The couch potatoes struggle to understand the early birds: they set the alarm clock early even on holiday.

Anyway, the ancients used to say <<All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy>> and, especially on holiday, days are special if you get up early with the pink and golden lights of sunrise.


The sunrise at Lake Garda is one of the best moments to live the charming beauty of a lake that, here in Trentino, is hugged by massive mountains, the first to welcome the warm and faint golden sunrays.

Pink, golden, light blue. No matter where you are going: getting up early is a great way to discover the less common colours of the lake, to watch the sun rising and begin your adventures earlier.


The early morning is the perfect moment to practise some outdoor sports on holiday, because there’s nobody around. The water sports you can practise at Lake Garda are many. Riva del Garda and Torbole are the undisputed queens of windsurfing and sailing thanks to the regular winds that blow from morning to night.

At sunrise? Well, this is the perfect moment for the SUP – because the lake is flat – or the kayak!

Otherwise, you can enjoy the wind Pelèr – the northerly morning wind that blows from the early night to 11:00-12:00 a.m. – to go windsurfing!

If you prefer the mainland, your morning exercises might be some yoga on the beach or jogging along the shore of the lake.


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There are so many places to observe or take pictures to the sunrise at Lake Garda! Here’s a list:

  • The majestic Bastione of Riva del Garda (fortress over the village of Riva built around the beginning of the sixteenth century), one of the symbols of Garda Trentino. From there, the dawn looks like a lighthouse that wakes up the inhabitants little by little.
  • Belvedere della Ponale. From there, you can admire the waterfall and the whole lake! The perfect excuse to go trekking early in the morning on one of the most known and loved courses in Europe.
  • Castle of Arco. The course across the olive trees is very suggestive, a very pleasant company you until the castle. To stop and stare at the sunrise at the belvedere – a transparent platform jutted outwards right under the castle is fabulous.
  • From the ruins of Castel Penede. A dawn full of history at the ruins of this medieval castle in Nago-Torbole. There, you can enjoy an awesome view over Monte Brione.

To watch the sun rising, enjoy the empty beaches and a delicious and revitalising breakfast at the lake almost alone, just like that marvel was only for you, painted by a divine artist.

The sunrise at Lake Garda is pure magic. You may also become an early bird too, who knows…

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