Day, which celebrates the ascent of Christ into heaven, and falls forty days after Easter this year, will be celebrated Thursday, May 13th. The  perfect date for a long weekend in Torbole sul Garda

May 24th, 2021 is, instead, Pentecost, the feast of the fiftieth day after the resurrection of Christ, while June 2nd is Corpus Christi, or the celebration of the blood and body of Christ. 

Wonderful opportunities to enjoy peaceful holidays in an enchanting place that combines the beauty of tall verdant mountains with a blue lake as big as the sea

An all kissed by a Mediterranean climate, with the scent of lemons and aromatic herbs. For those who love to tan, you’ll enjoy many a sunny days, whether you relax on the beaches or participate in outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, sailing, and climbing. 

If your passion is anything on two wheels, then northern Lake Garda, in Trentino, is your ideal destination. This is where you can hike mountain paths and take in a breathtaking panorama. Since the 1960s, places such as Torbole and Riva del Garda have always been coveted by mountain bike enthusiasts because of their ability to offer mountains and lake, water and rocks, all in a single vacation. 

At the Toblini Residence – with its modern, well-furnished apartments just a few meters from the center of Torbole and  Casa al Lago, directly on the beach – we do everything to accommodate you the best we can, taking into consideration your passions and giving you the opportunity to experience them in comfort. We’re also equipped with a large bike and boat sail storage facility, parking area, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and a wide selection of tastefully furnished, modern, and stylish two-room apartments with kitchenettes equipped for your dinners in good company. 

Take advantage of our insured rates to secure your vacation.

The magic of a holiday on Lake Garda is almost yours. Can already feel the experience?

April in Torbole at Lake Garda Trentino

pasqua sul algo di garda toblini

There is a destination that will never get bored either alone or with children in tow, as a couple or with friends – Lake Garda.

And there is one place in particular that condenses into itself a thousand and more facets – Torbole sul Garda.

A small and enchanting village on the slopes of Monte Baldo which, from afar, looks like a big and colourful postcard! Its peculiarity is the strong wind that blows here – an undisputed paradise for sailing sports like windsurfing.

Torbole sul Garda offers a lot – free and equipped beaches, cycle paths, ferries and hydrofoils ready to set sail to visit the other resorts.

What is the best time to visit Torbole and the whole Lake Garda? Well, it does not exist! The luck of this corner of the Mediterranean in the Alps is that the days are almost always sunny, there are very few rainy days. The temperature is always mild and the water of the lake never freezes, not even in the middle of winter.

If you can only plan your holidays in April, well, you are lucky! This is a great month to visit Lake Garda.


Torbole, its microclimate and its poetic glimpses fascinated the greatest of literature and poetry like Goethe, who described its winds as a wonder of nature and an enchanting spectacle. The weather in April in Torbole sul Garda is favourable for any outdoor activities thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate.

In April, the sun starts to get warmer and the lake breezes are very pleasant.

There are many walks in Torbole to discover hidden corners. Would you like to reawaken your muscles with a nice trekking route to Busatte-Tempesta? Its almost 300 steps will surely wake you up from winter hibernation!. Otherwise, to Monte Brione on the hunt for history – there are very important Austro-Hungarian traces there. Or to Castel Penede and the Austro-Hungarian forts of Nago to admire the strategic surveillance points on the main road from the Valle dell’Adige to Lake Garda. The castle and forts have been restored and are open to the public.

Another wonderful walk between Nago and Torbole leads you to visit the Marmitte dei Giganti, large glacial wells of the Quaternary era that will make you experience a real journey through time between picturesque views of Lake Garda and lush nature.

But in addition to a lot of sport, as the proverb says “April sweet sleep”, you also want to relax, In Torbole it will be wonderful to sleep on the beach, under the never “invasive” rays of the April sun.

Busatte Tempesta
Busatte Tempesta

And in the evening? There are many restaurants in Torbole and in April the nightlife starts again in the narrow streets of the old town centre. Gourmet pizzerias, typical trattorias and lakeside restaurants where you can taste local delicacies. A good homemade ice cream – did you know that eating an ice cream overlooking the lake is a must for any tourist in Torbole? Here the homemade ice cream is an institution!

Let’s go to sleep. Have a good sleep before leaving for another day of sport. Your accommodation in Torbole in April is very important. You are looking for a place that allows you to be shortly in the historical centre, to leave your car in a comfortable and safe free parking and to move only by bike. Our Toblini Apartments is directly on the beach. What’s more? Two beautiful swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a well-kept garden, a brand new storage for sports equipment and… hTe latest design apartments.

In April enjoy your holiday at Lake Garda. Book now your ideal apartment and enjoy the spring to awaken body and soul in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Spring 2021 in Lake Garda

Lake Garda is never disappointing, in any season! But it certainly offers its best in springtime. Colorfully dressed, with warm, pleasant temperatures, it makes you a really want to be outdoors. 

Maybe never, after a year as difficult as 2020, does spring 2021 rhyme with an irrepressible desire for a vacation! 

A Lake Garda spring vacation in apartments

This uncertain period and fear shouldn’t limit our desire to relax. But you should choose where to spend your spring break carefully. 

Without a doubt, choosing an apartment in a residential hotel that’ssuper-equipped with every amenity in a privileged position, with respect to the historic center and the lake, is an excellent solution, compared to a classic hotel that cannot (for obvious reasons) guarantee the same privacy as an apartment can. 

We had already talked about the advantages of an apartment vacation.

But, more than ever, this choice could prove extremely effective in 2021. 

One of the main advantages is more privacy. In your apartment, equipped with every kind of amenity, you can sleep, cook, relax on your private terrace or in your private garden, without having to bump into strangers. 

Just like Quality Travel states you’ll probably be able to travel to Italy during  the post-Covid-19 summer, and residential hotels and apartments will be favored. In fact, an increasing number of families with children are choosing these solutions, especially when it comes to ensuring health safety protocols.

These ideal locations include a swimming pool, maybe even two: an outdoor one but also an indoor one, just in case the temperature is cooler than usual. 

And how about breakfast? There will probably be nothing better in 2021 than starting out your vacation days with delicious breakfasts you can enjoy in your apartment, either by ordering at the nearest café or even lovingly preparing them with your own hands for your children or your sweetheart, using zero mile products. You’ll be able to find many delicious specialties for your morning meal in Lake Garda! 

If you want to organize your vacation in Lake Garda with your entire family or with your partner, Torbole sul Garda is the ideal destination, and Residence Toblini and Casa al Lago are the perfect choice for a safe, clean, panoramic vacation provided with every amenity. 

Two swimming pools: an outdoor one for beautiful sunny days and an indoor heated one that  overlooks a garden. There’s also a café corner where you can enjoy a cool drink or a good Italian coffee and, finally… the apartments: modern and stylish, clean, and perfectly kept in every detail. 

The location is excellent: Casa al Lago is directly located on Torbole beach, where you can wake up lulled by the sweet sound of the waves, while Residence Toblini is just a two minute walk from the beach and the historic center of Torbole. 

Are you thinking about not using your  car and getting around on foot or by bicycle? Well, then, you can just leave it the residential hotel’s large and convenient parking area. 

Want to surf the waves? Our brand new storage facility is made especially for sails, but also sports equipment in general. 

And if you need to wash your clothes, there’s also a washing machine available that you can use to sanitize your sportswear. 

Sounds like a dream? No, it’s not, and it can become your reality in the spring of 2021, the year that could make your every wish come true, starting with your vacation. Book now, and find our best rates on our website.

Torbole on Lake Garda at Easter time

pasqua sul algo di garda toblini

Easter is just round the corner. Spending Easter time in Torbole on Lake Garda gets you the perfect chance to discover a place that gives its best during springtime, getting all the hints of mother nature!

Easter is also the period when, after a long cold winter, everybody has an overwhelming desire of staying in the open air, enjoying the first sunbeams warming your skin. Clean and frizzy aired woods, beaches getting ready for the summer with a crisp wind that ruffles your hair, challenging hiking trails that are less arduous in spring thanks to mild temperatures. There are a lot of activities you could find out (for the first time or again) during the Easter weekend. Here you three five suggestions you can’t definitely miss out

1 Easter lunch at Rifugio San Pietro. You piggy! I can almost hear you choosing for the place to eat a tasty festive lunch! If you’d like a typical meal, you could choose to spend the Easter lunch in a mountain hut! The walk into the woods before and after the meal will even cinch you to burn off some calories! More specifically, Rifugio San Pietro is within easy reach by a pleasant 10-minute walk, and offers a wonderful view on North Lake Garda. Here you could taste some genuine Trentino food, with traditional dishes that will leave you with a full belly and…. a gratified view!

2 Trekking on Easter. A compulsive classic! The day trip on Easter with your friends or family. There are stacks of places where spending Easter around Torbole on Lake Garda. Here you have some of them, let’s start with Busatte-Tempesta Path with its 389 steps! From here the landscape of Torbole and the whole Lake Garda will leave you without breathe!

foto by Garda Outdoors

Lake Tenno as the first of all. A little body of emerald green freshwater, nestled in a lush nature within an easy reach walking up some stairs.
A handy parking lot just above the stairs and near restaurants and bars make it the ultimate destination also for families with toddlers, for an Easter picnic surrounded by nature! If you like green lawns and castles, you can’t avoid spending your Easter Monday on the Prato della Lizza at the top of Arco castle. A proper lush “balcony” overlooking all the Garda Trentino area. Here, the little ones can play on the field while mum and dad enjoy the view eating their picnic. Lastly, a classic: go picnicking on the beach in Torbole on Lake Garda.
A fabulous green lawn or massaging pebbles under your back, a bottle of good Trentino wine, some delicacies cooked with your own hands (well, actually there are many delectable eating facilities here around!!) and a nice foulard for the ladies! Why? Because the Ora, the Garda Trentino wind par excellence blows strongly in spring, and being the temperature not so warm, it could be too cold. Our suggestion is to wear some suitable clothes to enjoy the beach day at the outside.

Ferry tripA different and amazing way to visit Garda Trentino is… travelling by ferryboat! Hydrofoils, ferries and other boats are waiting for you equipped with bars, restaurants, lift and other amenities, for a trip out that will take you to both lake shores having a field day!

foto by Garda Outdoors

These are our three suggestions to spend Easter in Garda Trentino. Many other Itineraries are waiting for you, many strolls, outdoor sports, worth-visiting churches, restaurants where tasting local delicacies. And if the weather is not so good, don’t pay attention to it once in a lifetime.

Have you ever seen the lake changing its colour just before the rain? The stillness, the pouring rain that gently falls down on the newly green leaves after winter. And then, the sun immediately appears. Because here in Garda Trentino, the Mediterranean climate makes the good weather switch back in a while.


Residence Toblini

The eternal dilemma: “How can you enjoy the area without stress, crowds and disturbing noises?”

The answer is simple: leaving for your holidays on Monday and returning on Friday!

Lake Garda is a real paradise, but if the crowds, the crowded shops or even just booking to go and have dinner in the restaurant which had caught your eye, is not for you, then you could choose a holiday from Monday to Friday. While the others are working, you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

If for you a holiday means relaxation and semi-deserted beaches, then you really have to think about midweek holidays where it will be a real pleasure to enjoy virtually deserted trekking and biking routes, beaches where you can listen to the sweet sound of the waves as the background to your favourite book and enjoy a cocktail with a few close friends in a lakefront bar.

Torbole sul Garda is splendid without too many people wandering around its winding streets. Avoiding the weekend is undoubtedly a smart choice for those who love the tranquility and quiet of a place.

pasqua sul algo di garda toblini

Another point in favor of a holiday during the week is undoubtedly the price. In fact, there are many facilities and transport companies that offer discounts and advantageous prices from Monday to Friday.

During the week, in Torbole it is very pleasant to take advantage of the beautiful sunny days to go for an excursion perhaps on the Busatte-Tempesta, one of the most loved and super panoramic paths of Lake Garda.

Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors
Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors

Here it will be very pleasant to walk admiring the lake without having to zigzag among other hikers!

Have we made you want to leave? At Residence Toblini and Casa al Lago di Torbole sul Garda we have thought of everything to make you enjoy midweek holidays in peace: modern and elegant, clean, perfectly sanitized apartments, breathtaking views all for you and our swimming pool at your disposal! The beautiful garden looked after by Giovanna awaits you with its enchanting perfume!

Park your car conveniently, abandon the stress and let the wonder of this atypical fjord called Garda Trentino welcome you! We too will be happy to do so. Take a look here to choose the best for you, the beauty of one of the most enchanting places in the world will take care of everything else! 

5 must-sees in Torbole on Lake Garda

Panorama Torbole sul Garda

Torbole is a gem. A quaint, colorful, suggestive village, kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, the well-known Ora.  

Everything here has a  Mediterranean feel: olive trees, palms, aromatic plants, but it’s all embraced by tall, green mountains: the Prealps! 

This fairytale-like, enchanting spot is the ideal destination for your holidays. Want to know why? It encompasses in itself both north and south, mountains and beaches, wind and sun. Think you’ll get bored? That’s impossible! 

If you only have a weekend to spend, or if you’re just passing through, we recommend 5 must-sees in Torbole on Lake Garda, for an exciting holiday!  

So are you ready? Let’s begin! 

  1. The Panoramic Point. Want to take a photo for your social media profiles? Then this is the ideal place! It’s a panoramic point built out of a short, rocky clearing that overlooks Torbole. From here, you can look across the houses below and the lake, and also see the remains of wall structures dating back to a housing settlement or perhaps a tower. A romantic spot that you must see at sunset, when the sunlight turns warm and golden and reflects onto the mountains and lake! 
  2. The Giant’s kettles. What are these? These potholes, which originate from glaciers, are formed by water produced by thawing ice and snow from the glaciers. Along with these, you can also admire other glacial phenomena in the area, such as glacial falls, roche moutonnées, slickensides, and striated rock formations. The main potholes are located near the panoramic road, overlooking the lake, which connects Nago to Torbole. Taking a nice stroll to explore these important wonders of undeniable beauty is definitely a must. 
  3. The Old Customs House. One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive in Torbole is this charming little house, which “rests” gently on the edge of the lake, and is always adorned with fresh, colorful flowers. It was once the Austrian customs headquarters. Since  Torbole is a border town, it was always subjected to controls by Austrian customs officers during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After you’ve taken a look at the old Customs House, you can sit down on one of the benches nearby and enjoy some good homemade ice cream as you relax and take in the view! 
  4. Busatte-Tempesta Trail. Along with the Ponale, this is the most breathtaking and incredibly panoramic hiking trail in the area! Itssheer, 387 steps offers even more reason to stop and capture a memory! But you can also stop and rest on lovely benches and admire the immensity of Lake Garda!
  5. The wind. Yes, we are ironic. We obviously can’t get rid of it, but we’d really like to invite you to pleasantly experience this unique element, which is typical to Torbole more than to any other place on Lake Garda. International regattas have made Torbole famous in the past and present, and it’s still a point of reference for all sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts. The Ora, the Peler, and other regularly blowing winds caress Torbole every day and allow you to experience a summer holiday without suffering the heat! Sunbathing will be just delightful! 

Wouldn’t you like a summer to the tune of  sun, wind, crystal clear waters, mountains, hiking, biking, and water sports? You can have all this in Torbole  and, if you’re apartment hunting, then the Toblini Apartments is your destination, where everything is perfectly organized to welcome you in total safety: a modern design, top-level cleaning, a well-kept garden, swimming pools, bike and sail storage, safe convenient parking, and even the beach and historic center just a few meters away. 

Choose your ideal apartment now, in a modern atmosphere, where your privacy is always respected, and start your holiday as soon as your heart desires. It’s time to live your dream!

October at Lake Garda. The perfect holiday

Somebody says that the best holidays are in August and that in October it is too late to head to a Mediterranean resort like Lake Garda.

Are they right? Of course not!

Lake Garda is amazing all year round. Here, the climate is mild and sunny from April to October. Furthermore, there are incredible places to visit, heavenly beaches, good food and welcoming people anywhere you will go.

There are many good reasons to visit Lake Garda in October. We will give you five to get you into a holiday mood and leave right now!

1 – Mediterranean climate in autumn

September and October temperatures are fantastic – still warm and sunny, but no more heat like in July and August. You will enjoy a very agreeable climate.

The average temperature in September is about 25° while in October it is around 20°. Watch our webcam in Torbole sul Garda (LINK) to see how the weather will be like in October.

2 – Perfect for families and couples

Beaches like the ones in Torbole and Riva del Garda, the village, the tourist points of interest… in October, these places are less crowded. Families with children can have fun at the beaches even more and couples can enjoy romantic sunsets, get relaxed at the SPA and have a drink or a candlelight dinner at the lake.

3 – The Parking

Parking… a real dilemma in summer! While in August to find a free parking spot near the tourist points of interest is almost impossible, in October it is not. Furthermore, at our Residence Toblini you will always find a parking spot for you, in summer too! And, if you want, you can leave your car and walk: the old centre and the beaches are at a very short walking distance!

4- Restaurants

Dining out without reserving your table will be possible again. You will enjoy a relaxing dinner and stay there as much as you want to taste delicious local products. In October “pure relax” will be your watchword!

In addition, in October they organize a lot of festivals and village fêtes all around Lake Garda where you can taste typical products and drink good wine!

5- Uncrowded bike and trekking routes

That’s it! In October, all bike and trekking routes at Lake Garda will surprise you: no more crowd, no more heat. And, when you are back, you can dive into the indoor swimming pool of Residence Toblini in Torbole sul Garda, one of the few accommodation facilities with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, parking spots and bike and sports equipment storage room!

And Casa al Lago? Do you prefer to wake up directly on the beach? At Casa al Lago you will! The dawn and twilight over the lake will be your exclusive show. And, our guests staying at Casa al Lago will benefit from the swimming pools and the large garden of Residence Toblini for free.

October is the new August. Maybe. Well, book now and find it out.

Apartments with swimming pool for your holiday at Lake Garda

Ferienwohnungen mit Pool am Gardasee

The holidays spent in an apartment are an appreciated solution to spend your time independently but without giving up the comforts.

You can feel free and at ease in the apartments supplied with all the comforts as if you were at home. Definitely a clever option, isn’t it?

Anyway, the look is connected to the way it tastes, thus to book (cta) an apartment for your holidays it is better to give a look, first.

Would you renounce to the contemporary design of our Toblini Apartaments? No, you would not if you book a holiday apartment with swimming pool at Residence Toblini at Lake Garda, in Torbole.

Surrounded by a stunning landscape, modern apartments – some have a breath-taking view, too. Everyone can enjoy an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, where you can spend your time and relax yourselves maybe after a long en plein air!

Design studio apartments and two-room apartments, comfort three-room apartments, design two-room and three-room apartments. Choose your favourite one or the one that better suits your needs to live your holiday in an apartment with swimming pool at Residence Toblini at Lake Garda as you have never done before.

And you fell in love with our Casa al Lago , do you know that you can take advantage of the swimming pool at Residence Toblini for free? You just need to cover a short distance and you can dive into it!

Casa al Lago, on the beach of Torbole, with its glass wall overlooking the immense Lake Garda and its romantic sunsets, will let you live a fabulous atmosphere. Imagine… taking a swim at sunset in our swimming pool, having a candle-light dinner at Toblini Apartments… isn’t it a magical place at Lake Garda? Don’t wait longer! Live your wonderful holiday now.