April in Torbole at Lake Garda Trentino

There is a destination that will never get bored either alone or with children in tow, as a couple or with friends – Lake Garda.

And there is one place in particular that condenses into itself a thousand and more facets – Torbole sul Garda.

A small and enchanting village on the slopes of Monte Baldo which, from afar, looks like a big and colourful postcard! Its peculiarity is the strong wind that blows here – an undisputed paradise for sailing sports like windsurfing.

Torbole sul Garda offers a lot – free and equipped beaches, cycle paths, ferries and hydrofoils ready to set sail to visit the other resorts.

What is the best time to visit Torbole and the whole Lake Garda? Well, it does not exist! The luck of this corner of the Mediterranean in the Alps is that the days are almost always sunny, there are very few rainy days. The temperature is always mild and the water of the lake never freezes, not even in the middle of winter.

If you can only plan your holidays in April, well, you are lucky! This is a great month to visit Lake Garda.


Torbole, its microclimate and its poetic glimpses fascinated the greatest of literature and poetry like Goethe, who described its winds as a wonder of nature and an enchanting spectacle. The weather in April in Torbole sul Garda is favourable for any outdoor activities thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate.

In April, the sun starts to get warmer and the lake breezes are very pleasant.

There are many walks in Torbole to discover hidden corners. Would you like to reawaken your muscles with a nice trekking route to Busatte-Tempesta? Its almost 300 steps will surely wake you up from winter hibernation!. Otherwise, to Monte Brione on the hunt for history – there are very important Austro-Hungarian traces there. Or to Castel Penede and the Austro-Hungarian forts of Nago to admire the strategic surveillance points on the main road from the Valle dell’Adige to Lake Garda. The castle and forts have been restored and are open to the public.

Another wonderful walk between Nago and Torbole leads you to visit the Marmitte dei Giganti, large glacial wells of the Quaternary era that will make you experience a real journey through time between picturesque views of Lake Garda and lush nature.

But in addition to a lot of sport, as the proverb says “April sweet sleep”, you also want to relax, In Torbole it will be wonderful to sleep on the beach, under the never “invasive” rays of the April sun.

Busatte Tempesta
Busatte Tempesta

And in the evening? There are many restaurants in Torbole and in April the nightlife starts again in the narrow streets of the old town centre. Gourmet pizzerias, typical trattorias and lakeside restaurants where you can taste local delicacies. A good homemade ice cream – did you know that eating an ice cream overlooking the lake is a must for any tourist in Torbole? Here the homemade ice cream is an institution!

Let’s go to sleep. Have a good sleep before leaving for another day of sport. Your accommodation in Torbole in April is very important. You are looking for a place that allows you to be shortly in the historical centre, to leave your car in a comfortable and safe free parking and to move only by bike. Our Toblini Apartments is directly on the beach. What’s more? Two beautiful swimming pools (one indoor and one outdoor), a well-kept garden, a brand new storage for sports equipment and… hTe latest design apartments.

In April enjoy your holiday at Lake Garda. Book now your ideal apartment and enjoy the spring to awaken body and soul in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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