Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower,” said the great French poet Albert Camus. Could you blame him? This season contains a magic that only nature can perform – the foliage. The woods are gently “stripped” of their foliage, creating a chromatic game that cannot fail to fascinate – golden yellow, fiery red, sunset orange, even pink.

At Lake Garda Trentino this phenomenon gives intense emotions, where autumn is still mild and sunny. Under a clear sky, you can reach woods and peaks that will give more than an emotion.

Bring your trekking shoes and a camera. You can go hunting for foliage at Lake Garda Trentino! Let’s discover the top 5 places where you can “charge your batteries” with the colours of Mother Nature before the long winter.

#San Pietro. An easy autumn excursion to the mountain hut San Pietro on Monte Calino. This wonderful natural balcony overlooks the lake, opening the view to an all-round landscape of the surrounding nature. Its vivid colours look like impressionist painting. Although the hike is at a low altitude, we still recommend the mountain equipment. In the refuge you can enjoy excellent traditional dishes so, be hungry!

#Castagneti di Drena. Between history and lush nature, this trail (link) to the wonderful Castello di Drena from which you can enjoy an open view of the surrounding beauty, will immerse you in the scents of undergrowth and a real palette of colours. The centuries-old chestnut trees near the village are the main attraction. These places condense in themselves the richness and diversity of the nature that surrounds Drena. In autumn, among the warm shades of this precious fruit and its prickly curls, gives the best of itself.

#Monte Brione. Water, wind and mountains. Lake Garda Trentino is a perfectly balanced combination of these three elements and in autumn, it almost seems as if you can appreciate them more in their harmony. This particular mountain, with its elegant “cap-shaped” shape, is an easy excursion between nature and history. From Porto San Nicolò (Riva) you walk to the slopes of the mountain through the Austro-Hungarian fortresses. The view from cannot be described. The nature with its colours in this fascinating chromatic kaleidoscope offers its best aspect and the lake from the top to the sunset excites like in no other season!

#Lake Tenno. A route suitable for everyone, a wonderful dive into a nature: an intense turquoise lake closed by tall trees all around. The area of Tenno is included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Alpi Ledrensi e Judicaria”. In autumn, this lake offers its visitors its best – the intense orange colour seems to make the emerald colour of its water even more vivid. A walk around will regenerate you and, if you want to stop and admire its beauty on a nice coloured plaid, you could also have a picnic with a view!

#Punta Larici. Fans of Instagram? You can’t miss this super photographed viewpoint. Attention: this route is of high difficulty and is suitable for the most experienced hikers equipped with everything they need (internal link) to be able to tackle this route which, however, repays the effort thanks to a spectacular view over the whole Lake Garda. Travelling along this route in autumn will give you many satisfactions. First of all, the climate. The never-too-intense sun will warm you without making you sweat and the breeze will refresh you properly. In front of you, the immensity of the lake. At your feet, the splendid Limone sul Garda. In your heart, pure happiness!

Autumn is a truly precious season to enjoy both by bike and on foot. It is the time for the harvest of apples, new wine, chestnuts, PDO Dro plums. Walking in autumn means enjoying nature again after the summer, before it “falls asleep” with the first frosts and the long winter. Golden autumn, full of nuances. The season that most of all teaches us to let go of what is no longer needed and to regain the beauty around us to reap with love the fruits of a nature that here, at Lake Garda Trentino, is pure poetry.

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