The eternal dilemma: “How can you enjoy the area without stress, crowds and disturbing noises?”

The answer is simple: leaving for your holidays on Monday and returning on Friday!

Lake Garda is a real paradise, but if the crowds, the crowded shops or even just booking to go and have dinner in the restaurant which had caught your eye, is not for you, then you could choose a holiday from Monday to Friday. While the others are working, you can enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

If for you a holiday means relaxation and semi-deserted beaches, then you really have to think about midweek holidays where it will be a real pleasure to enjoy virtually deserted trekking and biking routes, beaches where you can listen to the sweet sound of the waves as the background to your favourite book and enjoy a cocktail with a few close friends in a lakefront bar.

Torbole sul Garda is splendid without too many people wandering around its winding streets. Avoiding the weekend is undoubtedly a smart choice for those who love the tranquility and quiet of a place.

pasqua sul algo di garda toblini

Another point in favor of a holiday during the week is undoubtedly the price. In fact, there are many facilities and transport companies that offer discounts and advantageous prices from Monday to Friday.

During the week, in Torbole it is very pleasant to take advantage of the beautiful sunny days to go for an excursion perhaps on the Busatte-Tempesta, one of the most loved and super panoramic paths of Lake Garda.

Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors
Sentiero Busatte Tempesta ph Garda Outdoors

Here it will be very pleasant to walk admiring the lake without having to zigzag among other hikers!

Have we made you want to leave? At Residence Toblini and Casa al Lago di Torbole sul Garda we have thought of everything to make you enjoy midweek holidays in peace: modern and elegant, clean, perfectly sanitized apartments, breathtaking views all for you and our swimming pool at your disposal! The beautiful garden looked after by Giovanna awaits you with its enchanting perfume!

Park your car conveniently, abandon the stress and let the wonder of this atypical fjord called Garda Trentino welcome you! We too will be happy to do so. Take a look here to choose the best for you, the beauty of one of the most enchanting places in the world will take care of everything else! 

5 must-sees in Torbole on Lake Garda

Panorama Torbole sul Garda

Torbole is a gem. A quaint, colorful, suggestive village, kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, the well-known Ora.  

Everything here has a  Mediterranean feel: olive trees, palms, aromatic plants, but it’s all embraced by tall, green mountains: the Prealps! 

This fairytale-like, enchanting spot is the ideal destination for your holidays. Want to know why? It encompasses in itself both north and south, mountains and beaches, wind and sun. Think you’ll get bored? That’s impossible! 

If you only have a weekend to spend, or if you’re just passing through, we recommend 5 must-sees in Torbole on Lake Garda, for an exciting holiday!  

So are you ready? Let’s begin! 

  1. The Panoramic Point. Want to take a photo for your social media profiles? Then this is the ideal place! It’s a panoramic point built out of a short, rocky clearing that overlooks Torbole. From here, you can look across the houses below and the lake, and also see the remains of wall structures dating back to a housing settlement or perhaps a tower. A romantic spot that you must see at sunset, when the sunlight turns warm and golden and reflects onto the mountains and lake! 
  2. The Giant’s kettles. What are these? These potholes, which originate from glaciers, are formed by water produced by thawing ice and snow from the glaciers. Along with these, you can also admire other glacial phenomena in the area, such as glacial falls, roche moutonnées, slickensides, and striated rock formations. The main potholes are located near the panoramic road, overlooking the lake, which connects Nago to Torbole. Taking a nice stroll to explore these important wonders of undeniable beauty is definitely a must. 
  3. The Old Customs House. One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive in Torbole is this charming little house, which “rests” gently on the edge of the lake, and is always adorned with fresh, colorful flowers. It was once the Austrian customs headquarters. Since  Torbole is a border town, it was always subjected to controls by Austrian customs officers during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After you’ve taken a look at the old Customs House, you can sit down on one of the benches nearby and enjoy some good homemade ice cream as you relax and take in the view! 
  4. Busatte-Tempesta Trail. Along with the Ponale, this is the most breathtaking and incredibly panoramic hiking trail in the area! Itssheer, 387 steps offers even more reason to stop and capture a memory! But you can also stop and rest on lovely benches and admire the immensity of Lake Garda!
  5. The wind. Yes, we are ironic. We obviously can’t get rid of it, but we’d really like to invite you to pleasantly experience this unique element, which is typical to Torbole more than to any other place on Lake Garda. International regattas have made Torbole famous in the past and present, and it’s still a point of reference for all sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts. The Ora, the Peler, and other regularly blowing winds caress Torbole every day and allow you to experience a summer holiday without suffering the heat! Sunbathing will be just delightful! 

Wouldn’t you like a summer to the tune of  sun, wind, crystal clear waters, mountains, hiking, biking, and water sports? You can have all this in Torbole  and, if you’re apartment hunting, then the Toblini Apartments is your destination, where everything is perfectly organized to welcome you in total safety: a modern design, top-level cleaning, a well-kept garden, swimming pools, bike and sail storage, safe convenient parking, and even the beach and historic center just a few meters away. 

Choose your ideal apartment now, in a modern atmosphere, where your privacy is always respected, and start your holiday as soon as your heart desires. It’s time to live your dream!

3 things to do in Torbole on Lake Garda at Easter time

pasqua sul algo di garda toblini

Easter is just round the corner. Spending Easter time in Torbole on Lake Garda gets you the perfect chance to discover a place that gives its best during springtime, getting all the hints of mother nature!

Easter is also the period when, after a long cold winter, everybody has an overwhelming desire of staying in the open air, enjoying the first sunbeams warming your skin. Clean and frizzy aired woods, beaches getting ready for the summer with a crisp wind that ruffles your hair, challenging hiking trails that are less arduous in spring thanks to mild temperatures. There are a lot of activities you could find out (for the first time or again) during the Easter weekend. Here you three five suggestions you can’t definitely miss out

1 Easter lunch at Rifugio San Pietro. You piggy! I can almost hear you choosing for the place to eat a tasty festive lunch! If you’d like a typical meal, you could choose to spend the Easter lunch in a mountain hut! The walk into the woods before and after the meal will even cinch you to burn off some calories! More specifically, Rifugio San Pietro is within easy reach by a pleasant 10-minute walk, and offers a wonderful view on North Lake Garda. Here you could taste some genuine Trentino food, with traditional dishes that will leave you with a full belly and…. a gratified view!

2 Trekking on Easter. A compulsive classic! The day trip on Easter with your friends or family. There are stacks of places where spending Easter around Torbole on Lake Garda. Here you have some of them, let’s start with Busatte-Tempesta Path with its 389 steps! From here the landscape of Torbole and the whole Lake Garda will leave you without breathe!


foto by Garda Outdoors
Easter offers 2019
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Lake Tenno as the first of all. A little body of emerald green freshwater, nestled in a lush nature within an easy reach walking up some stairs.
A handy parking lot just above the stairs and near restaurants and bars make it the ultimate destination also for families with toddlers, for an Easter picnic surrounded by nature! If you like green lawns and castles, you can’t avoid spending your Easter Monday on the Prato della Lizza at the top of Arco castle. A proper lush “balcony” overlooking all the Garda Trentino area. Here, the little ones can play on the field while mum and dad enjoy the view eating their picnic. Lastly, a classic: go picnicking on the beach in Torbole on Lake Garda.
A fabulous green lawn or massaging pebbles under your back, a bottle of good Trentino wine, some delicacies cooked with your own hands (well, actually there are many delectable eating facilities here around!!) and a nice foulard for the ladies! Why? Because the Ora, the Garda Trentino wind par excellence blows strongly in spring, and being the temperature not so warm, it could be too cold. Our suggestion is to wear some suitable clothes to enjoy the beach day at the outside.

Ferry tripA different and amazing way to visit Garda Trentino is… travelling by ferryboat! Hydrofoils, ferries and other boats are waiting for you equipped with bars, restaurants, lift and other amenities, for a trip out that will take you to both lake shores having a field day!

foto by Garda Outdoors


Easter offers 2019
Take advantage of the Easter offer using this discount code Pasqua2019 and get 10% off the list price


These are our three suggestions to spend Easter in Garda Trentino. Many other Itineraries are waiting for you, many strolls, outdoor sports, worth-visiting churches, restaurants where tasting local delicacies. And if the weather is not so good, don’t pay attention to it once in a lifetime.

Have you ever seen the lake changing its colour just before the rain? The stillness, the pouring rain that gently falls down on the newly green leaves after winter. And then, the sun immediately appears. Because here in Garda Trentino, the Mediterranean climate makes the good weather switch back in a while.

A weekend in Torbole

The alarm clock rings late, you are relaxed, the apartment is comfortable, the sun shines…

Where are you? At Lake Garda. During the weekend in Torbole, there are thousands of things to see. Get up and visit this fascinating lake resort.

While you decide if diving into the swimming pool of our Residence Toblini, one the fewest ones with a garden and an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, it is already time to put your shoes on and go and visit Torbole sul Garda. It is time to live an unforgettable weekend.

What to do, then? So many things.

The old centre of Torbole sul Garda is full of history. Here, the famous German poet Goethe used to live – a commemorative plaque in the central square reminds him and the house where he lived. The breath-taking views, the narrow alleys and the luxuriant nature were a great source of inspiration to him.

After a weekend in Torbole at Lake Garda you will say “I’ll be back soon!”, especially if you are in love or a bike-addicted or a hardened sailor!

Well, Torbole is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts! Thanks to its position, Torbole enjoys a fantastic wind and has become a famous international sailing and windsurfing resort. If you are spending your weekend in Torbole sul Garda, you must make a windsurfing experience or go for a sailboat trip or the quiet pace of the SUP.


Torbole is also a paradise for walking lovers! Busatte-Tempesta, Ponale, the lakefront promenade… if you like going for a trek or for easy walks, Torbole is the place to be.


Ready to taste some good food in Torbole? In spring, in summer, in autumn and even in winter: every season is perfect to spend a food&drink weekend in Torbole!

Many lakefront restaurants welcome you and your partner for a dinner with a view. Otherwise trattorias, inns and pubs. Our tip: try the Broccolo di Torbole! If it is not the broccoli season, you can taste the broccoli sauce, pesto or pâté in one of the eateries.

Take a pic to remember your weekend in Torbole at Lake Garda. In front of the former customhouse or of Casa Beust, or in front of Goethe’s statue or sitting on a bench, in front of the lake, at sunset.

Torbole worths a weekend. Book now your apartment with swimming pool in Torbole and live your dream holiday. The beauty of Lake Garda will get closer!

The Busatte – Tempesta path

Busatte Tempesta

387 steps, a breathtaking view, a thick vegetation among blue, sky and stones. Where are you? You are treading the Busatte – Tempesta path! A path for those who are not afraid of heights, but rather love them as well as the garish colours of the unspoiled nature. Opened in 2005, this wonderful 4-km semi-flat path passes over two ridges: Corno di Bò and Salt de la Cavra. It is the ideal choice for those who love to walk in order to work out heart, mind and soul overlooking the biggest lake in Italy.

 Busatte - Tempesta
The Busatte – Tempesta path


You leave from the Busatte parking lot where the slightly-sloping path starts among trees (mainly Holm oaks) that are about to shed in this period, turning the route yellow. In autumn, this path is perfect because it is low and so you don’t run the risk to be cold; the mild temperatures and the still shining sun make it rather enjoyable despite the physical effort on the three stairways. Nevertheless, families with kids can also take on this adventurous walk because the route is undemanding and also marked.

Because of the steps it isn’t suitable for buggies, but the little ones could enjoy the fabolous view in any case, maybe in dad’s backpack (mums will relax their shoulders at least this time!!). You will cross many highly-panoramic spots with benches from where to take pictures (it is in fact one of the most suitable paths for photography enthusiasts!) or to rest if you need to. But we are stoical and… we keep on going on our path!


Let’s brave our first descending stairway now. A green metal structure that enables you to cross the rocky parts along the path. A feeling of vertigo starts to seize us! It seems like walking among the rocks hanging on the lake. A thrilling emotion for those of us who challenge the heights with a bit of fear. But it’s known that fears are made to be suppressed. And so, let’s go on to brave other two stairways.

Perfect training for both buttocks and legs, if carried on with a fast pace it’s a route that can be trodden in one hour and a half round. If you rather prefer to walk enjoying the view, it will take you one hour and a half to go from Busatte to Tempesta (just one way, though)! (Here you can see some pictures!). You can also choose to come back by bus (but we won’t do it, will we?!) or to cover the same path challenging the about 400 steps, but ascending this time!!


It’s not necessary any specific clothes, but the suggestion is to be careful with the steps that could be slippery during autumn. If you have some hiking shoes, use them, otherwise also sneakers will be fine. My hint? Carry a lot of water with you! Along the path there aren’t any fountains and the only bar (well-equipped and surrounded by trees) is exactly at the starting point, Busatte.

Once back with our backpack on the shoulders, we feel our head light, our heart full of goodwill thanks to the beauty around us and in the small simple things of life. Things like a hiking day on the Busatte – Tempesta path, a bear hug closely connected with mother nature.