5 must-sees in Torbole on Lake Garda

Panorama Torbole sul Garda

Torbole is a gem. A quaint, colorful, suggestive village, kissed by the sun and caressed by the wind, the well-known Ora.  

Everything here has a  Mediterranean feel: olive trees, palms, aromatic plants, but it’s all embraced by tall, green mountains: the Prealps! 

This fairytale-like, enchanting spot is the ideal destination for your holidays. Want to know why? It encompasses in itself both north and south, mountains and beaches, wind and sun. Think you’ll get bored? That’s impossible! 

If you only have a weekend to spend, or if you’re just passing through, we recommend 5 must-sees in Torbole on Lake Garda, for an exciting holiday!  

So are you ready? Let’s begin! 

  1. The Panoramic Point. Want to take a photo for your social media profiles? Then this is the ideal place! It’s a panoramic point built out of a short, rocky clearing that overlooks Torbole. From here, you can look across the houses below and the lake, and also see the remains of wall structures dating back to a housing settlement or perhaps a tower. A romantic spot that you must see at sunset, when the sunlight turns warm and golden and reflects onto the mountains and lake! 
  2. The Giant’s kettles. What are these? These potholes, which originate from glaciers, are formed by water produced by thawing ice and snow from the glaciers. Along with these, you can also admire other glacial phenomena in the area, such as glacial falls, roche moutonnées, slickensides, and striated rock formations. The main potholes are located near the panoramic road, overlooking the lake, which connects Nago to Torbole. Taking a nice stroll to explore these important wonders of undeniable beauty is definitely a must. 
  3. The Old Customs House. One of the first things you’ll notice when you arrive in Torbole is this charming little house, which “rests” gently on the edge of the lake, and is always adorned with fresh, colorful flowers. It was once the Austrian customs headquarters. Since  Torbole is a border town, it was always subjected to controls by Austrian customs officers during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After you’ve taken a look at the old Customs House, you can sit down on one of the benches nearby and enjoy some good homemade ice cream as you relax and take in the view! 
  4. Busatte-Tempesta Trail. Along with the Ponale, this is the most breathtaking and incredibly panoramic hiking trail in the area! Itssheer, 387 steps offers even more reason to stop and capture a memory! But you can also stop and rest on lovely benches and admire the immensity of Lake Garda!
  5. The wind. Yes, we are ironic. We obviously can’t get rid of it, but we’d really like to invite you to pleasantly experience this unique element, which is typical to Torbole more than to any other place on Lake Garda. International regattas have made Torbole famous in the past and present, and it’s still a point of reference for all sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts. The Ora, the Peler, and other regularly blowing winds caress Torbole every day and allow you to experience a summer holiday without suffering the heat! Sunbathing will be just delightful! 

Wouldn’t you like a summer to the tune of  sun, wind, crystal clear waters, mountains, hiking, biking, and water sports? You can have all this in Torbole  and, if you’re apartment hunting, then the Toblini Apartments is your destination, where everything is perfectly organized to welcome you in total safety: a modern design, top-level cleaning, a well-kept garden, swimming pools, bike and sail storage, safe convenient parking, and even the beach and historic center just a few meters away. 

Choose your ideal apartment now, in a modern atmosphere, where your privacy is always respected, and start your holiday as soon as your heart desires. It’s time to live your dream!

October at Lake Garda. The perfect holiday

Somebody says that the best holidays are in August and that in October it is too late to head to a Mediterranean resort like Lake Garda.

Are they right? Of course not!

Lake Garda is amazing all year round. Here, the climate is mild and sunny from April to October. Furthermore, there are incredible places to visit, heavenly beaches, good food and welcoming people anywhere you will go.

There are many good reasons to visit Lake Garda in October. We will give you five to get you into a holiday mood and leave right now!

1 – Mediterranean climate in autumn

September and October temperatures are fantastic – still warm and sunny, but no more heat like in July and August. You will enjoy a very agreeable climate.

The average temperature in September is about 25° while in October it is around 20°. Watch our webcam in Torbole sul Garda (LINK) to see how the weather will be like in October.

2 – Perfect for families and couples

Beaches like the ones in Torbole and Riva del Garda, the village, the tourist points of interest… in October, these places are less crowded. Families with children can have fun at the beaches even more and couples can enjoy romantic sunsets, get relaxed at the SPA and have a drink or a candlelight dinner at the lake.

3 – The Parking

Parking… a real dilemma in summer! While in August to find a free parking spot near the tourist points of interest is almost impossible, in October it is not. Furthermore, at our Residence Toblini you will always find a parking spot for you, in summer too! And, if you want, you can leave your car and walk: the old centre and the beaches are at a very short walking distance!

4- Restaurants

Dining out without reserving your table will be possible again. You will enjoy a relaxing dinner and stay there as much as you want to taste delicious local products. In October “pure relax” will be your watchword!

In addition, in October they organize a lot of festivals and village fêtes all around Lake Garda where you can taste typical products and drink good wine!

5- Uncrowded bike and trekking routes

That’s it! In October, all bike and trekking routes at Lake Garda will surprise you: no more crowd, no more heat. And, when you are back, you can dive into the indoor swimming pool of Residence Toblini in Torbole sul Garda, one of the few accommodation facilities with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, parking spots and bike and sports equipment storage room!

And Casa al Lago? Do you prefer to wake up directly on the beach? At Casa al Lago you will! The dawn and twilight over the lake will be your exclusive show. And, our guests staying at Casa al Lago will benefit from the swimming pools and the large garden of Residence Toblini for free.

October is the new August. Maybe. Well, book now and find it out.

Apartments with swimming pool for your holiday at Lake Garda

Ferienwohnungen mit Pool am Gardasee

The holidays spent in an apartment are an appreciated solution to spend your time independently but without giving up the comforts.

You can feel free and at ease in the apartments supplied with all the comforts as if you were at home. Definitely a clever option, isn’t it?

Anyway, the look is connected to the way it tastes, thus to book (cta) an apartment for your holidays it is better to give a look, first.

Would you renounce to the contemporary design of our Toblini Apartaments? No, you would not if you book a holiday apartment with swimming pool at Residence Toblini at Lake Garda, in Torbole.

Surrounded by a stunning landscape, modern apartments – some have a breath-taking view, too. Everyone can enjoy an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, where you can spend your time and relax yourselves maybe after a long en plein air!

Design studio apartments and two-room apartments, comfort three-room apartments, design two-room and three-room apartments. Choose your favourite one or the one that better suits your needs to live your holiday in an apartment with swimming pool at Residence Toblini at Lake Garda as you have never done before.

And you fell in love with our Casa al Lago , do you know that you can take advantage of the swimming pool at Residence Toblini for free? You just need to cover a short distance and you can dive into it!

Casa al Lago, on the beach of Torbole, with its glass wall overlooking the immense Lake Garda and its romantic sunsets, will let you live a fabulous atmosphere. Imagine… taking a swim at sunset in our swimming pool, having a candle-light dinner at Toblini Apartments… isn’t it a magical place at Lake Garda? Don’t wait longer! Live your wonderful holiday now.

A weekend in Torbole

The alarm clock rings late, you are relaxed, the apartment is comfortable, the sun shines…

Where are you? At Lake Garda. During the weekend in Torbole, there are thousands of things to see. Get up and visit this fascinating lake resort.

While you decide if diving into the swimming pool of our Residence Toblini, one the fewest ones with a garden and an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, it is already time to put your shoes on and go and visit Torbole sul Garda. It is time to live an unforgettable weekend.

What to do, then? So many things.

The old centre of Torbole sul Garda is full of history. Here, the famous German poet Goethe used to live – a commemorative plaque in the central square reminds him and the house where he lived. The breath-taking views, the narrow alleys and the luxuriant nature were a great source of inspiration to him.

After a weekend in Torbole at Lake Garda you will say “I’ll be back soon!”, especially if you are in love or a bike-addicted or a hardened sailor!

Well, Torbole is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts! Thanks to its position, Torbole enjoys a fantastic wind and has become a famous international sailing and windsurfing resort. If you are spending your weekend in Torbole sul Garda, you must make a windsurfing experience or go for a sailboat trip or the quiet pace of the SUP.


Torbole is also a paradise for walking lovers! Busatte-Tempesta, Ponale, the lakefront promenade… if you like going for a trek or for easy walks, Torbole is the place to be.


Ready to taste some good food in Torbole? In spring, in summer, in autumn and even in winter: every season is perfect to spend a food&drink weekend in Torbole!

Many lakefront restaurants welcome you and your partner for a dinner with a view. Otherwise trattorias, inns and pubs. Our tip: try the Broccolo di Torbole! If it is not the broccoli season, you can taste the broccoli sauce, pesto or pâté in one of the eateries.

Take a pic to remember your weekend in Torbole at Lake Garda. In front of the former customhouse or of Casa Beust, or in front of Goethe’s statue or sitting on a bench, in front of the lake, at sunset.

Torbole worths a weekend. Book now your apartment with swimming pool in Torbole and live your dream holiday. The beauty of Lake Garda will get closer!

Spring at Lake Garda – the perfect holiday

Panorama Torbole sul Garda

In spring, Lake Garda wakes up after a long hibernation. The temperature is mild, the days are getting longer and longer and you just need to relax!
Far from the summer heat and crowd, the spring at Lake Garda is the best holiday for you and your family.

The keyword? Outdoor!

Spend a weekend in spring in one of the most beautiful places in the world, where mountain and lake meet and give life to amazing short weeks or to longer holidays. You can relax all day, practise water sports, go dining to taste the local food excellences or have some bike tours – did you know that 3-5 May 2019 there will be the Bike Festival, the most important bike event at Lake Garda? Click here to learn more.

We will take care of your relax. You just need to select your days off and we will offer you our comfort, beautiful design and convenience.

Torbole and the northern side of Lake Garda is the best place where to spend your holidays in spring and to explore the biggest lake in Italy!
The quietness and the warm days will accompany you while discovering:
Torbole and the beaches, the characteristic alleys and the panoramic trekking courses like Busatte-Tempesta.

Riva del Garda and the olive groves, the walks to the biotope at Monte Brione or at Rocca, the symbol of the town.
From Torbole, have a boat ride to the lakeside in Veneto to visit Malcesine, or to the lakeside in Lombardy to discover Limone and the brand-new cliff-side cycle route.
Are you a gourmand? Go and taste the famous Broccoli in the restaurants of Torbole.
If you want to be surrounded by the luxuriant nature, you can’t miss the Arboreto of Arco (just 15 minutes by bike from Torbole), a park full of history and Mediterranean life.
If you love cycling, your place to be is the cycle route Torbole-Riva del Garda, which lets you discover Lake Garda. You know, it is directly connected with our Toblini Apartments.

The spring at Lake Garda Trentino is different and full of colours; your holiday will be the same.
After a day spent on the sup, on a sailboat, on a kayak or riding your e-bike – you can easily recharge at our apartments – coming back to Toblini Apartments means ‘never stop dreaming’. Enjoy our large garden, the outdoor or the indoor swimming pool, where you can swim and watch at the outside panorama.
Have your happy hour at our coffee bar, smile and get ready to live your next day in this corner of paradise called Lake Garda.