Climbing holidays on Lake Garda

Immense green spaces, well-kept cycle paths, mountain paths to challenge on a mountain bike or on foot, peaks to climb, waves to ride.
In the Trentino part of the lake, the northernmost part, life and holidays go hand in hand with nature, living in perfect harmony with it.

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Precisely for this reason, this destination is the undisputed home of outdoor sports, a paradise for all lovers of outdoor life: from water sports to climbing.
You will thus discover a territory suspended between sky and water, which will make you experience golden sunsets and pink sunrises.

Taming the dolomite rock

Arco, Nago-Torbole, Dro, Riva del Garda: all this territory seems made for… climbing! Here, great champions such as Adam Ondra and many others have literally made Lake Garda Trentino their home, their natural gym.
If for you a holiday means climbing with a view and in perfect safety, this is your ideal destination.

Arco is world famous for sport climbing. The reasons? The limestone rock, full of handholds, which seems shaped by nature specifically to be climbed. The climate is sweet and Mediterranean, very windy in summer and never harsh in winter.
Here you will find perfectly maintained and constantly secured crags and, we are sure, you will not find a better place in the world to approach the vertical world or to improve yourself. Via ferratas are also among the most popular activities in Garda Trentino, here you will find routes equipped with metal cables, ladders, rungs and other fixed anchors, wooden walkways and suspended bridges all with spectacular views that will take your breath away.

In the 1980s, locals climbed the first rock face, paving the way for many other climbing enthusiasts. Since then the world of climbing has found itself on the cliffs of Garda Trentino from season to season. The rocks that rise into the sky around Arco, in fact, are an earthly paradise for climbers. Here it is possible to climb legendary walls such as the Belvedere di Nago crag and the Spiaggia delle Lucertole crag, train by bouldering and loosen up your muscles while enjoying the warmth of the sun and the peace of the lake, halfway between the Alpine peaks and the sea cliffs . At every level its rock. Get your chalk ready and aim high!

Have you ever been to these heavenly places? If the answer is no and your passion is to reach the summit, book now your dream holiday in this area which will also allow you to travel accompanied by those who do not share your passion with you because they will find others: walks, trekking, biking, swimming in crystal clear waters but also lots of shopping and good food.

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