Autumn Hiking and Lake Garda

Nature tinged with pink, orange, yellow, and even deep red: this is autumn, the most beautiful season for hiking around Lake Garda

Hiking around Lake Garda is something that should be experienced year round, because this is the land of the outdoors, where the lush green mountains blend with the blue of the lake, offering scenic and exciting hiking trails and itineraries. 

If it’s true that every season has its own uniqueness, there’s no doubt that autumn is absolutely the ideal season for being outdoors, and especially for hiking. 

The end of August, and especially the beginning of September, offers mild temperatures, never too sultry, with the colors of nature in summer, which gradually veer towards more vivid colors and, of course, hiking trails and itineraries you can enjoy almost all to yourself! This is when crowds disperse, and a month like September (but also October), allows you to experience a more exclusive outdoor-based vacation.

Garda Trek on Lake Garda in Trentino

Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino
Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino

A wonderful hiking excursion on Lake Garda Trentino? Here, between Torbole sul Garda and Riva, but also Arco and Dro, you’ll get the chance to experience the well known Garda Trek, with three different loops, based on your skill and the level of difficulty you feel you can undertake. 

But besides the three Garda Trek loops, falling in love with these locations, step by step, is really easy.

One of the most well-known, panoramic hiking trails of all of Lake Garda is the Busatte-Tempesta. Wonderfully scenic, to be experienced on foot (thanks to its over 300 steps), for true enthusiasts in search of a thrill, but also for those who aren’t afraid of heights. In fact, these steps are literally “suspended” in a void with a magnificent 360° lake view. 

Hiking in autumn isn’t just great because of its mild temperatures and the privacy you’ll love, but it’s also a delicious experience! You’ll be able to combine a vacation in the outdoors with visits to wine cellars busy with their autumn production of new wine, and maybe even enjoy some tastings of local products. 

Loges are generally open until the end of October and, if you’d like,  you can combine a fun hike at higher altitudes – like on Mount Altissimo or Mount Baldo – with a nice lunch among friends in a mountain hut! 

Tour of Lake Tenno on foot 

Another easy hiking trail for everyone is the tour of Lake Tenno. It takes about an hour to hike and,  when you’re done, you definitely have to have a taste of one of the traditional dishes from this area: carne salada con fasoi, prepared following an ancient recipe (link interno)! This invigorating dish is a classic in autumn and winter, since it’s definitely too hearty and hot to eat during spring and summer. 

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Come and discover an autumn outdoor hiking vacation on Lake Garda. You’ll experience the lake like you’ve never experienced it before! 

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