E-bikes: what are we talking about? They are becoming a bigger and bigger hit. But it’s necessary to point out an important difference: The pedal-assist bicycles, that are the e-bikes, indeed, have an engine that starts only when you ride, giving a precious “help”. If the engine isn’t on, the e-bike is nothing more than a regular bicycle (also called “muscle bikes” by specialists). The electric bicycles, indeed,(electric moped) are the ones that work also without pushing on the pedals.

Given this specification, are you ready to discover each and every evocative spot of the Garda Trentino area at every (assisted) ride?

Efficiently and eco-friendly, thanks to the e-bikes you could have a tour around the Alto Garda towns and villages, go bicycling along all the blossoming cycle routes, or rather ascending easily the mountains by emtb, that is the electric mountain bike. In this way, you can tread many kilometers with little strain, reaching those locations that would have been impossible (for some of you at least!).

Enjoying the unique panorama of Lake Garda Trentino, you will be able to easily reach some heaven spots without lots of problems.

EMTB and E-bikes

It’s also important to mark out another caveat as for the electric bikes: by E-bike it is possible to cycle on every cycle route in Garda Trentino and face some wonderful treks thanks to the electric engine.

The EMTBs (electric mountain bikes) are rather proper mountain bikes equipped with an electric support that will enable you to face all the mountain-biking bikeways in Garda Trentino, making in this way reachable some more demanding places and heights.

It’s good to remember also that when going by emtb it’s necessary not to underestimate the surrounding environment. The help they give doesn’t definitely make them suitable for every circuit, no matter your physical training! We are still speaking about bikeways that require some specific competences, and so it’s better to consider your own abilities. 
And if you are pretty worried by the e-bike charging, Garda Trentino have installation of e-bike charging areas in every municipality. 
In addition, several Bike Hotels are already including charging points like our Residence Toblini in Torbole sul Garda! 
We are a e-bike specialised Outdoor friendly facility that wait for you!

e-bike Gardasee

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