Lake Garda is a real paradise for all the water sport lovers: swimming, sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddle surfing, scuba diving!

The enchanted landscape surrounding Lake Garda Trentino, with its impressive lush mountains, turns it into the ideal setting to practice all the water sports, no matter the physical training or age you have. Here you could meet qualified coaches and professional schools.

Lake Garda Trentino has been recognised as one of the best regatta fields in Europe; the winds that blow regularly (called Ora and Pelèr) make every day the perfect day for a day out by boat or windsurfing. The waves, which are never that high, are perfect both for the beginners and the experts. But not only.

In its uniqueness, the lake is a real outdoor playground for the little ones. All the family together could live the emotion of practicing several water sports safely.

Sailing, windsurfing and stand up paddle surfing

Surfboard by the arm and off you go! Dads and kids, are you ready to live the emotion only the surfboard can give (while mum is comfortably lying on the beach enjoying the sunbeam or rather wearing a diving suit herself)? Starting from 6 years old, the kids who love the water and with a good aquatic readiness will be able to ride the Garda waves and quell the winds! Also the sailing boat for the little ones (same age as the previous ones) is a fabulous chance to learn and juggle sailing to become real… lake dog! There is a great number of schools that are ready to provide all the necessary help to make all the family have fun.

The Sup (Stand up paddle surfing) is an original and exciting sport discipline that is having more and more success as well, and it’s a water sport suitable for the whole family! With the the family boards in fact (you could rent them in the local schools) (link) you will have fun with your family practicing this relaxing surfing variation where you stand on a board using a paddle. The calm waters of Lake Garda Trentino are perfect for this sport!


The lake depths aren’t a problem, are they? Why not finding out Lake Garda in Depths and its abysses, that instill peacefulness and serenity? The children (starting from 8 years old this time) who would like to try diving have to be able to swim (as mum and dad, of course) and really want to be enchanted by the real Garda. That lake that reveals its beauties only to those wearing a diver’s mask, diving suit and scuba tank, and set off exploring its depths! A unique experience for both grownups and little ones you could live together with one of the local diving schools.


Thrill-seeking and adventure-lover families, it’s your turn! Canyoning is undoubtedly the sport for you. The kids can practice it from 10/11 years old and if they weigh at least 30 kgs. The attitude is necessarily adventurous, and with a good confidence with water. A sport that must be practiced under the careful control of an expert guide (there are a lot of canyoning schools at your disposal) and with lots of excitement! A sport for families… that are a bit crazy and really wanting to have fun.

Whatever the water sport that thrills mum, dad and kids, the whole family will be able to live the amazing emotion of an active holiday in Garda Trentino that will please all of you!

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