Biking on Lake Garda in Autumn

Mountain bike, racing, electric or city. Whatever two wheels you use the most, Lake Garda is a paradise for those who love this means of eco-friendly transport. Comfortable, practical, and really fun! 

But what is the ideal season for a two-wheel vacation? 

You’re probably thinking that there’s no answer, since every season is fascinating for biking . But we have the answer. Autumn! Let’s face it, autumn is a cut above the rest. 

So here are five good reasons to choose autumn as an ideal season for a biking vacation on Lake Garda.

e-bike Lake Garda
e-bike Gardasee

1- Temperature. Lake Garda has a Mediterranean climate that makes it an ideal destination all year round, but autumn offers sunny, mild days that favor long excursions that are impossible to enjoy during the summer, when it’s really hot! 

2- Exclusivity. The July and August crowds are a memory, so you can fully  enjoy well-known biking trails and itineraries during September and October, thanks to fewer number of bikers, making trails like the Ponale even more beautiful and exclusive.

3- Prices. The rates of hotels and apartments are undoubtedly more advantageous in autumn, with discounts, promotions, and last minute offers that are truly unbeatable! And sports shops specialized in mountain bikes and bicycles also offer end-of-season technical clothing and equipment at prices that are definitely affordable! 

4- Colors. The nature of Lake Garda is lush and breathtaking during any season, but autumn has a real ace up its sleeve: its foliage. The woods are tinged with yellow, ocher, orange, and flame red. The scenery around the lake is so colorful that it’s worthy of a professional photographer and exhilarates the human eye satisfied by so much beauty, as you pedal along on your bike.   

5- Tasty breaks. Autumn is rich, not only in its colors, but also on the table. New wine, chestnuts, mushrooms, figs. Lots of delights! After an intense ride, what could be better than stopping at a mountain lodge or someplace overlooking the lake to enjoy the first fruits of the season in view of a long winter? 

Of course these are only five reasons to choose a biking vacation on Lake Garda in autumn. There are definitely many more! And you’ll love discovering them right here, in one of the most beautiful places on the lake: Torbole sul Garda, where accommodation facilities, such as Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini Al Lago – which have welcomed bikers from all over the world for forty years – await you.

What do they offer? Video-monitored bike storage, a small workshop for repairs, a lovely well-kept garden where you can read a good book while you wait for the sportswear you put to wash in the washing machine for technical fabrics, a beautiful outside pool for sunny days and an indoor pool (heated at 27° C. using solar panels) just in case it rains. 

The apartments are fully equipped and modern. Quality, tradition, and love in hospitality. And the Toblini family can’t wait to welcome all its biker riding guests!

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