Lake Garda and the bike has always had a strong bond. The beauty around us seems to stand out more vividly on the two wheels, as if it was possible to get, at each ride, a different landscape hint, or an unreachable glimpse on the top of a mountain.

Here you have the list of our favourite trails for cyclists and E-bikers.

1. Ponale

The most beautiful panoramic tour in Europe; the ascent is gentle until Pregasina, overlooking marvelously North Lake Garda. Once in Pregasina we can find several facilities where to eat; also from here the view on Torbole and Riva del Garda is breathtaking. You could decide if going back on the same trail or rather extending the tour between Passo Rocchetta and Bocca Fortini up to Lake Ledro, or passing the famous Tremalzo.


2. Marocche di Drena

An easy tour on a dirt road through Arco and the foot of impressive rock faces skirting Sarca Valley up to Pietramurata: the beautiful Lake Cavedine is there. You can go back on the cycle lane passing through the Marocche di Dro, a lunar landscape characterised by huge rocks and fine gravel, an odd aggregate of monoliths, leftovers from the last glaciation.

3. Valle dei Molini

Quite steep ascent on a trail up to Deva; from here you can reach Tenno through the romantic Valle dei Molini and then downhill again passing Volta di No with glimpses on Lake Garda. From Volta di No down to Riva del Garda, through the vineyards with fabulous natural landscapes. To take on this trail, characterised by breath-taking panoramas in the vineyards, a good physical training and a good riding technique are necessary. The steep ascents make it notably suitable for e-mtb.

4. Ronda Piccola Bike Marathon

The true classic among all the tours on Lake Garda. A fabulous ascent through Tenno and Calvola on dirt roads and partly on paved trails up to San Giovanni al Monte. Amazing glimpses on Sarca Valley and the lake, excellent food in San Giovanni and then descent on some challenging trails down to Riva del Garda.

Due to a 1450-meter drop, a good physical condition is needed, but the descent is so much funny that it will worth all that hard work!

5. Monte Creino

This one is another “classic”, the Monte Velo tour: here it is suggested in an enjoyable variant through Mount Creino. Wonderful views on the lake after an ascent on a quite long dirt road through Pianaura and Carobbi up to Santa Barbara, and then down on a quite difficult trail into the woods to Bolognano. Or you could rather choose to take on a challenging descent through Maso Naranch down to Nago. A tour that requires a good physical conditions and some skills as well.

These are the top 5 suggestions! That is, the five ultimate trails to be practiced by bike or Emtb for every two-wheel enthusiast, and yours? 

Which ones are they? You just have to find out by booking a holiday on two wheels in Torbole sul Garda at our apartments!

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