Running, running, running! So many things to do every day, we are always in a hurry and never leave our smartphones alone… even when we sit at a cafeteria with our best friends. It seems we cannot get bored anymore. Though, there is a place, lake Garda, where you can yawn without feeling guilty.

Nowadays, the otium has been condemned by technologies and a more and more active life but during the Roman Empire it was considered a common lifestyle! While our ancestors did their best to do less, today we press on our delirious daily activities.

If you even do not remember when you last felt bored like the Romans used to do with pleasure, we suggest you three very idle things you can do at Garda Trentino:

  1. The panoramic benches. Sitting on a bench to tie the laces of your shoes or to enjoy that dull and boring ice cream… The benches at the lakefront are a world heritage site at Lake Garda Trentino… you know what I mean! There are benches along the panoramic trekking courses like BusatteTempesta or in front of the lake. So, while the others practice some sport and get sweaty, you loaf around. Oh yeah, getting bored in front of the lake… what a pity!
  2. Food and drink excellences. What a bore! Eating, eating and eating again! At Garda Trentino there are so many typical products – carne salada, broccoli of Torbole, lake fish, the extra-virgin oil produced more a north than other kinds of oil in the world. Holy mackerel! Eating these specialities is so hard… 
  3. Beaches. How many kilometres of beaches are there at Lake Garda Trentino?! Too many? From Riva to Torbole through the Lido di Arco, the long and large beaches of green grass ad little stones, with beach facilities or free are a good place where to rest or to have a cocktail and listen to some live music at the beachbars. “Stop there, I’ll take a pic to you!” Bah, always the same panoramic and like-catching pic for Instagram… are you a social- addicted? Or do you prefer to read a book! You can read all the books you want on these silent and quiet beaches? Idleness is welcomed here. No doubt about it. 

Let the other tourists ride their bike or their mountain bike. We, incurable couch potatoes, will look at them passing by then look ahead and get bored in front of the beautiful Lake Garda. Stop and stare, do nothing more. At Lake Garda Trentino you are allowed to!

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