April on Lake Garda: Spring vacation par excellence

An Italian proverb says, “April sweet slumber”, but that’s not quite so. April is when everything, and everyone, awakens after a long winter’s sleep and flourishes, just like nature does! 

Flowers bloom, days get longer, but what about us? We get away

And what could be better than taking advantage of the sun that starts peeping out to organize an “escape” in a wonderful corner of  the Mediterranean called Lake Garda

A vacation in Torbole sul Garda in April encompasses everything. You can enjoy a mild climate and already pleasant temperatures, which are perfect for practicing outdoor sports, even on the lake! 

In Torbole, the home of windsurfing, sailing, and all water sports in general, it’s almost impossible not to try your hand at a water sport during your vacation! 

Unlike the warmer months, April offers less crowds, fewer  risks (practicing a new water sport gets a bit tricky when the lake is full of boats and swimmers), and much lower prices than in high season. 

Sports, such as trekking or mountain biking, are also ideal in April. Both the excessive heat and bitter cold are just a fading memory. The  maximum temperatures recorded during this month are approximately 18° C. with peaks up to 20. Just perfect!

And if the sun is your daytime companion, April is truly the best month for a bike ride or a walk along one of the many hiking paths Lake Garda in Trentino has to offer. 

Torbole, Riva del Garda, and Arco are truly among the most beautiful places on the lake, each with their own peculiarity worth discovering. The neighboring towns in the province of Verona (Malcesine) and Brescia (Limone) are also quite lovely to visit in April.

But the most exciting itinerary of your vacation could end up being an excursion to Monte Baldo, which becomes an expanse of colorful primrose! And, from up there, the lake looks like an atypical fjord! Get your cameras ready! 

Actually, all the mountains around the lake are worth a visit in April, the month during which nature awakens and offers colors that we can only dream of in summer! 

Another wonderful experience you shouldn’t miss out on  in April ? A fun picnic! The fields and lawns are green again, and all the newly grown wildflowers will make your picnic incredibly fragrant. You can choose a lawn directly on a lakefront, like in Torbole or Riva, or a more romantic picnic on the lawn of the Arco castle! 

This shore of the lake offers castles, majestic mountains, a Central European atmosphere but, at the same time, the pleasantness of a typically Mediterranean climate, along with sports worthy of a Mediterranean island. 

All you have to do is treat yourself to an April vacation in this corner of paradise, and perhaps in one of our two accommodation facilities: Casa Toblini Al Lago (directly on the beach of Torbole) and Residence Toblini (in the center and a stone’s throw from the lake and the colorful village of Torbole). 

So, don’t ever let it be said that April is the month of slumber! 

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