Happiness? Take the panoramic route of Monte Brione with direct departure from our Toblini Apartments (either by bike or on foot!).

The circle itinerary will let you enjoy some incredible glimpses on Lake Garda, a full immersion in history, and, obviously, train your body benefitting from the unspoiled nature of a lush biotope. 

Mount Brione is located between Riva del Garda and Torbole and its odd slanting shape has always been drawing the attention of hikers (even the ones who are not so much trained, as it is rather easy) and nature lovers. The Garda Trentino “hat” stands out from a distance because of its elegance, and covering it you immediately have the feeling that it takes you towards the infinite, bend after bend. 

The itinerary starts in Porto San Nicolò (where you could also leave your car) and toils up step after step (you can also go on a paved path) passing over some woodlands. 

It gives you also the chance to stop on some strategic panoramic benches to rest or take some pics (by the way, don’t forget to share your best pics using the hashtag #gardatrentino) and then start your hiking again! 

As usual, the suggestion is to be equipped safely with some suitable clothes and maybe read up before taking on this itinerary. Mount Brione is in fact rich in history. 

After having hiked for about 30 mins, you reach Forte Garda. 

This stronghold was built between 1904 and 1907 and was an important emplacement for the military defense during the Great War. 

A bit ahead instead you will find the Batteria di Mezzo: an Austro-Hungarian outpost built at the beginning of 1900.

The Mount Brione biotope was established in 1992 and is a botanical, geological and historical climate oasis. It’s home of some rare or endangered species. More specifically, it is possible to find a wonderful wealth of orchids, among which some 26 species have been mentioned. 

The protected area is packed with olive trees where different plant and animal species take shelter (as the colorful butterflies that seem fluttering rose petals in spring!) 

When on the top, you won’t ask yourself if you are tired, you will only be sure that is was worth it! 

Once enjoyed the amazing view of Lake Garda from above, you will go back on the same footpath (or you can also go for the longer paved) to the bottom (have you noticed Forte San Nicolò? It was built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1861). 

Here you just have to drink a restoring aperitif in the harbour and look up to the sky: having reached the top of Mount Brione will appear even more incredible!

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La felicità? Affrontare il panoramicissimo percorso del Monte Brione con partenza diretta dai nostri Toblini Apartments (sia in bici che a piedi!). 

L’itinerariocircolare vi permetterà di godere di scorci incredibili sul Lago di Garda, una full immersion nella storia e, naturalmente, di allenare il vostro corpo godendo della natura incontaminata di un verdeggiante biotopo. 

Il Monte Brione si trova fra Riva del Garda e Torbole e la sua particolare forma obliqua attira da sempre escursionisti (anche non troppo allenati grazie alla sua facilità) e appassionati di natura. Il “cappello” del Garda Trentino si nota da lontano per la sua eleganza e percorrendolo si ha subito l’impressione che curva dopo curva ti accompagni verso l’infinto. 

L’itinerario ha inizio comodamente da Porto San Nicolò (dove potete anche lasciare la vostra vettura) e si inerpica gradino dopo gradino (c’è la possibilità di prendere il sentiero asfaltato) oltrepassando zone di boschi. 

Vi dà inoltre l’occasione di fermarvi su strategiche panchine panoramiche a riposarvi e scattare qualche foto (a proposito, non dimenticate di condividere le vostre più belle immagini usando l’hashtag #gardatrentino) per poi riprendere il percorso! 

Il consiglio è sempre quello di attrezzarsi in modo sicuro e con un abbigliamento adeguato e, perché no, magari documentarsi prima di cimentarsi in questo itinerario. Eh sì, perché il Monte Brione è ricco di storia. 

Dopo circa 30 minuti di cammino si raggiunge il Forte Garda.

Questa fortezza è stata costruita tra il 1904 ed il 1907 ed era un’importante postazione di difesa militare durante la Grande Guerra.

Poco più avanti invece troverete la batteria di mezzo: avamposto austroungarico costruito agli inizi del 1900. 

Il biotopo del Monte Brione è stato istituito nel 1992 ed è un’oasi climatica, botanica, geologica e storica. Qui troviamo specie rare o minacciate. In particolare, è possibile incontrare una straordinaria ricchezza di orchidee, di cui sono segnalate ben 26 specie.

L’area protetta è colma di ulivi dove diverse specie vegetali e animali trovano riparo (come le coloratissime farfalle che in primavera sembrano petali di rose svolazzanti!) 

Giunti in cima non vi chiederete se siete stanchi, avrete solo la certezza che ne sarà valsa la pena! 

Una volta goduto dello scenario incredibile del Lago di Garda dall’alto, tornerete comodamente alla base dallo stesso sentiero (oppure potete scegliere quello asfaltato ma più lungo) e ritornate alla base (avete notato il Forte San Nicolò? Fu costruito durante l’Impero austroungarico nel 1861). 

Qui non vi resta che bere un aperitivo ritemprante al porto ed alzare lo sguardo al cielo: vi sembrerà ancor più incredibile aver raggiunto la sommità del Monte Brione!

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The smell of the olive trees, the birds singing, the rustle of the wind touching your skin. You are crossing the Santa Lucia trail! One of the most exciting strolls.

This trail was the ancient communication route between Lake Garda and the Adige Valley. The history of this wild dale among the overhanging Penede rocks and the Brae ridge (quoted from the book Torbole Nago by F. Martinelli) is fascinating: for centuries, it was the main connection between Lake Garda and Nago. It takes its name from a small niche in Roman Empire style dedicated to the saint from Syracuse.

A bronze tablet remembers the story connected to this place: the brave feat carried out by the Venetians led by Sorbolo da Candia in 1439. Once up the Adige River in Ravazzone, they made huge galleys and many boats come down the uneven path until Torbole, where they were put into the water, launched and used in the famous Ponale battle. 

This trail, winding through an olive grove, is perfectly considered “family-proof”; it can in fact be listed among the best hiking itineraries for mum, dad and kids! (actually, to me it is also very romantic… remember it, loving couples!) Thanks to this easy and panoramic stroll, children can learn, love and be astonished by Mother Nature’s work.

As real masterpieces, twisted hollowed and punched olive trees smell of nature,but also of history: big personalities from the past have walked here: from Saint Vigilius of Trento to kings and emperors. But if you think there are tourist businesses and it is possible to buy souvenirs here around, you are wrong! The one and only gift is the one Mother Nature makes us in this relaxing and silent place, overflowing with history and beauty.

Here you can breath the real Lake Garda Trentino, the soul of a place in peace with the past and with a closer look to the future. With Saint Lucy’s blessing!

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Trekkiing d'autunno Lago di garda

The Garda Trentino region is the undisputed realm of hiking, of those long treks setting off from the lake and going up to the mountains, where you will enjoy a lot of breathtaking views! Hiking and diving into nature is sometimes hard with the high summer temperatures. That’s why, in this period, strolling and devoting yourself to hiking is a real pleasure!


The end of the summer season offers a multitude of opportunities to live and find out lots of easy paths without making too much effort. They will allow you to come in contact with nature, and enjoy the last sunbeams that are turning lukewarm from very hot, until leaving the place to the autumn and its golden tones.

There are plenty of treks, some of them also pretty demanding. Thanks to less “boiling hot” temperatures, these treks are able to take us on the lookout for the great variety of trees and plants all over Garda Trentino, the sound of the thriving nature, the perfumes of the woods and the endless shapes of the mountains, from the most curious like Mount Brione (the “little cap” of the lake), to the famous Mount Rocchetta.

A trek up to the Bastione

It is really too hot in the summer, but at the end of August, when the temperatures become pleasantly warm, going on hiking is pure poetry! If we want to paraphrase Aerosmith and a bit of good rock music, why don’t we “walk this way” up to Mount Rocchetta, until reaching the Bastione? Leaving from the town center of Riva del Garda, you take the footpath up to the mount until getting there, to the Bastione, which is one of the symbols of the town. From the center you get to the rampart in about 15-20 minutes. If you would like to, you can also go on on the 404 path that will take you to the Santa Barbara church in about one hour. During the spring and summer season a restaurant-bar is open as well, to enjoy a cool drink once you get to the top! No stress at all, the path is suitable to everybody, but the view you will enjoy is undoubtedly outstanding.

Hiking in Tenno and nearby

Lago di tenno
Lago di tenno

An awesome itinerary that slightly follows the Garda Trek Medium Loop will help us find out Tenno and its peculiarities. The medieval hamlet of Canale (that dates back to 1211) is an ancient hamlet that has arrived almost untouched until the present day. This tiny timeless spot will touch you and take you straight back to the time of Lords and Ladies thanks to its ravines, its picturesque wooden balconies and stone vaults. In Tenno, you will breath a sort of mystic air and your hiking session will be almost… meditative!

Once there, you can go on to the San Pietro mountain hut hiking into the woods, and once at the hut the panorama will open on the splendor of Lake Garda. Trying out this path at the end of the summer season is a great emotion: the woods is getting ready for the upcoming autumn, and some trees are already starting to turn their leafy branches yellow. A magical scenario!

The end of the summer is the perfect moment to visit the mountain huts. The temperature is pretty cool, no sweat nor dangerous winter ice. Only the splendor of the nature that changes its clothes and turns golden to welcome the autumn season and its warm tones. Together with the San Pietro hut, we would suggest you a trek to the Marchetti hut on Mount Stivo. From up there you will enjoy an amazing view on the Brenta group and on the Ledro Alps, in addition to the Alto Garda area. It is also open every day until the 20th of September!

The Damiano Chiesa mountain hut on Mount Altissimo is worth a pleasant hiking excursion as well! From the lake to the peaks of this mount that has a lot of signs of the Great War you will meet trenches, bunkers and some spots in the woods that were both hideouts or camps for the soldiers back at that time. A hiking excursion packed with history, but also surrounded by the unspoilt nature, because the area is in the Monte Baldo Local Natural Park, a protected area famous for its outstanding biodiversity. Once on the top, some refreshment and excellent dishes are awaiting to be tasted. The Damiano Chiesa hut will give you the chance to taste some great typical Trentino food, as you were at your granny’s house!

GardaTrek – Top Loop: The Garda Trentino crown.

Do you fancy a proper hiking full immersion? The most expert tourists could live it spending their holiday on the Top Loop, the high crown of the Garda Trek. Some 94,4 kilometers to be treaded. 7 legs from hut to hut, passing by all the peaks surrounding the northern tip of Lake Garda. An itinerary that will give you some unforgettable views at the end of the summer season, when the peaks aren’t covered with snow yet and the paths are safer without the ice.

An undoubtedly demanding hiking session (and for expert hikers, equipped with all the necessary stuff) that will pay you back with some fabulous racing pulse and a deserving end for the hot season.

Autumn is just round the corner, but these end-of-the-summer treks will still give you a golden tone on your skin and a well-being feeling you will hold in your heart for the whole year. Until next summer. Lake Garda Trentino will always be there, waiting for you with the light blue colour of its crystal clear waters.

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Ponale, the road of marvels


The Road of Ponale between Riva del Garda and Valle di Ledro is on the northern side of Lake Garda, in Trentino.

Undoubtedly, Ponale is the most famous and popular route of Lake Garda – perched over the lake, this panoramic route is a wealth of history.

The contour of the old road of Ponale can be easily seen from the beach of Riva and from Torbole.

In the past, this road was the only one to connect Alto Garda to Valle di Ledro. Along the route, you can still see the signs of the passage of carts and donkey’s hooves.

And, between the second and the third tunnel, you can see the ruins of Tagliata del Ponale, a huge fortification the Austrians built from 1860. The tunnels and foxholes carved in the rock were then used during the World War I.

Today, trekkers and mountain bikers love taking pictures along the Road of Ponale, the most popular, the most appreciated route you can experience!


Have you already decided to cover it by your Mtb or are you going for a trek? Whatever you will do, our tip is to leave early in the morning – most of all if you plan to come in summer – from Torbole to enjoy the stunning beauty of Lake Garda. Get dressed adequately and bring some food and drinks with you. Don’t forget some bottles of water, you will need it until you reach the Bar/Ristorante Belvedere Ponale Alto).

Get ready. The Road of Ponale will leave you speechless. During the uphill, the immense and deep blue lake will be on your left! You will take dozens of pictures to such a marvel while reaching the Waterfall of Ponale. There, have a break and a cup of coffee on the panoramic terrace of the café, then you can come back or keep on walking towards Valle di Ledro and its wonderful lake.

Your wayback to Torbole

If you are riding your Mtb, pay attention to the steep downhill! If you walking, pay attention to the bikers who are riding downhill. The less fatiguing route will let you fully enjoy the natural beauty around you. If you are with your partner, what about stopping and taking a picture – and giving him/her a kiss – at Belvedere degli Innamorati (the lover’s panoramic viewpoint)? They reported that, in 1852, the Austria emperor Austria Franz Joseph wanted his bodyguards to cover an unplanned route. They dedicated it to lovers because it is one of the most romantic and immortal places of the world!

When you come back after the efforts and your eyes full of beauties, nothing is better than the swimming pool of your Residence Toblini. In our green garden, our large outdoor swimming pool – we have an indoor one, maybe after a sauna – is the best solution to stretch your muscles. Afterwards, come and have a drink or something typical to eat in our café. In love with Lake Garda, with Ponale and with yourself. You deserved a top-level holiday like that! Book it, click here. The Road of Ponale is waiting for you.

Autumn Hiking and Lake Garda

Trekkiing d'autunno Lago di garda

Nature tinged with pink, orange, yellow, and even deep red: this is autumn, the most beautiful season for hiking around Lake Garda

Hiking around Lake Garda is something that should be experienced year round, because this is the land of the outdoors, where the lush green mountains blend with the blue of the lake, offering scenic and exciting hiking trails and itineraries. 

If it’s true that every season has its own uniqueness, there’s no doubt that autumn is absolutely the ideal season for being outdoors, and especially for hiking. 

The end of August, and especially the beginning of September, offers mild temperatures, never too sultry, with the colors of nature in summer, which gradually veer towards more vivid colors and, of course, hiking trails and itineraries you can enjoy almost all to yourself! This is when crowds disperse, and a month like September (but also October), allows you to experience a more exclusive outdoor-based vacation.

Garda Trek on Lake Garda in Trentino

Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino
Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino

A wonderful hiking excursion on Lake Garda Trentino? Here, between Torbole sul Garda and Riva, but also Arco and Dro, you’ll get the chance to experience the well known Garda Trek, with three different loops, based on your skill and the level of difficulty you feel you can undertake. 

But besides the three Garda Trek loops, falling in love with these locations, step by step, is really easy.

One of the most well-known, panoramic hiking trails of all of Lake Garda is the Busatte-Tempesta. Wonderfully scenic, to be experienced on foot (thanks to its over 300 steps), for true enthusiasts in search of a thrill, but also for those who aren’t afraid of heights. In fact, these steps are literally “suspended” in a void with a magnificent 360° lake view. 

Hiking in autumn isn’t just great because of its mild temperatures and the privacy you’ll love, but it’s also a delicious experience! You’ll be able to combine a vacation in the outdoors with visits to wine cellars busy with their autumn production of new wine, and maybe even enjoy some tastings of local products. 

Loges are generally open until the end of October and, if you’d like,  you can combine a fun hike at higher altitudes – like on Mount Altissimo or Mount Baldo – with a nice lunch among friends in a mountain hut! 

Tour of Lake Tenno on foot 

Another easy hiking trail for everyone is the tour of Lake Tenno. It takes about an hour to hike and,  when you’re done, you definitely have to have a taste of one of the traditional dishes from this area: carne salada con fasoi, prepared following an ancient recipe (link interno)! This invigorating dish is a classic in autumn and winter, since it’s definitely too hearty and hot to eat during spring and summer. 

Are you convinced, yet? If you’re looking for a modern apartment for your stay, maybe even with a swimming pool, the Residence Toblini is for you! 

If you instead prefer to wake up lulled by the waves of the lake, our Casa Toblini “Al Lago” has6 totally independent apartments with lots of privacy directly on the beach of Torbole! 

Come and discover an autumn outdoor hiking vacation on Lake Garda. You’ll experience the lake like you’ve never experienced it before! 

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Five great excursions on Lake Garda

Hiking in Lake Garda has a completely different flavor: easy walks for families with children while you admire the blue skies, lakeside walks as you breath in the scent of the Mediterranean, uphill trails towards infinity for true experts, or romantic excursions for couples with breathtaking views. 

From the Trentino side to the Brescia side, passing through Veneto, Lake Garda is undoubtedly a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. 

Choosing an itinerary is almost impossible but, in this article, we have five suggestions for five itineraries in Lake Garda you definitely have to try! 

  • Ponale. Perhaps the most well-known. Take a bike and pedestrian trail (on foot – even with a stroller – or by mountain bike), starting from Riva del Garda all the way to Val di Ledro. Not only is this  really panoramic, but it’s also very romantic for couples seeking a place where they can steal a kiss. We wrote about it here.
Strada del Ponale
Strada del Ponale
  • Busatte-Tempesta. Located in one of the prettiest villages near the lake: Torbole, the colorful town so loved by Goethe. This exclusively pedestrian trail includes a thrilling staircase with a  steep overlook, from where you can admire the lake from above. Simply spectacular. Find out more at this link.
Sentiero Busatte - Tempesta
Sentiero Busatte – Tempesta @gardaoutdoors
  • Monte Baldo. They call it the “Garden of Europe”, and you can easily see why. In spring, it’s an explosion of colors and inebriating scents. To reach its peak at 1,700 meters, you can take the 360° cable car that starts from Malcesine. From there, it’s just a short walk to the natural terrace, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. And those who feel courageous enough can also try paragliding!
  • Rocca di Garda. From the center of the beautiful town of Garda, you can hike up to the the Rocca, entering the green woods by way of a  staircase. Once you reach the Rocca, the view is spectacular. From here, the beauty of Garda and of Punta San Vigilio from above is incredible. At sunset, it all becomes very romantic! 
Rocca di Manerba
Rocca di Manerba @gardaoutdoors
  • Belot tacà via. This is a trail that very few are familiar with. The name itself, in Venetian dialect, translates into: “boulder set between two rock walls”. Just one kilometer long, it’s still very        “scenographic” and worthy of a photo. It can be reached from Sommavilla di Brenzone by walking for about forty minutes up the dry bed of the stream in the Val Torrente. 

Of course, these are just five excursions you can experience during a vacation in Lake Garda, but there are lots more, both for hiking and mountain bike lovers. 

Starting from Torbole, these five are all in the vicinity. 

In the heart of this colorful postcard village, you’ll also find our two accomodations: Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini “Al Lago”.  Stefano, the owner, is a great hiking enthusiast, so he can offer you advice or even accompany you for free towards exploring the lesser-known trails of Lake Garda. 

So all you have to do is put on your backpack and head on over! But remember to first book your ideal accommodation here.

Happy vacation!

Top 5 trekking courses from Torbole sul Garda

trekking lago di garda ph giampaolo calzà

Lake Garda is the perfect holiday destination for hundreds of Italian and international tourists.
No matter if you just need to relax or practise outdoor sports, Lake Garda – and even more at its northern side – offers everything you need to spend an unforgettable holiday: sailing and windsurfing, wall climbing, panoramic cycling or walking.
If you love walking, Lake Garda and especially Torbole gives you the chance to try a lot of often easy paths where you can stare at beautiful views. Well, the fabulous landscape of a huge lake surrounded by green mountains can bewitch everyone going for a trek.

From Residence Toblini, very close to the lake, and Casa al Lago, situated at the beach, you can leave for various trekking courses. Here our Top 5 and, when you are back, you can get relaxed even more in the swimming pools of Residence Toblini or by watching the restful panorama of Casa al Lago.
And, if you are a gourmand, the heady fragrances from the restaurants of Torbole will be the best way to end your day without feeling guilty thanks to the long calorie-burning walks!

About 400 steps to get a breath-taking view over the whole Lake Garda. It is called the “balcony over the lake”. Five thrilling kilometres that cannot be missed. You can also leave from Tempesta and get to Torbole then go back by bus or viceversa. This trek takes half a day or even a whole day, but don’t worry! At Busatte you can have lunch in an excellent restaurant!

Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors
Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors

Walk to Castel Penede.
A course from Torbole in Piazza Vittorio Veneto of about one hour. Walk up towards Nago on an old panoramic 1-kilometre road, then through a green park – illuminated at night – until the ruins of Castel Penede. Finally, the amazing view over Lake Garda.

Marmitte dei Giganti.
What are the “marmitte”? They are boulders vertically digged in the ice age (130,000-10,000 b.C.) in the living rocks. You can reach the main wells from the left side of the main road from Torbole to Nago or walking on a path leaving from the end of Via Strada Granda in Torbole and arriving at Marmitte (1.5 km). A unique landscape, it seems like being on the moon!

Torbole- Altissimo.
The real trekking experts will love this path. Altissimo is the highest mountain of Baldo in Trentino (2,090 metres) and to walk to its top from Torbole it takes about five hours (path no. 601), but you can drive until Doss Casina then walk for about two hours. This path is one of the most beautiful ones – you can see ruins of foxholes, sheltered walkways and artillery posts of the First World War. The boundary between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy passed here. Nature and history, what a legendary combination.

Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino
Trekking Monte Baldo -foto Garda Trentino

From Torbole to Monte Brione.
Nice walk along the north shore of Lake Garda from Torbole to the harbour San Nicolò, in Riva del Garda. You can leave from the harbour of Torbole and walk along the lake until the mouth of river Sarca, towards Riva. The keep walking along the climbing walls of Monte Brione until the harbour, where you can find pretty boats, coffee bars and restaurants. Here you can decide if walking up to Monte Brione – it is a wonderful biotope where there are many historical proofs of the First World War – or walking back to Torbole. Walking to the mount – you will climb many wood steps through the wood – takes about one hour. From the top, the view is simply amazing!

From Torbole there are many courses you can take, but you will need more than your leg muscles: open your eyes and heart and let the beauty overwhelm you! You just need to book your dream.

The Busatte – Tempesta path

Busatte Tempesta

387 steps, a breathtaking view, a thick vegetation among blue, sky and stones. Where are you? You are treading the Busatte – Tempesta path! A path for those who are not afraid of heights, but rather love them as well as the garish colours of the unspoiled nature. Opened in 2005, this wonderful 4-km semi-flat path passes over two ridges: Corno di Bò and Salt de la Cavra. It is the ideal choice for those who love to walk in order to work out heart, mind and soul overlooking the biggest lake in Italy.

 Busatte - Tempesta
The Busatte – Tempesta path


You leave from the Busatte parking lot where the slightly-sloping path starts among trees (mainly Holm oaks) that are about to shed in this period, turning the route yellow. In autumn, this path is perfect because it is low and so you don’t run the risk to be cold; the mild temperatures and the still shining sun make it rather enjoyable despite the physical effort on the three stairways. Nevertheless, families with kids can also take on this adventurous walk because the route is undemanding and also marked.

Because of the steps it isn’t suitable for buggies, but the little ones could enjoy the fabolous view in any case, maybe in dad’s backpack (mums will relax their shoulders at least this time!!). You will cross many highly-panoramic spots with benches from where to take pictures (it is in fact one of the most suitable paths for photography enthusiasts!) or to rest if you need to. But we are stoical and… we keep on going on our path!


Let’s brave our first descending stairway now. A green metal structure that enables you to cross the rocky parts along the path. A feeling of vertigo starts to seize us! It seems like walking among the rocks hanging on the lake. A thrilling emotion for those of us who challenge the heights with a bit of fear. But it’s known that fears are made to be suppressed. And so, let’s go on to brave other two stairways.

Perfect training for both buttocks and legs, if carried on with a fast pace it’s a route that can be trodden in one hour and a half round. If you rather prefer to walk enjoying the view, it will take you one hour and a half to go from Busatte to Tempesta (just one way, though)! (Here you can see some pictures!). You can also choose to come back by bus (but we won’t do it, will we?!) or to cover the same path challenging the about 400 steps, but ascending this time!!


It’s not necessary any specific clothes, but the suggestion is to be careful with the steps that could be slippery during autumn. If you have some hiking shoes, use them, otherwise also sneakers will be fine. My hint? Carry a lot of water with you! Along the path there aren’t any fountains and the only bar (well-equipped and surrounded by trees) is exactly at the starting point, Busatte.

Once back with our backpack on the shoulders, we feel our head light, our heart full of goodwill thanks to the beauty around us and in the small simple things of life. Things like a hiking day on the Busatte – Tempesta path, a bear hug closely connected with mother nature.