5 castles to visit on Lake Garda

Impressive surrounding walls, high crenellated towers among those mountains that seem to be born to nestle majestic castles: we are in Garda Trentino and here, in the beautiful setting of Italy’s biggest lake, we can find many historical signs of a glorious past.

Since ages, the castles have always fascinated thousands of travellers and tourists who choose Garda Trentino as the ultimate destination for their holiday every year; holidays that are characterised not only by sports and beaches, but also history and culture.

We have tried to compile a list of the 5 most beautiful castles. Are you ready to wear an harmour, ehm sorry, some comfortable clothes and find them out?

  • Arco Castle. Dating back to the 12th century, the Conti d’Arco’s ancient dwelling, now a ruin, is one of the most amazing sign of the medieval life in Alto Garda. The path to get there is astounding: three different routes twisting and turning through ancient olive trees and a breathtaking view on River Sarca and the surrounding mountains. The Frescoes Room can’t be missed with its representations of courtly life… and dream about being ladies and knights from the old times!
  • Tenno Castle. Impressive, rather spare. Strong and imperious, no. We are not speaking about a Medieval Lord, but about it, Tenno Castle. Unfortunately, it is not available for visits because it is private, but also an outer tour is worth taking; from here, you could enjoy the evocative view sheer from the lake, and set off to Frapporta, a medieval hamlet connected to the above castle. To get there, people had to cross the ancient pointed door that preserves the grooves of the closing grating still nowadays. Here, time seems to stand still! 
  • The Rocca in Riva del Garda. Since its creation (around 1124), it has gone through many changes during the centuries and it has been a key point for the citizens of Riva del Garda and the manyfold visitors. An inch from the water, directly on the lake, it seems to look fiercely the horizon in front of it. At present, it is home of MAG, the Alto Garda Museum and at Christmas time it turns into Santa’s House (keep it quiet, he’s resting at the moment!) From the fortified tower you will enjoy an incomparable view you can’t miss out!
  • Drena Castle. Its impressive structure strikes the gaze when coming to Arco from north. Its elegant walls, the majestic 22-meter-high crenellated tower, the central fortified tower and the ruins of an ancient church. Even just the unique view is worth a visit: the surrounding valleys and the “moon” stretch called “deserto delle Marocche”.
  • Castel Penede – Nago. Now a ruin, the remains of this castle date back to Roman times. Although there isn’t a proper building to be seen, it is really interesting visiting it for its historical facts (through the centuries, the castle has been competed for many times) and the amazing view on Lake Garda, a proper observation point for its beauty.

If castles are your passion, how about a holiday at Lake Garda to visit all five? These listed are all in Trentino, on the north side of the lake. A comfortable accommodation for setting out to discover the castles?

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