Easter 2024 on Lake Garda: a new, exciting season starts again

After a long winter, the watchword in spring is: awakening! And what’s better than getting the kinks out of your body and spirit if not on vacation

One of the most anticipated holidays afterthe winter is definitely Easter. And one of the most desired destinations is, without a doubt, Italy… where there’s one place that encloses in itself  more worlds than one: Lake Garda.

Nature awakens in all its splendor, flowers bloom, and their intense fragrance permeates everywhere. This is the spectacle that is  spring, and witnessing this awakening is undoubtedly the perfect excuse for going on vacation. 

If it seems premature to be thinking about a vacation on Lake Garda for Easter 2024, you’re mistaken, and we’ll give you at least three good reasons to book now: 

1- More convenient prices. It might seem strange, but most everyone offers more competitive rates if you book well in advance. This happens especially if you book directly or without going through the internet and/or agencies. 

2- Tailored accommodations. Booking in advance of your arrival date allows you to have a vast choice in terms of accommodations, such as a panoramic apartment with the prettiest view that’s waiting just for you. Book it with just a click before someone else grabs it! 

3-  More time to plan your vacation. Accommodations are no longer a worry. Now that you’ve booked your stay and you’ve been able to choose your dream apartment at the lowest rate, you can dedicate your free time towards deciding on the places you’d like to see and make a list of the activities you absolutely want to do, like visiting  museums or trekking and biking. Things you’ve been desiring for a long time. You can also select the restaurants where you want to dine by taking a look at the reviews and also the distance from your accommodation. 

A dream? No! Reality. An undeniable advantage you’ll have in booking your vacation well in advance is being able to take your time in deciding on your stay by carefully selecting the structure, the type of accommodation, its location, and being able to get a better quality-price ratio. 

We at Toblini Apartments love to reward our most loyal guests, guaranteeing they receive a better rate if booked in advance. This is why we’ve already posted our rates on online for the 2024 season.

One-room, two-room, three-room apartments with a clean essential design, comfortable terraces where you can dine, swimming pool, and modern bike storage. 

So book your Easter 2024 vacation on Lake Garda now and discover all the advantages of this  clever choice. See you soon in Torbole to celebrate together! 

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