A ride by bike on Lake Garda Trentino is an experience you should live at least once in a lifetime! On your own or together with friends, the backdrop in front of your eyes will pay back the “effort” of your ride! A huge body of light-blue fresh water which is slightly ruffled by the Ora wind, high and lush green mountains and postcard-like villages.

Garda Trentino gives out different kinds of routes, suitable for everybody: from the super duper experts permanently in the saddle of their bike to the little ones, brand new bikers, and new technology lovers (we are talking about e-bikes).

Impossible to cite them all, but we’ll try to suggest you three out of many on different levels.

Archaeology lovers, here you are!

What about combining two different passions like bike and history with an average itinerary, short and exciting among pinewoods and chestnut groves? We are talking about the bikeway from Lake Tenno to the San Martino archaeological sites (Campi). The itinerary ascends towards Campi, a graceful community of Riva del Garda, and the arrival point is the archaeological site of San Martino, one of the most important in the area. It’s impossible not to take a camera with you: from here, a wonderful glimpse on Tenno and its emerald lake open up!

Three different bikeways for three different grades of physical training: everybody is on their bike in Garda Trentino Autumn Most Popular Articles Outdoor Spring Summer Winter
Three different bikeways for three different grades of physical training: everybody is on their bike in Garda Trentino Autumn Most Popular Articles Outdoor Spring Summer Winter
Three different bikeways for three different grades of physical training: everybody is on their bike in Garda Trentino Autumn Most Popular Articles Outdoor Spring Summer Winter
Three different bikeways for three different grades of physical training: everybody is on their bike in Garda Trentino Autumn Most Popular Articles Outdoor Spring Summer Winter
Three different bikeways for three different grades of physical training: everybody is on their bike in Garda Trentino Autumn Most Popular Articles Outdoor Spring Summer Winter

Going cycling discovering the “Busa”

And here you have an easy 19.8-kilometer course instead, suitable for everybody! A gentle ride among olive trees and vineyards, among Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole, that is the “Busa” (hole in the local dialect). A ride for all the bike enthusiasts with a little drop, to discover the iconic towns of Garda Trentino. Along the way you’ll meet monuments, restaurants for tasty breaks, and shops to go on a shopping spree!

Garda Trentino Discover: from the lake shores to Sarche

Here you have a difficult bikeway, 64.7 kilometers long, between two lakes: Lake Garda and Lake Cavedine, on a cycle lane and some byways. It will make you live all the extraordinary variety of landscapes of this area!

Here, you’ll pass through the several olive groves of the Arco area with its River Sarca, through many groves and even a “moon” landscape as the one of the Marocche area, also called the “valli della Luna” (moon valleys). It’s a protected area for its unique features: we are in fact in the middle of the biggest post-glacial landslide of the alpine area, characterised by a dry climate, which is very different from the Mediterranean scrub you have left behind your shoulders, but that is dazzling anyway!

These are just three sample itineraries with three different levels we’d like to suggest you, but many more are awaiting (have a look at this link). These bikeways are proper itineraries on the look out for this territory, with lots of cultural spots (castles, waterfalls, medieval hamlets, archaeological sites and much more…) and tasty break points.

And if you are thinking about taking a tasty souvenir of Lake Garda back home, from April, you can’t miss the opportunity to go cycling among the vineyards with some breaks in the local wineries and taverns.


Bicicletta elettrica sul Lago di garda

E-bikes: what are we talking about? They are becoming a bigger and bigger hit. But it’s necessary to point out an important difference: The pedal-assist bicycles, that are the e-bikes, indeed, have an engine that starts only when you ride, giving a precious “help”. If the engine isn’t on, the e-bike is nothing more than a regular bicycle (also called “muscle bikes” by specialists). The electric bicycles, indeed,(electric moped) are the ones that work also without pushing on the pedals.

Given this specification, are you ready to discover each and every evocative spot of the Garda Trentino area at every (assisted) ride?

Efficiently and eco-friendly, thanks to the e-bikes you could have a tour around the Alto Garda towns and villages, go bicycling along all the blossoming cycle routes, or rather ascending easily the mountains by emtb, that is the electric mountain bike. In this way, you can tread many kilometers with little strain, reaching those locations that would have been impossible (for some of you at least!).

Enjoying the unique panorama of Lake Garda Trentino, you will be able to easily reach some heaven spots without lots of problems.

EMTB and E-bikes

It’s also important to mark out another caveat as for the electric bikes: by E-bike it is possible to cycle on every cycle route in Garda Trentino and face some wonderful treks thanks to the electric engine.

The EMTBs (electric mountain bikes) are rather proper mountain bikes equipped with an electric support that will enable you to face all the mountain-biking bikeways in Garda Trentino, making in this way reachable some more demanding places and heights.

It’s good to remember also that when going by emtb it’s necessary not to underestimate the surrounding environment. The help they give doesn’t definitely make them suitable for every circuit, no matter your physical training! We are still speaking about bikeways that require some specific competences, and so it’s better to consider your own abilities. 
And if you are pretty worried by the e-bike charging, Garda Trentino have installation of e-bike charging areas in every municipality. 
In addition, several Bike Hotels are already including charging points like our Residence Toblini in Torbole sul Garda! 
We are a e-bike specialised Outdoor friendly facility that wait for you!

e-bike Gardasee

Book your holiday on two wheels now.

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From Torbole sul Garda to Riva del Garda by ferryboat and back by bike!

When the sun shines and you have a huge lake and a city bike with you, what do you get? Well, unforgettable emotions, I dare say!

We lived such a day at Lake Garda. Spring was already in the air and a fresh breeze was caressing our face.

Towards Riva del Garda

To begin our tour, we rented our bikes in our of the many bike rentals.

To go towards the port, we could feel a carefree atmosphere. The streets of Torbole sul Garda full of shops, the squares full of cafés where you can enjoy your cup of coffee staring at the surrounding landscape. We arrive to the ferryboats ready to discover numerous destinations! We decided to leave for Riva and to come back by bike, but you can leave for many other destinations and choose several crafts such as the fast hydrofoils or the slower motor vessels to enjoy the panorama.

We carried our bike onto the Motonave San Martino. The journey lasts only 12 minutes… a short but amazing one!

From the lake, the coast looks like a painting. The mountains look even higher and get bizarre silhouettes like Monte Baldo that looks like a cap. You feel tiny in front of them. You feel good under the sun. You feel good while looking at the horizon. This experience deserves it!

From Riva to Torbole sul Garda by citybike

We got down the motor vessel and began to ride. In Riva and Torbole, the Ora – the strong wind blowing from the north – was our cycling mate while we admired the lake and the historical points of interest of Garda Trentino. For example, the Bastione was calling us from a distance. Unique. Riding from Porto San Nicolò, we observed the beauty and majesty of Forte San Nicolò – you can also take a break here and drink fresh water at the fountain at Porto San Nicolò. History, culture and nature. Lake Garda Trentino gives its best when you discover it by bike!

Finally we got to Torbole sul Garda, after a 20-minute ride. So comfortable, so beautiful.

This easy route is suitable for families and it is very romantic and panoramic, so try it with your partner.

If you want to share with us your bike &boat route, take a picture and post it on our social media channels with the hashtag #tobliniapartments!

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Lake Garda and the bike has always had a strong bond. The beauty around us seems to stand out more vividly on the two wheels, as if it was possible to get, at each ride, a different landscape hint, or an unreachable glimpse on the top of a mountain.

Here you have the list of our favourite trails for cyclists and E-bikers.

1. Ponale

The most beautiful panoramic tour in Europe; the ascent is gentle until Pregasina, overlooking marvelously North Lake Garda. Once in Pregasina we can find several facilities where to eat; also from here the view on Torbole and Riva del Garda is breathtaking. You could decide if going back on the same trail or rather extending the tour between Passo Rocchetta and Bocca Fortini up to Lake Ledro, or passing the famous Tremalzo.


2. Marocche di Drena

An easy tour on a dirt road through Arco and the foot of impressive rock faces skirting Sarca Valley up to Pietramurata: the beautiful Lake Cavedine is there. You can go back on the cycle lane passing through the Marocche di Dro, a lunar landscape characterised by huge rocks and fine gravel, an odd aggregate of monoliths, leftovers from the last glaciation.

3. Valle dei Molini

Quite steep ascent on a trail up to Deva; from here you can reach Tenno through the romantic Valle dei Molini and then downhill again passing Volta di No with glimpses on Lake Garda. From Volta di No down to Riva del Garda, through the vineyards with fabulous natural landscapes. To take on this trail, characterised by breath-taking panoramas in the vineyards, a good physical training and a good riding technique are necessary. The steep ascents make it notably suitable for e-mtb.

4. Ronda Piccola Bike Marathon

The true classic among all the tours on Lake Garda. A fabulous ascent through Tenno and Calvola on dirt roads and partly on paved trails up to San Giovanni al Monte. Amazing glimpses on Sarca Valley and the lake, excellent food in San Giovanni and then descent on some challenging trails down to Riva del Garda.

Due to a 1450-meter drop, a good physical condition is needed, but the descent is so much funny that it will worth all that hard work!

5. Monte Creino

This one is another “classic”, the Monte Velo tour: here it is suggested in an enjoyable variant through Mount Creino. Wonderful views on the lake after an ascent on a quite long dirt road through Pianaura and Carobbi up to Santa Barbara, and then down on a quite difficult trail into the woods to Bolognano. Or you could rather choose to take on a challenging descent through Maso Naranch down to Nago. A tour that requires a good physical conditions and some skills as well.

These are the top 5 suggestions! That is, the five ultimate trails to be practiced by bike or Emtb for every two-wheel enthusiast, and yours? 

Which ones are they? You just have to find out by booking a holiday on two wheels in Torbole sul Garda at our apartments!

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Sweet climate, scent of freshly blossomed flowers, slopes covered with Mediterranean scrub, deep green mountains that frame the bright blue of the lake. This is spring at Lake Garda, the most beautiful season to experience a territory that has inspired the greatest poets over the centuries.

It is here, in this unique natural context, suspended between the water and the mountains that Lake Garda is the ideal destination for a holiday dedicated to outdoor sports and remise en forme after the long winter. 

The cycle paths, suitable for the whole family, which easily connect the most beautiful places, the long mountain trails for mountain biking that bring altitude or simple urban walks to enjoy the historic centres. Here at Lake Garda, the bicycle is an extension of the human body, perfect for discovering breath-taking views and experiencing ancient villages and towns, mountains and valleys.

Throughout Trentino, spring fascinates visitors with the slow awakening of nature that gives bright colors and alive, but while in many areas is still a gamble to enjoy the two wheels, here in Torbole and at Lake Garda territory is the perfect season to experience outdoor activities and especially cycling. Long days and mild temperatures are ideal for a real holiday on two wheels with the whole family. 

Cycling admiring the lake kissed by the sun becomes an experience that involves all the senses.

Here there are many accommodation facilities “bike friendly” as Residence Toblini, and specialized shops that have bike rental and maintenance services, including modern e-bikes to live a two-wheeled experience at 360 degrees and without worries.

In spring, then, it will be a pleasure to stop for “gourmet stops” and relaxing in the many bike grills along the bike paths where you can enjoy nature and taste typical dishes, maybe admiring the lake and taking advantage of the sun to begin to gild your skin!

If you have not yet chosen your facility for spring holidays, the Toblini Apartments will welcome you halfway between the beach and the historic center of Torbole and will offer you the opportunity of a car free holiday.

By bike, the lake has a completely different charm! And, in the evening, you can comfortably leave your two wheels in the video surveillance deposit available at the structure. 

Furthermore, at your disposal, free of charge, a small equipped workshop besides, you will find a coin laundry where you can wash your sportswear without worries.

Still doubts about which structure to choose for your spring holiday on two wheels?

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Strada del Ponale

The TOP event of the European mountain biking season will be real soon!

Are you getting ready? Are you waiting in trepidation? In Lake Garda we are “warming up our engine”, sorry, our bikes better to say, and in this article we will take the lid off some lulus and little (but interesting) sneak previews to make you live the upcoming emotion of the 2024 Bike Festival in Riva del Garda.

For this 29th anniversary (we have hit even this target!!) more than 50.000 visitors and over 3,000 athletes are awaited.

One of the most noteworthy moments of the mountain-biking season opening will be the big Expo Area, with more than 150 exhibitors and some 300 brands!

Enthusiasts, go wild! The most famous mtb brand will offer you the chance to try out different bicycles and brand new products from the two-wheel world. In addition, every visitor can participate in some lotteries or purchase some products at reduced prices (that’s an excellent excuse to go shopping!)

The 2024 Bike Festival edition: the official dates

This year the Bike Festival will be held from 02 to 05 May 2024.


SCOTT BIKE Marathon – the sportive highlight of the BIKE Festival. The participants can choose between four different distances. The race starts on Saturday morning in the center of Riva del Garda.

Bosch eMTB Challenge supported by Trek – The challenge combines elements of Enduro-, Trail and Orientation-races with a special focus on biking with electric support. Within the challenge, the drivers have to manage several stages, which are a varied mix of Uphill-, Downhill- and Orientation-distances. Fun and Adventure are for sure.

Enduro – ambitious Enduro trails are waiting for all participants. Start and finish are directly at the festival area in Riva del Garda.

Junior Trophy – At the Junior Trophy also the young generation can show their talent. Nevertheless having fun is the most important part of this side event.

These are just some of the juiciest news of the 2024 Bike Festival. For all the info, don’t miss the website, where you will find all the details and the full program. And now, you only need to start cycling with your phantasy. 

The most long-awaited biking event all over Europe is about to become reality on the Garda Trentino shores!

And, if you are looking for an accommodation where to sleep for the period of the Bike Festival, our Toblini Apartments offer you modern and perfectly equipped apartments with a modern, super-equipped and video-monitored bike deposit where you can let your bikes “rest”. 

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Biking on Lake Garda in Autumn

Mountain bike, racing, electric or city. Whatever two wheels you use the most, Lake Garda is a paradise for those who love this means of eco-friendly transport. Comfortable, practical, and really fun! 

But what is the ideal season for a two-wheel vacation? 

You’re probably thinking that there’s no answer, since every season is fascinating for biking . But we have the answer. Autumn! Let’s face it, autumn is a cut above the rest. 

So here are five good reasons to choose autumn as an ideal season for a biking vacation on Lake Garda.

e-bike Lake Garda
e-bike Gardasee

1- Temperature. Lake Garda has a Mediterranean climate that makes it an ideal destination all year round, but autumn offers sunny, mild days that favor long excursions that are impossible to enjoy during the summer, when it’s really hot! 

2- Exclusivity. The July and August crowds are a memory, so you can fully  enjoy well-known biking trails and itineraries during September and October, thanks to fewer number of bikers, making trails like the Ponale even more beautiful and exclusive.

3- Prices. The rates of hotels and apartments are undoubtedly more advantageous in autumn, with discounts, promotions, and last minute offers that are truly unbeatable! And sports shops specialized in mountain bikes and bicycles also offer end-of-season technical clothing and equipment at prices that are definitely affordable! 

4- Colors. The nature of Lake Garda is lush and breathtaking during any season, but autumn has a real ace up its sleeve: its foliage. The woods are tinged with yellow, ocher, orange, and flame red. The scenery around the lake is so colorful that it’s worthy of a professional photographer and exhilarates the human eye satisfied by so much beauty, as you pedal along on your bike.   

5- Tasty breaks. Autumn is rich, not only in its colors, but also on the table. New wine, chestnuts, mushrooms, figs. Lots of delights! After an intense ride, what could be better than stopping at a mountain lodge or someplace overlooking the lake to enjoy the first fruits of the season in view of a long winter? 

Of course these are only five reasons to choose a biking vacation on Lake Garda in autumn. There are definitely many more! And you’ll love discovering them right here, in one of the most beautiful places on the lake: Torbole sul Garda, where accommodation facilities, such as Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini Al Lago – which have welcomed bikers from all over the world for forty years – await you.

What do they offer? Video-monitored bike storage, a small workshop for repairs, a lovely well-kept garden where you can read a good book while you wait for the sportswear you put to wash in the washing machine for technical fabrics, a beautiful outside pool for sunny days and an indoor pool (heated at 27° C. using solar panels) just in case it rains. 

The apartments are fully equipped and modern. Quality, tradition, and love in hospitality. And the Toblini family can’t wait to welcome all its biker riding guests!

Ponale, the road of marvels


The Road of Ponale between Riva del Garda and Valle di Ledro is on the northern side of Lake Garda, in Trentino.

Undoubtedly, Ponale is the most famous and popular route of Lake Garda – perched over the lake, this panoramic route is a wealth of history.

The contour of the old road of Ponale can be easily seen from the beach of Riva and from Torbole.

In the past, this road was the only one to connect Alto Garda to Valle di Ledro. Along the route, you can still see the signs of the passage of carts and donkey’s hooves.

And, between the second and the third tunnel, you can see the ruins of Tagliata del Ponale, a huge fortification the Austrians built from 1860. The tunnels and foxholes carved in the rock were then used during the World War I.

Today, trekkers and mountain bikers love taking pictures along the Road of Ponale, the most popular, the most appreciated route you can experience!


Have you already decided to cover it by your Mtb or are you going for a trek? Whatever you will do, our tip is to leave early in the morning – most of all if you plan to come in summer – from Torbole to enjoy the stunning beauty of Lake Garda. Get dressed adequately and bring some food and drinks with you. Don’t forget some bottles of water, you will need it until you reach the Bar/Ristorante Belvedere Ponale Alto).

Get ready. The Road of Ponale will leave you speechless. During the uphill, the immense and deep blue lake will be on your left! You will take dozens of pictures to such a marvel while reaching the Waterfall of Ponale. There, have a break and a cup of coffee on the panoramic terrace of the café, then you can come back or keep on walking towards Valle di Ledro and its wonderful lake.

Your wayback to Torbole

If you are riding your Mtb, pay attention to the steep downhill! If you walking, pay attention to the bikers who are riding downhill. The less fatiguing route will let you fully enjoy the natural beauty around you. If you are with your partner, what about stopping and taking a picture – and giving him/her a kiss – at Belvedere degli Innamorati (the lover’s panoramic viewpoint)? They reported that, in 1852, the Austria emperor Austria Franz Joseph wanted his bodyguards to cover an unplanned route. They dedicated it to lovers because it is one of the most romantic and immortal places of the world!

When you come back after the efforts and your eyes full of beauties, nothing is better than the swimming pool of your Residence Toblini. In our green garden, our large outdoor swimming pool – we have an indoor one, maybe after a sauna – is the best solution to stretch your muscles. Afterwards, come and have a drink or something typical to eat in our café. In love with Lake Garda, with Ponale and with yourself. You deserved a top-level holiday like that! Book it, click here. The Road of Ponale is waiting for you.

Biking on Lake Garda – The Perfect Vacation

e-bike Lake Garda

A Mediterranean climate, the scent of freshly blossoming lemon flowers, majestic green mountains that ideally embrace the cobalt blue of the lake: this is spring on Lake Garda, perhaps the most beautiful season to experience a destination loved by thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts. 

And it is precisely here, in this magical place nestled between the lake and mountains, that the north side of the lake has always been the ideal destination for a vacation on two wheels. 

mountain biking (both electric or not)

Numerous bike paths, suitable for families with children, long mountain trails for mountain biking (both electric or not) that lead to high altitudes, or even just simple rides around the city will allow you to enjoy the historic centers of Torbole, Riva del Garda, Arco, or nearby Limone and Malcesine. 

Biking around, admiring the lake with the sun shining on your face, becomes an experience that involves all the senses. And after a nice ride, the ice cream parlors in the area will be happy offer you their many tasty flavors! 

Lake Garda road bike

In Torbole, you’ll find lots of specialized shops that rent and service bikes, including modern e-bikes, so that your two-wheel experience can be an all-around pleasure, without the hassle of having to take along your own bike with you on vacation.

In the Alto Garda area, you’ll be able to stop and savor some delicacies in the various bike grills you’ll come upon on the bike paths between Torbole and Arco, along which you can breathe in the clean fresh air Trentino is known for, as well as enjoy typical dishes while admiring the lake or the Sarca river. (Did you know that the river has lovely beaches you can even sunbathe on?) 

So, if you’re ready to experience your vacation riding your faithful two-wheel companion, all you have to do is choose a place that’s ready to welcome you with open arms, and all the support you need while here. 

In Torbole sul Garda, the Residence Toblini offers modern stylish apartments with many bespoke amenitiesfor every biking enthusiast. 

These include: 

  • large and well-organized private bike storage with video surveillance;
  • workshop equipped for small bike repairs;
  • air compressor;
  • servicing pedestal;
  • info point with printed material for bike routes and itineraries from Torbole;
  • laundry room where you can wash all your technical clothing;
  • area dedicated to bikes cleaning with a pressurized steam cleaner.

Since we know you can’t wait to cycle along the lake, we’re offering you the chance to book our  Besafe Rate (insured rate) which protects your deposit in case of cancellation.

Spring is close, so get ready to experience the thrill of a biking vacation on Lake Garda


e-bike Lake Garda

Lake Garda is an ideal territory to explore on a two-wheeler and it doesn’t matter if it is a mountain bike, a racing bike, a city bike or one of the most modern e-bikes, the largest lake in Italy and in particular, the northern side in Trentino, gives unforgettable emotions.

Water and mountains are two elements that, together, give great impact to the landscape to enjoy riding a bike.

The lakeside cycle paths, the mountain paths, the ancient mule tracks and small villages, the narrow streets of the towns: any bike route will give you here on Lake Garda an emotion all its own.

Here there are routes for everyone, from easy cycling along the lake shore to challenging climbs with great differences in height and technical descents for the most extreme bikers. And, if you are a mountain fan or a lover of long bike rides, modern e-bikes will help you to “fulfil” your dream as a cyclist with a little help or assisted cycling.

The models and types are many but, once you choose your ideal e-bike, you just have to choose your favourite route. Here we suggest 5! Follow our top 5 e-bike routes on Lake Garda!

1. Ponale. The most famous cycle-pedestrian route of Lake Garda, very panoramic, with important historical details and not too demanding. Walking along the Ponale path with your own e-mountain bike will be an unforgettable experience. The route was the old road that led from Riva del Garda to Lake Ledro. Climbing along the dirt road, the view and the route becomes more and more spectacular and alternates stretches overlooking the lake with exceptional views to short tunnels carved into the rock, a unique experience to do if you are in the area.

2. Tremalzo. Another super panoramic route and perfect also with the e-mtb! The route from Ledro on the legendary Road to Tremalzo is one of the most popular mountain bike tours in Garda region. Go there by our e-mtb will to get the pleasure of this mythical route!

3. Lake Tenno. You will love it, we are sure of it. The most emerald lake in Italy is an enchantment! It is an ideal tour for those who, albeit with a fair amount of preparation or on a bike with pedal assistance, want to avoid technical routes and do not disdain pedalling on asphalt.

4. Tour of the “Busa”. The northern part of Lake Garda, called “busa” (that means “hole”), is for many the most enchanting and the most suitable for a cycling holiday. This tour is ideal for an e-bike (instead of e-mtb), very simple, with refreshment and recharge points. A tour to discover the most beautiful urban centres on the northern side of Lake Garda. You will visit fairy.tale places such as Riva del Garda, Arco and Torbole sul Garda. A dream!

5. Marocche. Another easy route to take with the e-mtb is that of the Marche di Dro. A unique landscape, “lunar”. This route develops on the western bank of the river Sarca, with long stretches on comfortable forest, at the foot of some famous climbing walls; on the return, on the opposite side of the river, mostly on a bike path. The slopes, never excessive and the places of interest such as the hermitage of San Paolo, the Zebrate Walls and the wall of Monte Brento, make this route a beautiful moment to share with family or friends.

What about the refills? In the evening, tired after the rides (as assisted), you just want to pamper yourself a bit. The ideal accommodation becomes essential to enjoy the best of your holiday on Lake Garda. So there is room for overnight stays “targeted” to your needs. An example? Residence Toblini and Casa al Lago! The Residence Toblini – whose services can also be used by guests of Casa al Lago – has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna cabin (to relax the muscles after training) and … especially a brand new and modern bike depot with a column for charging electric bikes!

Live your holidays without worries, book now your holiday on Lake Garda and … go ahead with your e-bike!