Lakes to visit near Lake Garda

Lake Garda is immense, like the sea! Blue from afar and, from its crystal clear waters, this lake – the largest in Italy – is definitely worth a visit! But its northernmost part, the easiest to reach from the Brenner, in Trentino, is a land full of other lakes, more or less as vast as Lake Garda, and many are also suitable for swimming! 

In fact, a holiday in Lake Garda Trentino also allows for a nice tour of the nearby lakes both by car and bike. 


If you love cycling (MTB, racing, or electric), a nice excursion on two wheels to discover the nearby lakes will be really easy and fun. Starting from one of the most beautiful villages in all of Lake Garda, Torbole sul Garda, you can reach one of the most spectacular alpine lakes of them all:

Lake Tenno.

Lago di tenno
Lago di tenno

Small enough to be circumnavigated in an hour by canoe, of an intense emerald color, this alpine lake is one of the most photographed lakes on social media. Safe to swim in, even for children, it harbors a peculiarity: a magnificent islet in the center of the lake, which can also be reached on foot when the water level drops. From there, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby medieval village of Canale di Tenno by bike trail: a place suspended in time, where you can enjoy typical local dishes like carne salada e fasoi!

Lake Ledro

Lago di Ledro
Lago di Ledro

You definitely have to take a ride to Lake Ledro. This lake is one of the cleanest in Europe. Safe to swim in, and perfect for children, with its  pebbles, grass, and clear blue waters, it’s ideal for canoeing, SUP or even just a relaxing ride on a pedal boat. Then, after a nice swim, your children will love to visit the pile dwellings museum, a very important testimony of the Bronze Age, while the more daring can practice canyoning in nearby streams and visit beautiful waterfalls, such as the Gorg d’Abiss. What’s the best way to reach Lake Ledro? Easy, along one of the most beautiful trails in Europe, on foot or by mountain bike: the Ponale. 

And what should you take back home with you? A pack of Storo polenta. A real must-have to enjoy, as is the well-known gnocco Boemo

Lake Toblino

Lago di Toblino
Lago di Toblino

The lake of fairy tales… with even a castle in the center! Lake Toblino, which you can reach via an easy bike trail, is a very romantic lake, suspended between a dream world and reality, in the beautiful Valle dei Laghi. 

You can’t swim in this lake, so you’ll have to settle taking photos and strolling around it on foot. 

Sometimes, in the morning, the Toblino castle emerges from the mist of the lake. Legend tells that fairies and gnomes once lived here happily, and there’s even a small temple dedicated to them, as a plaque placed in the portico of the castle recalls.

The lake is surrounded by a thicket of reeds, and migratory birds and many species of fish take refuge here. The scenery is relaxing and ideal for walks and rides.

To fully admire the 16th-century castle, we suggest you to take the wooden walkway that runs along the banks. The perfect place for couples to steal a kiss! 

The very unique Lake Loppio, along the Adige-Garda pedestrian/bike path, is also worth a mention.

Until a few decades ago, it was a very beautiful alpine lake. In the 1950s, a tunnel was dug between the Adige river and Lake Garda, in order to drain excess water from the river when it overflowed, therefore, eliminating any risk of flooding. The tunnel was built right under Lake Loppio, which emptied when the aquifer was intercepted. Today, this former lake is a very fascinating biotope to visit and is home to many species of animals and birds. And don’t forget the characteristic islet of Sant’Andrea!

So, as you can see, Lake Garda isn’t the only lake in the area! A vacation in Torbole can be a magnificent dynamic experience in search of emotions and thrills. But have you already chosen your accommodations? At the Toblini Apartments, we have everything that couples (seeking relaxation or sports) and families could need. Take a look here, and start your vacation adventure.

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