Despite the enchanting and evocative nature surrounding a Lake Garda as you see it only in the postcards, Torbole sul Garda also hosts a tiny historical town centre rich in history.

It is no accident that the well-known poet Goethe (a commemorative plaque on the main square remembers him and the house where he lived) stayed here and got inspired by its breathtaking views, the narrow alleys and the lush nature.

Spending a holiday in Torbole may seem enough given its pretty limited size, but don’t let yourself be fooled by this! Being you a loving couple looking for some romanticism, a group of bikers searching for some bikeways or rather a yachtsman eager for some wind, this is the real place to be!

The wind lovers will precisely find their paradise in Torbole! Thanks to its breezy position and a sailing prohibition for the motorboats (it is forbidden to use motorboats on the whole Garda Trentino waters), Torbole has turned into a sailing and surfing center famous all over the world, and it is a real paradise for the water sport lovers.


For this reason, you can’t definitely miss the opportunity of trying some windsurfing, a sailing tour or practicing some quiet stand up paddle surfing during your holiday in Torbole.

The most picturesque spot in Torbole where taking a picture is undoubtedly the little marina. Anyway, there are other peculiar places like the former custom house, A tiny house where the duty used to be paid in the past, an inheritance of the Austro-Hungarian era. It can be seen at the entrance of the small port. Another strategic point to take a selfie or a pano from high up is undoubtedly the Sant’Andrea church. From here, a wonderful view on the whole lake can be enjoyed, and even only walking up there is amazing: you’ll be surrounded by a lot of olive trees!

Another not-to-be-missed panoramic spot is a small rocky clearing overlooking Torbole. From here, the sight stretches on the houses below, and on the blue colour of the lake waters of course. Here around some traces of dwelling walls or maybe of a tower are in view. From this Belvedere it is almost impossible not to take a great picture! 

Going back to the town center, don’t forget to taste a yummy ice cream in one of the several handmade ice cream parlours you will meet on your way around. Keeping on walking, you will maybe reach the highest part of Torbole!


Every walking, hiking and nature lover can’t miss the chance to go on a walk on the Busatte-Tempesta footpath: the view is astounding and it’s really worth the strain. Riva del Garda, Torbole, the sailing boats, the windsurfing boards, the high lush mountains surrounding the deep blue lake!

Torbole is really well rich in greenery! In the Nago-Torbole municipality the Mount Baldo Natural Park is in fact also included; thanks to its botanical wealth it is called the “Giardino d’Europa” (Europe’s Garden). There is a great number of plant species that have helped it become famous all over the world!

Another not-to-be-missed stroll during a holiday in Torbole is towards Castel Penede. Probably a Gallic settlement before, and Roman later, the castle is cited for the first time in an official written document on the 11th September 1210.

The place is one of the most enchanting in the area thanks to its rich Mediterranean vegetation and the fabulous view on Lake Garda! These ruins are actually in Nago, a little village nestled on a rocky upland at the foot of Mount Altissimo. In Nago you can’t miss the glacial ice shafts formed thousands of years ago thanks to the rock erosion. These big holes have a 4/5-meter diameter and a 12-meter depth. We are talking about the well-known Marmitte dei Giganti, accessible from the panoramic road that connects Nago with Torbole and the Forte di Nago, an Austro-Hungarian stronghold built in 1862. For the hiking lovers the Marmitte dei Giganti are also a not too demanding, rather not-to-be-missed, path

Another evocative footpath was very precious for the poet Goethe. This literary walk recalls Goethe’s footsteps. He reached Torbole on the night of 12th September 1786, going down from Nago on foot along the historic Santa Lucia street, that was the only connecting route towards Lake Garda from the Adige Valley at that time.


After all, what holiday in Torbole would it be without tasting the delicacies it can offer?

There is a heap of lakefront restaurants, not only elegant and romantic for a dinner for two, but also some trattorias and pubs where it is possible to dine informally. Out of several delicacies, would you like me to suggest you a not-to-be-missed speciality? The green broccoli from Torbole! A proper “flower”, son of the wind. Well, maybe the activity you will like the most will be only… the “dolce far niente”. Appreciating the nature and the beauty of a place that enchants and gratifies the heart before than the sight. And so, a weekend won’t be enough. Goethe has spoken!

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