5 things you don’t know about Lake Garda

It’s really very big for being a lake, to the point that it resembles a fresh-water sea. It wets three Italian cities: Brescia, Verona, and Trentino. It’s the largest lake in Italy and, besides being breathtaking, Lake Garda offersseveralpeculiarities that not everyone is familiar with.

Let’s discover them together.

1 Land of the outdoors. This tourist destination loved by Italians and foreigners is one of the places preferred by sailing and climbing enthusiasts, but also mountain bikers and trekking excursionists. In short, all outdoor sports become even more exciting here!

2 Depth & Co. Lake Garda is located 65 meters above sea level, it stretches 51.6 km in length from Riva del Garda to Peschiera, with a width of 17.2 km, and a maximum depth of 346 meters. Not bad! What temperature is the water? During summer, the lake is always about 20° Celsius. This makes swimming  in it really pleasant (yes, it is safe for bathing), especially when the outdoor temperature exceeds 30° Celsius! 

3 Mr. Wind. The north side of Lake Garda, from Malcesine to Limone up to Riva del Garda, but especially Torbole sul Garda, is dominatedby winds. Regular and constant, these winds create a Mediterranean microclimate north of the lake, despite it being mountainous. Temperatures are mild, with a summer average of 30° Celsius, and winter is never very cold. This is why you can practice outdoor sports all year round. The wind in Garda, known as the “Ora”, blows in from the south and is the “undisputed master” of this territory, making Torbole the land of windsurfing and sailing.

4 A variety of food and wine. What can you eat during a holiday on Lake Garda? You’ll be spoiled for choice, but the Trentino side of the lake is, without a doubt, the richest in gastronomic specialties. From carne salada to the best P.D.O. extra virgin olive farthest north worldwide, its local products are truly excellent products to discover and savor! Did you know that Torboleoffers a type of broccoli with quite a unique flavor?! The Slow Food Presidium renamed it “Son of the Wind”,  thanks to the strong winter winds which blow between Arco and Torbole that give this vegetable its unique sweet flavor. You can find it freshly harvested in winter but also during other seasons in the form of a spread, which is delicious on freshly toasted bread or on a nice plate of spaghetti! And let’s not forget wine, which is the true pride of Trentino! There are many taverns and wineries that offer their finest bottles (for true connoisseurs) but also lighter wines that are very popular with less demanding palates. 

carne salada

5 A NON-Norwegian fjord. Northern Lake Garda resembles a Norwegian fjord. High mountains “embrace” its (very clean) waters, making it seem just like a fjord! But the Mediterranean climate here, and also its temperatures (pleasant even in the middle of winter), reminds you that we’re actually in Italy, in this corner of the Mediterranean called Lake Garda! 

There are many things still to be discovered around the largest lake in Italy. But, to do that, instead of reading this article, maybe you should book a vacation here! And in Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini Al Lago in Torbole, you’ll be at just a stone’s throw from its colorful village and its breathtaking beaches. So, are you ready for a Mediterranean escape? 

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