The Garda Trentino region is the undisputed realm of hiking, of those long treks setting off from the lake and going up to the mountains, where you will enjoy a lot of breathtaking views! Hiking and diving into nature is sometimes hard with the high summer temperatures. That’s why, in this period, strolling and devoting yourself to hiking is a real pleasure!


The end of the summer season offers a multitude of opportunities to live and find out lots of easy paths without making too much effort. They will allow you to come in contact with nature, and enjoy the last sunbeams that are turning lukewarm from very hot, until leaving the place to the autumn and its golden tones.

There are plenty of treks, some of them also pretty demanding. Thanks to less “boiling hot” temperatures, these treks are able to take us on the lookout for the great variety of trees and plants all over Garda Trentino, the sound of the thriving nature, the perfumes of the woods and the endless shapes of the mountains, from the most curious like Mount Brione (the “little cap” of the lake), to the famous Mount Rocchetta.

A trek up to the Bastione

It is really too hot in the summer, but at the end of August, when the temperatures become pleasantly warm, going on hiking is pure poetry! If we want to paraphrase Aerosmith and a bit of good rock music, why don’t we “walk this way” up to Mount Rocchetta, until reaching the Bastione? Leaving from the town center of Riva del Garda, you take the footpath up to the mount until getting there, to the Bastione, which is one of the symbols of the town. From the center you get to the rampart in about 15-20 minutes. If you would like to, you can also go on on the 404 path that will take you to the Santa Barbara church in about one hour. During the spring and summer season a restaurant-bar is open as well, to enjoy a cool drink once you get to the top! No stress at all, the path is suitable to everybody, but the view you will enjoy is undoubtedly outstanding.

Hiking in Tenno and nearby

Lago di tenno
Lago di tenno

An awesome itinerary that slightly follows the Garda Trek Medium Loop will help us find out Tenno and its peculiarities. The medieval hamlet of Canale (that dates back to 1211) is an ancient hamlet that has arrived almost untouched until the present day. This tiny timeless spot will touch you and take you straight back to the time of Lords and Ladies thanks to its ravines, its picturesque wooden balconies and stone vaults. In Tenno, you will breath a sort of mystic air and your hiking session will be almost… meditative!

Once there, you can go on to the San Pietro mountain hut hiking into the woods, and once at the hut the panorama will open on the splendor of Lake Garda. Trying out this path at the end of the summer season is a great emotion: the woods is getting ready for the upcoming autumn, and some trees are already starting to turn their leafy branches yellow. A magical scenario!

The end of the summer is the perfect moment to visit the mountain huts. The temperature is pretty cool, no sweat nor dangerous winter ice. Only the splendor of the nature that changes its clothes and turns golden to welcome the autumn season and its warm tones. Together with the San Pietro hut, we would suggest you a trek to the Marchetti hut on Mount Stivo. From up there you will enjoy an amazing view on the Brenta group and on the Ledro Alps, in addition to the Alto Garda area. It is also open every day until the 20th of September!

The Damiano Chiesa mountain hut on Mount Altissimo is worth a pleasant hiking excursion as well! From the lake to the peaks of this mount that has a lot of signs of the Great War you will meet trenches, bunkers and some spots in the woods that were both hideouts or camps for the soldiers back at that time. A hiking excursion packed with history, but also surrounded by the unspoilt nature, because the area is in the Monte Baldo Local Natural Park, a protected area famous for its outstanding biodiversity. Once on the top, some refreshment and excellent dishes are awaiting to be tasted. The Damiano Chiesa hut will give you the chance to taste some great typical Trentino food, as you were at your granny’s house!

GardaTrek – Top Loop: The Garda Trentino crown.

Do you fancy a proper hiking full immersion? The most expert tourists could live it spending their holiday on the Top Loop, the high crown of the Garda Trek. Some 94,4 kilometers to be treaded. 7 legs from hut to hut, passing by all the peaks surrounding the northern tip of Lake Garda. An itinerary that will give you some unforgettable views at the end of the summer season, when the peaks aren’t covered with snow yet and the paths are safer without the ice.

An undoubtedly demanding hiking session (and for expert hikers, equipped with all the necessary stuff) that will pay you back with some fabulous racing pulse and a deserving end for the hot season.

Autumn is just round the corner, but these end-of-the-summer treks will still give you a golden tone on your skin and a well-being feeling you will hold in your heart for the whole year. Until next summer. Lake Garda Trentino will always be there, waiting for you with the light blue colour of its crystal clear waters.

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