The Biotope Marocche in Dro:One of the most popular routes on Lake Garda

The sensation you feel while admiring the Biotope Marocche in Dro at Lake Garda Trentino is being on the moon. An incredibly fascinating and unique landscape.

Many people don’t know the origin of Marocche in Dro, a marvellous natural and ancient proof.

The protected biotope, one of the few ranked arid and not humid biotopes – Marocche di Dro is a huge amount of melted rocky materials with groups of even bigger stones.

Marocche – a dialectal word of Trentino from the Paleoeuropean word “mar” which means stone, rock – were formed by falls detached from Brento and Monte Casale (right side of the valley) and by landslides from the left side. Quaternary glaciations caused these slides. 

This rocky and arid landscape attracts the visitors not only for its history but also for its natural beauty.

The little vegetation is composed of Austrian pines grown in the middle of the rocks like natural bonsai. All the rest are stones and rocks, as if you were literally in the stone age! In fact, you can even observe some traces of dinosaurs, the giant animals living in the Triassic era!

Tracks of dinosaurs at the Biotope of Marocche of Dro

The area around Marocche of Dro has been protected as biotope for years. The only path with some staging points lets you can carefully look at the geomorphological and naturalistic features of this natural oasis.

The biggest curiosity? The traces of dinosaurs – a herbivorous and a carnivorous one, at least – left in some rocks about 190 millions of years ago in the area of the landslide Kas.

If you want to try an amazing staging tour up to the tracks of the dinosaurs, from Riva del Garda take the 45 bis gardesana road to Arco then keep driving northwards to Dro or take the other access along the SP84 provincial road SP84 to Drena, about 4km from Dro. At any access there are road signals with the biotope logo, the route map and the allowed activities.

This hike is perfect and enjoyable for children, too, but they need to pay attention in any case. The traces of dinosaurs and the suggestive landscape of the biotope will fascinate them – they will feel like in a Jurassic Park!

If you love riding a mountain bike, what about riding the Jurassic Marocche? It is a short loop tour (12.4 km) with two short downhill stretches and you can ride it all year round.

If you love walking silently on the paths in the company of nature and wind, this route is perfect for you. Explore one of the most important proofs on the post ice age!

Our suggestion? Proper trekking clothing and boots and a canteen of water (there are no refreshment points), ready to admire unique landscapes. The loop route lasts about 2 hours and a half. Feel the contact with a charming nature and a thousand-year old history.

Starting by bike from Residence Toblini or from Casa al Lago you can easily reach the Marocche path

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Happiness? Take the panoramic route of Monte Brione with direct departure from our Toblini Apartments (either by bike or on foot!).

The circle itinerary will let you enjoy some incredible glimpses on Lake Garda, a full immersion in history, and, obviously, train your body benefitting from the unspoiled nature of a lush biotope. 

Mount Brione is located between Riva del Garda and Torbole and its odd slanting shape has always been drawing the attention of hikers (even the ones who are not so much trained, as it is rather easy) and nature lovers. The Garda Trentino “hat” stands out from a distance because of its elegance, and covering it you immediately have the feeling that it takes you towards the infinite, bend after bend. 

The itinerary starts in Porto San Nicolò (where you could also leave your car) and toils up step after step (you can also go on a paved path) passing over some woodlands. 

It gives you also the chance to stop on some strategic panoramic benches to rest or take some pics (by the way, don’t forget to share your best pics using the hashtag #gardatrentino) and then start your hiking again! 

As usual, the suggestion is to be equipped safely with some suitable clothes and maybe read up before taking on this itinerary. Mount Brione is in fact rich in history. 

After having hiked for about 30 mins, you reach Forte Garda. 

This stronghold was built between 1904 and 1907 and was an important emplacement for the military defense during the Great War. 

A bit ahead instead you will find the Batteria di Mezzo: an Austro-Hungarian outpost built at the beginning of 1900.

The Mount Brione biotope was established in 1992 and is a botanical, geological and historical climate oasis. It’s home of some rare or endangered species. More specifically, it is possible to find a wonderful wealth of orchids, among which some 26 species have been mentioned. 

The protected area is packed with olive trees where different plant and animal species take shelter (as the colorful butterflies that seem fluttering rose petals in spring!) 

When on the top, you won’t ask yourself if you are tired, you will only be sure that is was worth it! 

Once enjoyed the amazing view of Lake Garda from above, you will go back on the same footpath (or you can also go for the longer paved) to the bottom (have you noticed Forte San Nicolò? It was built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1861). 

Here you just have to drink a restoring aperitif in the harbour and look up to the sky: having reached the top of Mount Brione will appear even more incredible!

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Foliage Lago di Garda

Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower,” said the great French poet Albert Camus. Could you blame him? This season contains a magic that only nature can perform – the foliage. The woods are gently “stripped” of their foliage, creating a chromatic game that cannot fail to fascinate – golden yellow, fiery red, sunset orange, even pink.

At Lake Garda Trentino this phenomenon gives intense emotions, where autumn is still mild and sunny. Under a clear sky, you can reach woods and peaks that will give more than an emotion.

Bring your trekking shoes and a camera. You can go hunting for foliage at Lake Garda Trentino! Let’s discover the top 5 places where you can “charge your batteries” with the colours of Mother Nature before the long winter.

#San Pietro. An easy autumn excursion to the mountain hut San Pietro on Monte Calino. This wonderful natural balcony overlooks the lake, opening the view to an all-round landscape of the surrounding nature. Its vivid colours look like impressionist painting. Although the hike is at a low altitude, we still recommend the mountain equipment. In the refuge you can enjoy excellent traditional dishes so, be hungry!

#Castagneti di Drena. Between history and lush nature, this trail (link) to the wonderful Castello di Drena from which you can enjoy an open view of the surrounding beauty, will immerse you in the scents of undergrowth and a real palette of colours. The centuries-old chestnut trees near the village are the main attraction. These places condense in themselves the richness and diversity of the nature that surrounds Drena. In autumn, among the warm shades of this precious fruit and its prickly curls, gives the best of itself.

#Monte Brione. Water, wind and mountains. Lake Garda Trentino is a perfectly balanced combination of these three elements and in autumn, it almost seems as if you can appreciate them more in their harmony. This particular mountain, with its elegant “cap-shaped” shape, is an easy excursion between nature and history. From Porto San Nicolò (Riva) you walk to the slopes of the mountain through the Austro-Hungarian fortresses. The view from cannot be described. The nature with its colours in this fascinating chromatic kaleidoscope offers its best aspect and the lake from the top to the sunset excites like in no other season!

#Lake Tenno. A route suitable for everyone, a wonderful dive into a nature: an intense turquoise lake closed by tall trees all around. The area of Tenno is included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria”. In autumn, this lake offers its visitors its best – the intense orange colour seems to make the emerald colour of its water even more vivid. A walk around will regenerate you and, if you want to stop and admire its beauty on a nice coloured plaid, you could also have a picnic with a view!

#Punta Larici. Fans of Instagram? You can’t miss this super photographed viewpoint. Attention: this route is of high difficulty and is suitable for the most experienced hikers equipped with everything they need (internal link) to be able to tackle this route which, however, repays the effort thanks to a spectacular view over the whole Lake Garda. Travelling along this route in autumn will give you many satisfactions. First of all, the climate. The never-too-intense sun will warm you without making you sweat and the breeze will refresh you properly. In front of you, the immensity of the lake. At your feet, the splendid Limone sul Garda. In your heart, pure happiness!

Autumn is a truly precious season to enjoy both by bike and on foot. It is the time for the harvest of apples, new wine, chestnuts, PDO Dro plums. Walking in autumn means enjoying nature again after the summer, before it “falls asleep” with the first frosts and the long winter. Golden autumn, full of nuances. The season that most of all teaches us to let go of what is no longer needed and to regain the beauty around us to reap with love the fruits of a nature that here, at Lake Garda Trentino, is pure poetry.

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Familienurlaub am Gardasee

Are you all ready to leave for the holidays? Fun, sports, games and your kids will be happy all day long.

Lake Garda Trentino is the perfect destination for such a holiday! 

Here, the blue Lake Garda combines with the green mountains, the olive trees and the yellow lemons. What a stunning background for your holidays!

The destination for your family holidays. Garda Trentino is the home of outdoor sports to be practised with your kids!

Windsurfing, sailing, climbing, cycling, trekking and canyoning… you just need to choose! 

So? What are you ready for? 

At Garda Trentino the outdoor activities for children are many, super funny and safe! 

Expert guides will always be with your kids. They will check their equipment and explain them the risks and dangers to be careful of.

Are you willing to make a breath taking experience with your kids, surrounded by nature and animals? Try the trek with the donkeys at Monte Creino! The quiet and friendly animals will be the best company for your kids. 

Familienurlaub am Gardasee

If they love the thrilling experiences, try the Family Ferrata Rio SalagoniA funny course in a canyon under the castle of Drena, with two suspended bridges and narrow passages among vertical rocks. The LOLgarda guides will be with you during this experience and will accompany you to other fabulous places. If your kids prefer to feel the adrenaline on the water, try the canyoning or the Family Canyoning experience. Your kids will feel like little Indiana Jones! Natural slides, short dives and descents with the rope that you can fearlessly enjoy.

What if your kid wants to ride a horse

At Lake Garda Trentino you can learn and watch the local nature and animals in the wood or at Reptiland in Riva del Garda, where your kids will be amazed by the reptiles, amphibians, insects living in any corner of our planet.

Going on holiday is also worth a visit to the architectural and engineering beauties such as the Hydroelectric Generating Plant! Little engineers grow… go and discover how it works! With a helmet on, they will explore this structure and learn many things about the hydroelectric generating plant of Riva, conceived by Giancarlo Maroni, the architect of Gabriele D’Annunzio’s Vittoriale.
These are just some of the active experiences you and your family can live on holiday at Lake Garda Trentino

Yeah, a weekend won’t be enough, so book a longer active holiday for your family. Lake Garda Trentino is the place to be!

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Sun, clear blue sky. Slightly ruffled by the Ora wind, Lake Garda Trentino seems even more blue. 

Yep, who wouldn’t live some wonderful sunny days on the lake shore? Well, you wouldn’t believe it, Garda Trentino can fill your eyes and heart even during a storm! 

Rain, snow, sun. How much influence has the weather been gaining in these last years? The weather forecast has undoubtedly improved and become more precise and detailed. 

Hand in hand with its improvement, it has also caught on a lot, but not always with high quality. Nowadays, a lot of automatic weather forecast is available, offering a service which is often misleading; due to the absence of a “human” weatherman, it is often even wrong, because many factors necessary to realise some good forecast can only come from the human experience. 

If this fact is already true for those areas where weather forecast turns out to be pretty “easy”, it’s rather clear that it is even more relevant for more complex and tourism-related areas such as Lake Garda, and more specifically its northern tip. 

The automatic forecast and the several apps often get wrong, because they can’t know all the weather and morphological distinctive traits of Lake Garda. 

Moreover, as already stated, the forecast produced by the softwares always assumes the computer-based weather forecast to be well-founded, and directly produce their own forecast. 

The problem is that the different forecast (about temperature, rain, etc), produced by a specific computer, not rarely works worse with an hypothetical weather situation Y than with another situation X, and viceversa for another computer. 

A software only knows these traits partially. Instead, thanks to its experience, a weatherman perfectly knows which one is better in a specific situation, and when to use a forecast rather than the other when writing the daily weather. If you rather want to check the weather by yourself, you can choose to visit the webpage of our webcam!

Our suggestion is always to turn to “local” weather forecast! The local forecast is carried out by local people who know the area pretty well and are aware of how it changes according to the different weather conditions, rather than sterile apps or automatic forecast on Italian and foreign websites. 

And even if a local forecast can “misfire” and clouds appear, don’t worry: you could swimming in our indoor pool heated at 27° by solar panels or go for a tour to the MAG or to the Varone waterfall (you couldn’t be any wetter!) or to an ice-cream parlour, why not! After all, you could always blame the bad weather for this little innocent overindulgence!

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spiaggia attrezzata Torbole sul Garda

Running, running, running! So many things to do every day, we are always in a hurry and never leave our smartphones alone… even when we sit at a cafeteria with our best friends. It seems we cannot get bored anymore. Though, there is a place, lake Garda, where you can yawn without feeling guilty.

Nowadays, the otium has been condemned by technologies and a more and more active life but during the Roman Empire it was considered a common lifestyle! While our ancestors did their best to do less, today we press on our delirious daily activities.

If you even do not remember when you last felt bored like the Romans used to do with pleasure, we suggest you three very idle things you can do at Garda Trentino:

  1. The panoramic benches. Sitting on a bench to tie the laces of your shoes or to enjoy that dull and boring ice cream… The benches at the lakefront are a world heritage site at Lake Garda Trentino… you know what I mean! There are benches along the panoramic trekking courses like BusatteTempesta or in front of the lake. So, while the others practice some sport and get sweaty, you loaf around. Oh yeah, getting bored in front of the lake… what a pity!
  2. Food and drink excellences. What a bore! Eating, eating and eating again! At Garda Trentino there are so many typical products – carne salada, broccoli of Torbole, lake fish, the extra-virgin oil produced more a north than other kinds of oil in the world. Holy mackerel! Eating these specialities is so hard… 
  3. Beaches. How many kilometres of beaches are there at Lake Garda Trentino?! Too many? From Riva to Torbole through the Lido di Arco, the long and large beaches of green grass ad little stones, with beach facilities or free are a good place where to rest or to have a cocktail and listen to some live music at the beachbars. “Stop there, I’ll take a pic to you!” Bah, always the same panoramic and like-catching pic for Instagram… are you a social- addicted? Or do you prefer to read a book! You can read all the books you want on these silent and quiet beaches? Idleness is welcomed here. No doubt about it. 

Let the other tourists ride their bike or their mountain bike. We, incurable couch potatoes, will look at them passing by then look ahead and get bored in front of the beautiful Lake Garda. Stop and stare, do nothing more. At Lake Garda Trentino you are allowed to!

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“There are no more middle seasons”. A famous weather cliché states that, but we belie it immediately because the “middle seasons” at Lake Garda are nicer than ever!

The sun shines up in the mild sky, it warms you up without burning. The nature around us is getting a beautiful warm tone, turning everything romantic. The land gives us mouthwatering fruits like chestnuts and mushrooms!

The woods smell of resin and the sounds of nature are the perfect background music for some beautiful walks you could take on without suffering the summer hot weather.

Are you ready to discover the 5 autumn activities to undertake around the lake in Garda Trentino? READY, SET, GO!

Appreciating the nature turning yellow. Well, the most energising colour in chromotherapy is in the spotlight in autumn. The woods turn yellow-orange as painted by a great painter and enable you to take the most striking pictures ever! It will be great to frame and hang photos at home as a memento of your autumn holiday all together!

  1. Hiking. Ponale, Busatte-Tempesta, San Pietro, Mount Altissimo. Whatever the path you chose, hiking in Garda Trentino has never been so impactful. Grueling sweats? Bye bye! Baking heat? Forget it. The golden landscapes and the pleasant, not yet cold temperatures are a perfect combination for those who love this activity.
  2. Olives. This incredible fruit gives its best in autumn with its… pressing! The “green gold”, that is the precious 46° parallel oil (the most northern latitude where this tree is cultivated in Italy), is produced exactly during this season! It is possible to taste it in many restaurants and taverns together with delicious traditional dishes.
  3. Biking. Another perfect outdoor sport in the fall is biking. Pedaling on even challenging routes is easier when the temperatures are not so high! Lakefront walks with children are also ideal as there are far fewer people crowding the many cycle paths in Torbole, Arco, Riva del Garda! It will be a pleasure to ride in the quiet of this season.
  4. SUP. Autumn is the ideal season to enjoy the lake without too many boats and crafts! The color of the water is an even more intense blue and the green mountains with amber brushstrokes seem to enhance it even more! It will be great to paddle with the sup enjoying the sun and the peace without too much wind (which gradually decreases its power this season). The temperatures in September and October on Lake Garda are really optimal for SUP and all other water and non-water sports.

You can choose yourself if paddling, ambling or… running! Anyway, at the end you should remember to stop for a lakefront sundowner. After all, for this last “activity” every season is perfect!

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Holidays as a sailor: Lake Garda is your paradise

The wind messes up your hair, the sun, warm in spring and more intense in summer, and the outline of green mountains around us standing out in the blue sky. We are on Lake Garda Trentino waters, and going sailing has never been so pleasant!

Naturally suited for this sport, the area provides more than a reason (extremely good reason!) why taking on this outdoor activity. There are lots of sailing lovers who choose to spend their holidays on Lake Garda Trentino every year, and mainly in concomitance with unmissable top events

Here is a list of all the 2022 regattas on Lake Garda:

41° Lake Garda Meeting Optimist

06/04/2023 – 09/04/2023

But why should a passionate sailor choose Lake Garda and in particular Torbole sul Garda for his holidays? We tell you about it.

Sailing has always followed and attracted man in its transfers since early history. Already in the second century b.C. the first sailing competition was held in the Aphrodite Temple.

The goddess of love and beauty began this sport, and it couldn’t be different because everybody becomes more beautiful with ruffled hair and golden skin, being them both athletes or just enthusiasts.

The regattas, pushed by the Lake Garda wind, called Ora, that   exists only in Trentino, especially in Torbole sul Garda, carries the pep and beauty of a landscape that fills up the five senses day after day, season after season, like a sail swollen by the wind. 

If you are looking for holiday apartments directly on the beach of Torbole or just 100 meters from the lake and the center of Torbole, Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini “Al Lago” is for you.

Residence Toblini (whose services can also be used free of charge by guests of Casa Al Lago) offers an indoor pool heated with solar panels with water at 27 ° and an outdoor pool in the green garden, laundry for sportswear, high-speed wi-fi , private parking for the car. 

Casa Al Lago is a residence beach front in Torbole located in an ideal position so you can quickly and easily reach various places of interest in the town and around Lake Garda.

The Casa al Lago Residence is close to the “Circolo Vela di Arco” and (Sailing Centre) which allows not only experienced sailors but also beginners to approach this sporting activity. Our strategic position is a very important asset for us representing a high quality service for our customers.

It offers free trailer parking and car parking to all guests.

Are you a sailor and are you looking for tailor made offers exclusively for you? Contact us and live with us the dream of a holiday between sky and water, wind and sun, in one of the most beautiful places in the world to sail: Torbole sul Garda!

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