Stand up everybody! And, if standing upright on a board with paddles you are enjoying that enchantment called Lake Garda Trentino, there is no question: you have chosen the most cutting-edge activity! Thanks to it, you’ll feel like traveling an inch from the water practicing a relaxing but also toning sport: Sup, acronym for Stand Up Paddle! Being there waves (so precious for surfers) or dead calm, Lake Garda Trentino is the ideal place for this sport which have been really fashionable lately, but that is actually not so recent as one may think. 

Already in the far 1778 in fact, once landed on the Hawaii Islands, the famous English explorer Cook noticed that the locals used boards and paddles standing upright on the water. Over the years this sport has become more and more appreciated until landing on our shores, where it has found “rich soil” and an ideal place for its success. Anyway, do you know why it so appreciated? Explanations are few and really convincing (trust me, after reading this article you will have the desire to try it!). 

Firstly, it is an easy sport, few rules and much fun! It’s really relaxing and stress-relieving, thanks to a direct contact with nature and because you are deep in a stunning landscape between crystal clear water and green mountains, as tied in a bear hug! And, what’s more, it’s a toning activity that allows you to work out your arms, balance and breath. If it’s that time of the day when the Ora wind dominates, then you could also enjoy yourself riding the wave or surfing as a professional. 

Sup doesn’t require specific courses, but in case you want some suggestions to take on this sport suitable for everybody, you only have to slip over to one of the several local windsurfing centers and ask for advice. Here, you will be given some suggestions for a first approach to this sport, which will make you feel in a perfect exchange with the waves of the biggest lake in Italy, plunged into a talking nature. If you listen to it, rowing upright on your board, you will fall in love with Sup and Lake Garda more and more, no doubt about it!

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Lake Garda is a real paradise for all the water sport lovers: swimming, sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddle surfing, scuba diving!

The enchanted landscape surrounding Lake Garda Trentino, with its impressive lush mountains, turns it into the ideal setting to practice all the water sports, no matter the physical training or age you have. Here you could meet qualified coaches and professional schools.

Lake Garda Trentino has been recognised as one of the best regatta fields in Europe; the winds that blow regularly (called Ora and Pelèr) make every day the perfect day for a day out by boat or windsurfing. The waves, which are never that high, are perfect both for the beginners and the experts. But not only.

In its uniqueness, the lake is a real outdoor playground for the little ones. All the family together could live the emotion of practicing several water sports safely.

Sailing, windsurfing and stand up paddle surfing

Surfboard by the arm and off you go! Dads and kids, are you ready to live the emotion only the surfboard can give (while mum is comfortably lying on the beach enjoying the sunbeam or rather wearing a diving suit herself)? Starting from 6 years old, the kids who love the water and with a good aquatic readiness will be able to ride the Garda waves and quell the winds! Also the sailing boat for the little ones (same age as the previous ones) is a fabulous chance to learn and juggle sailing to become real… lake dog! There is a great number of schools that are ready to provide all the necessary help to make all the family have fun.

The Sup (Stand up paddle surfing) is an original and exciting sport discipline that is having more and more success as well, and it’s a water sport suitable for the whole family! With the the family boards in fact (you could rent them in the local schools) (link) you will have fun with your family practicing this relaxing surfing variation where you stand on a board using a paddle. The calm waters of Lake Garda Trentino are perfect for this sport!


The lake depths aren’t a problem, are they? Why not finding out Lake Garda in Depths and its abysses, that instill peacefulness and serenity? The children (starting from 8 years old this time) who would like to try diving have to be able to swim (as mum and dad, of course) and really want to be enchanted by the real Garda. That lake that reveals its beauties only to those wearing a diver’s mask, diving suit and scuba tank, and set off exploring its depths! A unique experience for both grownups and little ones you could live together with one of the local diving schools.


Thrill-seeking and adventure-lover families, it’s your turn! Canyoning is undoubtedly the sport for you. The kids can practice it from 10/11 years old and if they weigh at least 30 kgs. The attitude is necessarily adventurous, and with a good confidence with water. A sport that must be practiced under the careful control of an expert guide (there are a lot of canyoning schools at your disposal) and with lots of excitement! A sport for families… that are a bit crazy and really wanting to have fun.

Whatever the water sport that thrills mum, dad and kids, the whole family will be able to live the amazing emotion of an active holiday in Garda Trentino that will please all of you!

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Canoeing is a sport that has been moving thousands of tourists from all over the world for years, as a “classical everlasting sport”!

This outdoor sport has always moved billions of tourists who choose to discover the crystal clear waters of Lake Garda, comfortably seated in a canoe, making the most out of the hours when Lake Garda is flat.

In this way, it is possible to find out remote spots and sun-kissed rocky bays, where many birds and fish settle in, looking curiously at humans.

Canoe uses the arm energy, their stamina and staying power when, stroke after stroke, it leads you to real pieces of heaven.
Although Sup has lately overcome the old “canoeing”, this last one won’t surely be dropped out!

A funny and exciting programme will let you visit and discover Lake Garda at its fullest. How? Canoeing, on a Sup board, windsurfing, or maybe with your scuba tank to discover a different Lake Garda you’d never expect, submerged and mysterious.

Whatever the outdoor water activity you would carry out, Lake Garda will be able to guide you to discover it stroke after stroke, no doubt about that. And you couldn’t definitely say it won’t have moved you, as you were kids again. A proper “game”, good for you and your health.

Canoeing and kayaking are among the perfect ways to explore nature for young and old. A sport, paddling on the surface of the water, truly for everyone, which, especially in magical moments of the day, such as sunrise or sunset, offer really strong emotions.

The calm waters of Lake Garda (before they ripple thanks to the Ora, the famous wind from the north) are ideal for feeling an integral part of the landscape, at one with it, while admiring the surrounding beauty. Explore it calmly, breathe deeply and let yourself go. Whatever your destination, you have already arrived.

For active travellers, a canoe excursion is the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Alto Garda, this atypical fjord blessed with a Mediterranean climate.

So how can one have a canoeing experience on Garda Trentino?

It’s very simple: rent the right equipment and go looking for unforgettable views of nature.

And as Schiller stated: “Man is only completely a man when he plays”, then here in Garda Trentino going back to your childhood is a piece of cake!

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Holidays as a sailor: Lake Garda is your paradise

The wind messes up your hair, the sun, warm in spring and more intense in summer, and the outline of green mountains around us standing out in the blue sky. We are on Lake Garda Trentino waters, and going sailing has never been so pleasant!

Naturally suited for this sport, the area provides more than a reason (extremely good reason!) why taking on this outdoor activity. There are lots of sailing lovers who choose to spend their holidays on Lake Garda Trentino every year, and mainly in concomitance with unmissable top events

Here is a list of all the 2022 regattas on Lake Garda:

41° Lake Garda Meeting Optimist

06/04/2023 – 09/04/2023

But why should a passionate sailor choose Lake Garda and in particular Torbole sul Garda for his holidays? We tell you about it.

Sailing has always followed and attracted man in its transfers since early history. Already in the second century b.C. the first sailing competition was held in the Aphrodite Temple.

The goddess of love and beauty began this sport, and it couldn’t be different because everybody becomes more beautiful with ruffled hair and golden skin, being them both athletes or just enthusiasts.

The regattas, pushed by the Lake Garda wind, called Ora, that   exists only in Trentino, especially in Torbole sul Garda, carries the pep and beauty of a landscape that fills up the five senses day after day, season after season, like a sail swollen by the wind. 

If you are looking for holiday apartments directly on the beach of Torbole or just 100 meters from the lake and the center of Torbole, Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini “Al Lago” is for you.

Residence Toblini (whose services can also be used free of charge by guests of Casa Al Lago) offers an indoor pool heated with solar panels with water at 27 ° and an outdoor pool in the green garden, laundry for sportswear, high-speed wi-fi , private parking for the car. 

Casa Al Lago is a residence beach front in Torbole located in an ideal position so you can quickly and easily reach various places of interest in the town and around Lake Garda.

The Casa al Lago Residence is close to the “Circolo Vela di Arco” and (Sailing Centre) which allows not only experienced sailors but also beginners to approach this sporting activity. Our strategic position is a very important asset for us representing a high quality service for our customers.

It offers free trailer parking and car parking to all guests.

Are you a sailor and are you looking for tailor made offers exclusively for you? Contact us and live with us the dream of a holiday between sky and water, wind and sun, in one of the most beautiful places in the world to sail: Torbole sul Garda!

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A Vacation (in Torbole) on the Wings of Freedom Thanks to Wing Foiling

Lake Garda, and especially Torbole sul Garda, is the undisputed paradise of water sports, like sailing, windsurfing , and SUP (Stand Up Paddle). 

The wind that caresses your skin on hot summer days is one of the most wonderful feelings you can imagine. After all, we all know that the Garda winds, especially the Ora,  are the true protagonists of the Trentino side of Lake Garda. They’re one of its distinctive features, along with the various sports activities that, thanks to these winds, seem to be invented for being practiced right here. And, among these sports, there’s a new one that’s already driving enthusiasts crazy, but that also really intrigues newbies: Wing Foiling.

What is Wing Foiling

We asked Chiara Lolli – owner of the 

Duotone Pro Center in Torbole – whom we had a pleasant chat with.

Chiara explained that Wing Foiling is the latest in water sports and consists in holding a wing while on a Stand Up Paddle or Surf board (Wingsurf) or on a SUP with hydrofoil (Wing Foil). This is a sport that’s a cross between Windsurf Foiling, Kite Foiling, and SUP Foiling. 

The main purpose of Wing Foiling is to be able to move as freely as possible on water using both wind and wave energy. A wing offers better handling than a kite or a windsurf, ensuring greater ease when taking off from the water under the same wind conditions.

Wing Foiling is usually practiced with short boards that are wide and thick. This helps the rider stand and have greater stability.

“On days with little wind, watching  an experienced wing foiler fly over the water, masterfully handling hiswing is truly fascinating, which is why many people are drawn to wing foiling. It’s the ideal sport for experiencing Lake Garda while you also exercise.

Wing Foil Lake Garda

If what Chiara said makes you want to jump on a board and fly on the wings of freedom, pushed by the wind while admiring the beauty of colorful Torbole in the distance, we have an experiential package just for you.

You’ll be able to discover and learn this new sport, thanks to the collaboration between Toblini Apartments and Duotone Pro Center Torbole.

The center is located in Torbole sul Garda, in the marvelous bay called Conca d’Oro, and offers various courses for those who are first approaching this new sport.

Whether they’re group courses or custom private lessons, you’ll be given attention, professionalism, and a special treatment as guests of Residence Toblini or Casa Toblini “Al Lago”. So book your experiential vacation now.

Life is the most beautiful of adventures, but only an adventurer discovers it.

G.K. Chesterton

Sailing at Lake Garda

The winds blow constantly – especially the Ora – so your sailboat trips will be great. The never too high waves are perfect both for beginners and for expert. This is what make Lake Garda one of the best regatta locations in Europe and all over the world.

Riva del Garda and Torbole sul Garda are famous for the sailing, also thanks to their top-quality services like the elite schools and rentals.

The always mild temperatures and the Mediterranean climate of this corner of alpine paradise, Lake Garda Trentino, comfortably welcome the visitors and let the enthusiasts of the outdoor sports like sailing enjoy their passion almost all year round.

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

If you love sailing and are dreaming of a tailor-made holiday, Residence Toblini will make your dream come true.

Why? Well, because from Residence Toblini you can walk or ride to the most important sailing centres of Arco and Torbole. Furthermore, you can take advantage from the services we dedicate to you, sailing lovers!

  • A large and comfortable free parking to safely leave your car and enjoy your holiday sans souçi
  • Free parking for trailers
  • Free bike and sailboats store room
  • Outdoor and heated indoor swimming pool for a reinvigorating swim after the workout
  • Hall with 72” TV to watch all international sailing races.

The breath taking nature around Torbole sul Garda will make the rest. High mountains, a deep blue lake, bike and trekking routes, restaurants and cafés will frame your joyful and fun days to let you forget your stressful routine and enjoy the zesty emotions of sailing.

Have you already chosen your favourite accommodation? Book now and have fun in one of the most important sailing centres in the world, Torbole sul Garda.

Sailing at Lake Garda

Lake Garda has a long sailing tradition; everyone in the world knows it. Torbole and Riva del Garda are the upmost places where you can practise this sport and enjoy great days at the lake.

Lake Garda – and, in particular, its northern side – gives you the occasion to practise many other outdoor activities, but the best one is sailing! The regular winds guarantee the perfect conditions to go sailing, to learn how to sail or to watch the numerous international regattas during your holidays at Lake Garda.

Furthermore, the quality of the services like the sailing schools, the clubs and boat rentals is high. Experts and beginners can find what they need to make their sailing unforgettable!
Spring is the best season to approach the sailing. When you come on holiday, visit one of the sailing schools of Lake Garda Trentino and try this sport!

Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini al Lago are really close to Lake Garda – Casa al Lago lies on the beach – so both are perfect for your sailing holidays. Feel the magic, the heady sensation of feeling this sport can offer.

They are situated near the sailing clubs of Torbole and Arco – incredible locations to go sailing.
Want to know other great extras?
A trailer warehouse, a large indoor swimming-pool where you can relax your muscles after the workout…. And a room with maxi-screen to watch the most thrilling competitions!

If you are a beginner, what about learning how to sail during your holidays at Lake Garda?
Going on holiday means freedom, learning new things and – why not? – get a new lease on life. 
Give yourself a few days and you will feel the real power of the wind. Set the stress free, you’ll just need to think of the weather and the lake conditions or smell the fragrance of the rain, where something in the air is about to change. When, after your sailing on Lake Garda or a simple trip on the sailboat, you come back to the comfort and design of Apartments Toblini, it will seem like nothing else has ever let you feel that way.

The sailboat is a world, a way of living, an experience that makes you understand how the daily life can be composed of beautiful new things.
Sailing is a journey, far from the traffic jam… and from motorboats because, in the northern side of Lake Garda, motorboats cannot sail.

Far from peak time and the common places, where no control can exist but only your management ability, you will live a real lesson in living, even just for one day, on a sailboat at Lake Garda.
To feel a long emotion, try the sailing. To live a real holiday, come to Residence Toblini.