The most beautiful beaches on Lake Garda: a paradise for families and sports enthusiasts

Bask in the sun accompanied by the sound of crickets and cooled by the Ora wind, with the scent of the Mediterranean and a postcard panorama. This is Lake Garda, where every day is the right day for a beach experience! 

Lake Garda – almost as vast as the sea, with its crystal clear  waters of an intense blue, which are always refreshing and restorative – is known worldwide for the beauty of its landscapes. But while the vast, flat southernmost part will remind you of the sea, because of the absence of mountain ranges, northern Lake Garda in the province of Trento is enthralling, with its iconic shape that’s reminiscent of an atypical Norwegian fjord. 

Right here, situated among Torbole, Riva del Garda (in Trentino), Malcesine (in Veneto), and Limone (in Lombardy), the lake narrows and is embraced by lush majestic mountains that outline its contour. 

Enjoying an entire day at the beach here is certainly sublime, especially if you’re a sports enthusiast and love water sports. 

A home to sailing, windsurfing, and kite surfing, Torbole is probably the most suitable village for a sports vacation focused on water sports, thanks to an element that is an integral part of this territory: the wind and, specifically, the Ora, typical of Garda, which blows from south to north and is ideal for sailing, kite surfing, and windsurfing enthusiasts who love to have fun whizzing across the lake. 

But which are the most beautiful beaches on Lake Garda

There are several well-known beaches in Torbole sul Garda, for regattas and wind-sports enthusiasts, with their manicured green lawns and many cafés and restaurants where you can sip a drink at sunset as you watch surfers surf and yachtsmen navigate across the lake nudged by the wind.

Circolo Surf Torbole
Circolo Surf Torbole

Spiaggia Lungolago [Lakeside Beach]. A beach that’s worth considering, since it’s very close to the colorful village of Torbole, with its unforgettable views, bike path, and many services including beach umbrellas and sun beds, which are almost impossible to find throughout the entire north side of the lake. Another peculiarity is that it is the windiest area of all! But it’s also perfect for families with children because of the many services it offers.

Torbole Strand am See
Torbole Strand am See
  • Spiaggia delle Lucertole [Lizard Beach] (Corno di Bò). Lovers of the wild, this is for you. This beautiful beach, which can also be easily reached by canoe or SUP from Torbole, towards Tempesta, is very small, but it is truly breathtaking, seeing that it is a cliff (a piece of mountain ridge with sheer sides) much sought after by climbing enthusiasts. 
  • Porfina di Riva del Garda. Very close to the beautiful San Nicolò marina in Riva del Garda – with its posh clubs, enlivened by the sound of sail boats – this trendy beach is very wide, directly on the pedestrian/bike path that leads from Riva to Torbole, and it’ also fully serviced for families with children (with a nearby playground), cafés,  and convenient parking. Ideal for sports enthusiasts – who’ll enjoy exploring perfect coves for windsurfing – but also for families.
  • Navene. We’re in Malcesine, the Venetian shore of Lake Garda. Here peace and tranquility rule the roost. The silence is broken only by the many kite sails you’ll be able to admire on the lake. This beach is, in fact, a kitesurfer’s dream, with lots of  places from which you can rent equipment or even take a class, and you’ll love the weather here too. Canoeing, SUP, and wingfoiling: a sports enthusiast’s paradise where even dogs are welcome. This beach isn’t really trendy, so you’ll definitely be able to relax on its long shore, perfect for sunbathing, since the sun sets a bit later than in Torbole. Ideal for a sunset picnic on Lake Garda! 

Also worth mentioning is the well-known, beautiful Giamaica Beach of Simione, on the Brescia side of the lake, with its crystal clear water… but watch out! It’s always really crowded in summer, yet, it’s definitely still a must-see! 

Lake Garda offers a myriad of beaches to explore! Small and discreet for the true-at-heart hippy, or vast and long and fully-serviced for families with children, with also clubs for sports enthusiasts and for passionate and dynamic vacationers, with peaceful beaches immersed in a serene environment. The choice is yours! And if you want a beach experience even when you sleep, you can stay overnight in one of our six apartments at Casa Toblini Al Lago directly on the beach. Your alarm clock? The waves of the lake! 

Have a great vacation! 

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