Climbing holidays on Lake Garda

Immense green spaces, well-kept cycle paths, mountain paths to challenge on a mountain bike or on foot, peaks to climb, waves to ride.
In the Trentino part of the lake, the northernmost part, life and holidays go hand in hand with nature, living in perfect harmony with it.

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Precisely for this reason, this destination is the undisputed home of outdoor sports, a paradise for all lovers of outdoor life: from water sports to climbing.
You will thus discover a territory suspended between sky and water, which will make you experience golden sunsets and pink sunrises.

Taming the dolomite rock

Arco, Nago-Torbole, Dro, Riva del Garda: all this territory seems made for… climbing! Here, great champions such as Adam Ondra and many others have literally made Lake Garda Trentino their home, their natural gym.
If for you a holiday means climbing with a view and in perfect safety, this is your ideal destination.

Arco is world famous for sport climbing. The reasons? The limestone rock, full of handholds, which seems shaped by nature specifically to be climbed. The climate is sweet and Mediterranean, very windy in summer and never harsh in winter.
Here you will find perfectly maintained and constantly secured crags and, we are sure, you will not find a better place in the world to approach the vertical world or to improve yourself. Via ferratas are also among the most popular activities in Garda Trentino, here you will find routes equipped with metal cables, ladders, rungs and other fixed anchors, wooden walkways and suspended bridges all with spectacular views that will take your breath away.

In the 1980s, locals climbed the first rock face, paving the way for many other climbing enthusiasts. Since then the world of climbing has found itself on the cliffs of Garda Trentino from season to season. The rocks that rise into the sky around Arco, in fact, are an earthly paradise for climbers. Here it is possible to climb legendary walls such as the Belvedere di Nago crag and the Spiaggia delle Lucertole crag, train by bouldering and loosen up your muscles while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the peace of the lake, halfway between the Alpine peaks and the sea cliffs . At every level its rock. Get your chalk ready and aim high!

Have you ever been to these heavenly places? If the answer is no and your passion is to reach the summit, book now your dream holiday in this area which will also allow you to travel accompanied by those who do not share your passion with you because they will find others: walks, trekking, biking, swimming in crystal clear waters but also lots of shopping and good food.

It’s never too early to organize your dream vacation!

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World Sailing Championship 2024: the golden opportunity for a holiday on Lake Garda

For the first time, the most important event for World Sailing after the Olympics will be held in Italy, picking up the baton from Búzios (Brazil).

The assignment of the World Youth Championship to the Italian Sailing Federation represents a prestigious award for Italian sailing and the sailing clubs of Garda, confirming, once again, Lake Garda as a unique competition field and of absolute excellence, at an international level, capable of making the competitions adrenaline-packed and full of action thanks to its regular winds.

From the Youth World Cup have passed all the greatest interpreters of sailing internationally, starting with an Olympic medalist such as Ruggero Tita, ambassador of the event together with Nicolò Renna, Chiara Benini Floriani and Giorgia Bertuzzi.
A holiday in Torbole sul Garda is therefore the perfect opportunity to attend the sailing event of the year but not only: also to see live and get to know great champions of this sport that here, on Lake Garda, lives its best moment.

Why choose Lake Garda to sail

In Lake Garda Trentino, life and holidays go hand in hand with nature, they live in perfect harmony with it.
Precisely for this reason, this destination is the undisputed home of outdoor sports, the paradise for all fans of outdoor life, nature, activities to live with “the sun in front” that you can experience alone or with your family, suitable for small champions and beginners, professionals or those who live every day of vacation as an adventure.
You will thus discover a territory suspended between sky and water, between endless views, panoramic hikes, golden sunsets and pink sunsets.

Ride the wave of the… lake

Water sports are among the most exciting outdoor activities to try on Lake Garda Trentino. Here, the sport “por excellence” is sailing. An emotion that can’t be described but only… feel! To guide you then, the many schools and sports centers of sailing, windsurfing and other aquatic activities, which can advise you in the best possible way, provide you with the equipment and all the useful tips to live with emotion and great security the many “water sports” that you can try.

Not just windsurfing and sailing though. Many other water sports such as sweet SUP, canoeing, scuba diving or a simple swim in the clear and crystal clear waters await you. And, if you love adrenaline, you can’t fail but also try a super exciting outdoor activity like canyoning. Dives, crystal clear natural pools, rocks shaped by water over millennia. What emotions!

Many activities that, in the immensity of the lake and in the freedom of solitude, will make you live the pleasure of immersing yourself in nature and a little in yourself accomplices the famous winds of Garda: the Ora and the Pelèr.

Experience a holiday in Torbole, the cradle of water sport during the 2024 World Sailing Championships by booking your dream apartment now.

Toblini Apartments: our brand identity is family

Forty-five years old. This is the time that has passed since that distant 1978, when the first residence with swimming pool was built in Torbole sul Garda (to date still the only structure that has apartments and two swimming pools with a garden throughout the municipality) thanks to the stubbornness and the sacrifices of a couple: Aurelio Toblini, born in Torbolano and Johanna, a stubborn German woman who always takes a step forward, a bold mind and a gaze that is sometimes visionary but always lucid and aware, able, together with her husband and later to his sons, to create two structures that are still today a point of reference for guests from all over Europe.

The identity of Toblini Apartments

The brand consists of two structures, apparently very different from each other: Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini Al Lago, the first in the center of Torbole and just a two-minute walk from the beaches and the main square of Torbole; the second is located directly on the cycle-pedestrian path and beach of Torbole, one of the most beautiful on all of Lake Garda. Casa al Lago’s proximity to the main sailing clubs in the area makes it one of the most requested structures by sportsmen, especially passionate and professional sailors looking for a totally tailor-made structure for a water sportsman.

The strong points of Casa al Lago: the spearhead of the Toblini Apartments

Arriving at Casa al Lago one is immediately greeted by a sense of amazement and it is easy to understand why: here it seems as if one can touch the waves of the lake with a finger.

The location is undoubtedly the most notable plus of this structure which consists of six totally independent apartments with no common areas, thus guaranteeing total privacy.

Another great advantage is the parking space directly in the structure. Spacious, comfortable and free, with the possibility of an additional extra seat upon reservation subject to availability.

Casa al Lago is one of (only) four structures in Torbole directly on the beach.Sports enthusiasts and families love this structure also for the other pluses reserved for them:
free trolley to transport the SUP/SURF
free trailer for transporting boats to the nearby land owned by the Toblini family which is just 50m away
rigged sail depot
guests can make free use of all the advantages and services of the other structure – Residence Toblini – just 100 meters from Casa al Lago.

The pluses of Residence Toblini

Residence Toblini is a bit the main “house” of the Toblini Apartments, everything starts from here. The concept, the brand with a family character but organized in detail.

This is where families but also friends and solitary travelers are welcomed, mostly sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who can enjoy the very central position with respect to the historic center – but also away from its chaos and car traffic – and the beaches which are only 2 minute walk.

Over the years the structure has been constantly modernized without distorting its soul, the imprint that mother Johanna and father Aurelio wanted to give to the residence and that Claudio and Stefano, their children, have carried forward with dedication and love.

The apartments are divided into design and comfort, studios, two-room and three-room apartments overlooking the lake or the imposing mountains of Trentino. At guests’ disposal there are two swimming pools: an internal one heated to 27° with solar panels and an external swimming pool in the greenery and large garden.

Right in the greenery and ample space you can relax, read a good book, sunbathe or sip a good drink.

In fact, the structure also has a comfortable bar and lounge available for its guests.

The parking space is the real highlight of this structure: in fact, few can boast a large and comfortable free parking (one parking space per apartment) for their guests directly on site. The car park also has an electric charging station for e-cars powered by photovoltaic panels.

From here it is possible to experience a totally car-free holiday.

In fact, bike enthusiasts will find a tailor-made structure for them: once they arrive at the Residence Toblini they can make free use of a modern video-monitored bike deposit where they can not only leave their bikes but also wash them after use and charge them – if electric – with the free electric charging station.

Furthermore, at our guests’ disposal there is also a launderette for sportswear with an automated washing system for saving energy and consumption.

A green holiday

Precisely eco-sustainability is a further and important aspect for the Toblini family.

Every year small, big steps are taken to make the structure more and more green from an energy point of view.

In fact, in recent years the Residence has invested in clean energy by installing solar and photovoltaic panels (with the production of 35,000 kw equal to a saving of 6.65 tons of CO2), columns for electric charging of bikes and cars, a distributor of still and sparkling water available to guests to avoid the use of plastics and has always promoted outdoor sports as not only a holiday practice but a real lifestyle. Here you can leave the car to move on foot or by bike to discover the most popular nature trails in Europe: the Ponale, the Busatte-Tempesta and all the cycle paths that start right from Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini Al Lago.

But perhaps the most important plus, the aspect that still today, after almost fifty years, makes many guests choose these structures, some of whom have also become friends, is this: the Toblini family lives here. He knows the area deeply: the members of the family were born and raised here and still live in the space of the Residence.

This guarantees not only a constant but discreet presence for any need 24 hours a day but also and above all the guarantee that this place that welcomes thousands of visitors every year is not just a tourist facility that gives a living. It’s home. It’s family, it’s a tradition that passes from generation to generation because when there’s love and care, we’re sure, there can only be family



“There are no more middle seasons”. A famous weather cliché states that, but we belie it immediately because the “middle seasons” at Lake Garda are nicer than ever!

The sun shines up in the mild sky, it warms you up without burning. The nature around us is getting a beautiful warm tone, turning everything romantic. The land gives us mouthwatering fruits like chestnuts and mushrooms!

The woods smell of resin and the sounds of nature are the perfect background music for some beautiful walks you could take on without suffering the summer hot weather.

Are you ready to discover the 5 autumn activities to undertake around the lake in Garda Trentino? READY, SET, GO!

Appreciating the nature turning yellow. Well, the most energising colour in chromotherapy is in the spotlight in autumn. The woods turn yellow-orange as painted by a great painter and enable you to take the most striking pictures ever! It will be great to frame and hang photos at home as a memento of your autumn holiday all together!

  1. Hiking. Ponale, Busatte-Tempesta, San Pietro, Mount Altissimo. Whatever the path you chose, hiking in Garda Trentino has never been so impactful. Grueling sweats? Bye bye! Baking heat? Forget it. The golden landscapes and the pleasant, not yet cold temperatures are a perfect combination for those who love this activity.
  2. Olives. This incredible fruit gives its best in autumn with its… pressing! The “green gold”, that is the precious 46° parallel oil (the most northern latitude where this tree is cultivated in Italy), is produced exactly during this season! It is possible to taste it in many restaurants and taverns together with delicious traditional dishes.
  3. Biking. Another perfect outdoor sport in the fall is biking. Pedaling on even challenging routes is easier when the temperatures are not so high! Lakefront walks with children are also ideal as there are far fewer people crowding the many cycle paths in Torbole, Arco, Riva del Garda! It will be a pleasure to ride in the quiet of this season.
  4. SUP. Autumn is the ideal season to enjoy the lake without too many boats and crafts! The color of the water is an even more intense blue and the green mountains with amber brushstrokes seem to enhance it even more! It will be great to paddle with the sup enjoying the sun and the peace without too much wind (which gradually decreases its power this season). The temperatures in September and October on Lake Garda are really optimal for SUP and all other water and non-water sports.

You can choose yourself if paddling, ambling or… running! Anyway, at the end you should remember to stop for a lakefront sundowner. After all, for this last “activity” every season is perfect!

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Holidays as a sailor: Lake Garda is your paradise

The wind messes up your hair, the sun, warm in spring and more intense in summer, and the outline of green mountains around us standing out in the blue sky. We are on Lake Garda Trentino waters, and going sailing has never been so pleasant!

Naturally suited for this sport, the area provides more than a reason (extremely good reason!) why taking on this outdoor activity. There are lots of sailing lovers who choose to spend their holidays on Lake Garda Trentino every year, and mainly in concomitance with unmissable top events

Here is a list of all the 2022 regattas on Lake Garda:

41° Lake Garda Meeting Optimist

06/04/2023 – 09/04/2023

But why should a passionate sailor choose Lake Garda and in particular Torbole sul Garda for his holidays? We tell you about it.

Sailing has always followed and attracted man in its transfers since early history. Already in the second century b.C. the first sailing competition was held in the Aphrodite Temple.

The goddess of love and beauty began this sport, and it couldn’t be different because everybody becomes more beautiful with ruffled hair and golden skin, being them both athletes or just enthusiasts.

The regattas, pushed by the Lake Garda wind, called Ora, that   exists only in Trentino, especially in Torbole sul Garda, carries the pep and beauty of a landscape that fills up the five senses day after day, season after season, like a sail swollen by the wind. 

If you are looking for holiday apartments directly on the beach of Torbole or just 100 meters from the lake and the center of Torbole, Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini “Al Lago” is for you.

Residence Toblini (whose services can also be used free of charge by guests of Casa Al Lago) offers an indoor pool heated with solar panels with water at 27 ° and an outdoor pool in the green garden, laundry for sportswear, high-speed wi-fi , private parking for the car. 

Casa Al Lago is a residence beach front in Torbole located in an ideal position so you can quickly and easily reach various places of interest in the town and around Lake Garda.

The Casa al Lago Residence is close to the “Circolo Vela di Arco” and (Sailing Centre) which allows not only experienced sailors but also beginners to approach this sporting activity. Our strategic position is a very important asset for us representing a high quality service for our customers.

It offers free trailer parking and car parking to all guests.

Are you a sailor and are you looking for tailor made offers exclusively for you? Contact us and live with us the dream of a holiday between sky and water, wind and sun, in one of the most beautiful places in the world to sail: Torbole sul Garda!

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