The couch potatoes struggle to understand the early birds: they set the alarm clock early even on holiday.

Anyway, the ancients used to say <<All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy>> and, especially on holiday, days are special if you get up early with the pink and golden lights of sunrise.


The sunrise at Lake Garda is one of the best moments to live the charming beauty of a lake that, here in Trentino, is hugged by massive mountains, the first to welcome the warm and faint golden sunrays.

Pink, golden, light blue. No matter where you are going: getting up early is a great way to discover the less common colours of the lake, to watch the sun rising and begin your adventures earlier.


The early morning is the perfect moment to practise some outdoor sports on holiday, because there’s nobody around. The water sports you can practise at Lake Garda are many. Riva del Garda and Torbole are the undisputed queens of windsurfing and sailing thanks to the regular winds that blow from morning to night.

At sunrise? Well, this is the perfect moment for the SUP – because the lake is flat – or the kayak!

Otherwise, you can enjoy the wind Pelèr – the northerly morning wind that blows from the early night to 11:00-12:00 a.m. – to go windsurfing!

If you prefer the mainland, your morning exercises might be some yoga on the beach or jogging along the shore of the lake.


Foto dal web

There are so many places to observe or take pictures to the sunrise at Lake Garda! Here’s a list:

  • The majestic Bastione of Riva del Garda (fortress over the village of Riva built around the beginning of the sixteenth century), one of the symbols of Garda Trentino. From there, the dawn looks like a lighthouse that wakes up the inhabitants little by little.
  • Belvedere della Ponale. From there, you can admire the waterfall and the whole lake! The perfect excuse to go trekking early in the morning on one of the most known and loved courses in Europe.
  • Castle of Arco. The course across the olive trees is very suggestive, a very pleasant company you until the castle. To stop and stare at the sunrise at the belvedere – a transparent platform jutted outwards right under the castle is fabulous.
  • From the ruins of Castel Penede. A dawn full of history at the ruins of this medieval castle in Nago-Torbole. There, you can enjoy an awesome view over Monte Brione.

To watch the sun rising, enjoy the empty beaches and a delicious and revitalising breakfast at the lake almost alone, just like that marvel was only for you, painted by a divine artist.

The sunrise at Lake Garda is pure magic. You may also become an early bird too, who knows…

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5 castles to visit on Lake Garda

Impressive surrounding walls, high crenellated towers among those mountains that seem to be born to nestle majestic castles: we are in Garda Trentino and here, in the beautiful setting of Italy’s biggest lake, we can find many historical signs of a glorious past.

Since ages, the castles have always fascinated thousands of travellers and tourists who choose Garda Trentino as the ultimate destination for their holiday every year; holidays that are characterised not only by sports and beaches, but also history and culture.

We have tried to compile a list of the 5 most beautiful castles. Are you ready to wear an harmour, ehm sorry, some comfortable clothes and find them out?

  • Arco Castle. Dating back to the 12th century, the Conti d’Arco’s ancient dwelling, now a ruin, is one of the most amazing sign of the medieval life in Alto Garda. The path to get there is astounding: three different routes twisting and turning through ancient olive trees and a breathtaking view on River Sarca and the surrounding mountains. The Frescoes Room can’t be missed with its representations of courtly life… and dream about being ladies and knights from the old times!
  • Tenno Castle. Impressive, rather spare. Strong and imperious, no. We are not speaking about a Medieval Lord, but about it, Tenno Castle. Unfortunately, it is not available for visits because it is private, but also an outer tour is worth taking; from here, you could enjoy the evocative view sheer from the lake, and set off to Frapporta, a medieval hamlet connected to the above castle. To get there, people had to cross the ancient pointed door that preserves the grooves of the closing grating still nowadays. Here, time seems to stand still! 
  • The Rocca in Riva del Garda. Since its creation (around 1124), it has gone through many changes during the centuries and it has been a key point for the citizens of Riva del Garda and the manyfold visitors. An inch from the water, directly on the lake, it seems to look fiercely the horizon in front of it. At present, it is home of MAG, the Alto Garda Museum and at Christmas time it turns into Santa’s House (keep it quiet, he’s resting at the moment!) From the fortified tower you will enjoy an incomparable view you can’t miss out!
  • Drena Castle. Its impressive structure strikes the gaze when coming to Arco from north. Its elegant walls, the majestic 22-meter-high crenellated tower, the central fortified tower and the ruins of an ancient church. Even just the unique view is worth a visit: the surrounding valleys and the “moon” stretch called “deserto delle Marocche”.
  • Castel Penede – Nago. Now a ruin, the remains of this castle date back to Roman times. Although there isn’t a proper building to be seen, it is really interesting visiting it for its historical facts (through the centuries, the castle has been competed for many times) and the amazing view on Lake Garda, a proper observation point for its beauty.

If castles are your passion, how about a holiday at Lake Garda to visit all five? These listed are all in Trentino, on the north side of the lake. A comfortable accommodation for setting out to discover the castles?

Modern and design apartments in the center of Torbole: the Toblini Apartments. Take a look at the availability and choose your ideal period for a holiday on Lake Garda in search of castles!

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Strada del Ponale

The TOP event of the European mountain biking season will be real soon!

Are you getting ready? Are you waiting in trepidation? In Lake Garda we are “warming up our engine”, sorry, our bikes better to say, and in this article we will take the lid off some lulus and little (but interesting) sneak previews to make you live the upcoming emotion of the 2023 Bike Festival in Riva del Garda.

The news of the 2022 Bike Festival

For this 29th anniversary (we have hit even this target!!) more than 50.000 visitors and over 3,000 athletes are awaited.

One of the most noteworthy moments of the mountain-biking season opening will be the big Expo Area, with more than 150 exhibitors and some 300 brands!

Enthusiasts, go wild! The most famous mtb brand will offer you the chance to try out different bicycles and brand new products from the two-wheel world. In addition, every visitor can participate in some lotteries or purchase some products at reduced prices (that’s an excellent excuse to go shopping!)

The 2023 Bike Festival edition: the official dates

This year the Bike Festival will be held from 28 April to 1 May 2023.


SCOTT BIKE Marathon – the sportive highlight of the BIKE Festival. The participants can choose between four different distances. The race starts on Saturday morning in the center of Riva del Garda.

Bosch eMTB Challenge supported by Trek – The challenge combines elements of Enduro-, Trail and Orientation-races with a special focus on biking with electric support. Within the challenge, the drivers have to manage several stages, which are a varied mix of Uphill-, Downhill- and Orientation-distances. Fun and Adventure are for sure.

Enduro – ambitious Enduro trails are waiting for all participants. Start and finish are directly at the festival area in Riva del Garda.

Junior Trophy – At the Junior Trophy also the young generation can show their talent. Nevertheless having fun is the most important part of this side event.

These are just some of the juiciest news of the 2023 Bike Festival. For all the info, don’t miss the website, where you will find all the details and the full program. And now, you only need to start cycling with your phantasy. 

The most long-awaited biking event all over Europe is about to become reality on the Garda Trentino shores!

And, if you are looking for an accommodation where to sleep for the period of the Bike Festival, our Toblini Apartments offer you modern and perfectly equipped apartments with a modern, super-equipped and video-monitored bike deposit where you can let your bikes “rest”. 

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Recipe of Christmas panettone flavored with Garda extra virgin olive oil

It’s time to prepare the Christmas menu! Have you already chosen what to bring to the table? 

We want to give you a small gift: the recipe for the typical Italian Christmas cake, Panettone, with a secret ingredient from our beloved Lake Garda: DOP extra virgin olive oil.

To all of you our best wishes! And, don’t forget to think about your next holidays at Toblini Apartments!, the rates for 2022 are already online.


300 gr 00 flour 

90 gr Manitoba flour

80 gr cane sugar 

70 ml PDO Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil

4 egg yolks

150 ml water

25 ml milk

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons honey

100 gr raisins

100 gr chopped candied orange peel (optional) 

1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped

lemon zest

orange zest

6 gr fresh brewer’s yeast

paper panettone mold (500 gr)

  • Prepare a starter: dissolve 3 gr of yeast in 70 ml of water and mix with 150 gr of 00 flour in a large bowl. Cover with a damp kitchen towel and let rise in a warm place until it doubles in size.
  • First refresh: add another 3 gr of yeast dissolved in 80 ml of water to the starter. In a glass, combine 2 egg yolks with 35 ml of oil and beat with a fork. Add these to the starter with 50 gr of sugar and mix everything with 150 gr of 00 flour using a spatula. Cover with a kitchen towel and let rise in the oven until it doubles.
  • Second refresh: add the lemon and orange zests along with the vanilla beans to the dough. Add 30 gr of sugar, the salt, and honey. Separately, like in the first refresh, beat the 2 remaining egg yolks with 35 ml of oil and 25 ml of milk, and mix everything with 90 gr of Manitoba flour using a spatula. Finally, add the raisins and the candied orange peel. Knead well until the dough no longer sticks to the bowl, even if it will still be somewhat moist. Place the paper panettone mold on the baking tray and pour the dough into it. Let rise in a lukewarm oven until the dough reaches the top edge of the mold.
  • Once it has risen, temporarily remove the tray and preheat the oven to 180° C on static. Bake for about 40 minutes. To check for doneness, insert a toothpick in the center of the panettone. If the toothpick comes out dry, the panettone is done. Once out of the oven, it has to cool upside down. Insert four long wooden skewers in a star shape into the panettone, then turn it upside down over a large pot, resting  the sticks on the edge of the pot to support it. Once cool, store in a tightly sealed plastic bag until it’s time to be eaten.
Ricetta e fotografie Isabelle Yrma Pace

As a gift idea, use the same dough to make mini panettones in muffin molds, then wrap them up in a pretty Christmas package as a gift to give to those you love the most. 

Vacation in May on Lake Garda

April, with its sunny days, yet somewhat unstable weather, is a great month for a vacation (we talked about it here).

But May is even better, since it marks the beginning of the summer season (starting May 21st). This month brings with it a bunch of opportunities to experience a vacation between heaven and earth, lake and mountains, that only northern Lake Garda can offer. 

May: Welcome summer with a vacation 

May is undoubtedly the month when you can experience more during a vacation: from picnics on the beach (thanks to the warm sun and green lawns of the beaches in Alto Garda) to first dives (for the bold!), from windsurfing, canoeing , SUP or sail boating to bike rides or hiking

Why? Simple: the month of May offers sunny days that are never too hot and, during this month, you can practice high-intensity activities that are unthinkable during the summer. 

Riva del Garda, Torbole, Arco: the mountains here seem to blend into the blue (and very clean) water of the lake, creating an enviably beautiful scenario. 

Biking holidays in May. Let’s take a ride around Lake Garda!

The bicycle-Lake Garda binomial has always been a winning combination! The reason is easy to figure out: bike lanes, mountain trails, and gentle slopes for any degree of difficulty. For those who love two wheels, the month of May in Lake Garda is definitely for you! Would you like to experience a difficult but wonderful bike trail? Then don’t miss Monte Creino! Or would you rather like to see the most panoramic? Then that’s definitely the Ponale (LINK INTERNO). The easiest? The wonderful lakeside bike rides you can take from Torbole to Riva del Garda. Truly enchanting for children. 

A hiking vacation in May on Lake Garda 

Trekkiing d'autunno Lago di garda

An itinerary can be admired and appreciated more if experienced on foot. Stopping to take in a breathtaking view, breathing in the “here and now”, being part of nature and the cosmos: hiking outdoors is really more than just “going for a walk outside”. 

A hiking vacation really offers a lot, especially if beauty permeates your every step, just like it does in Lake Garda

The area also offers many itineraries that are suitable for children. With or without a stroller, the northern side of the lake is full of easy trails. A great family vacation with outdoor sports, walks, or hikes is truly an experience that can bring everyone together and become a beautiful memory to photograph and treasure. 

Why May? Because this month, which welcomes summer with its mild sunny days, is ideal for children, but also for grown-ups and for those who don’t like the heat of summer but want to enjoy the Mediterranean climate. Northern Lake Garda in Trentino (Torbole sul Garda, Riva, and Arco) is a combination of  lake and mountains, beaches and outdoor fun, like no other. Any type of holiday her is a dream turned into reality. 

Book a vacation in May in one of our two accommodations: Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini Al Lago, both located in Torbole and just a stone’s throw from the historic center and beaches. Start thinking about happy times. 

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April on Lake Garda: Spring vacation par excellence

An Italian proverb says, “April sweet slumber”, but that’s not quite so. April is when everything, and everyone, awakens after a long winter’s sleep and flourishes, just like nature does! 

Flowers bloom, days get longer, but what about us? We get away

And what could be better than taking advantage of the sun that starts peeping out to organize an “escape” in a wonderful corner of  the Mediterranean called Lake Garda

A vacation in Torbole sul Garda in April encompasses everything. You can enjoy a mild climate and already pleasant temperatures, which are perfect for practicing outdoor sports, even on the lake! 

In Torbole, the home of windsurfing, sailing, and all water sports in general, it’s almost impossible not to try your hand at a water sport during your vacation! 

Unlike the warmer months, April offers less crowds, fewer  risks (practicing a new water sport gets a bit tricky when the lake is full of boats and swimmers), and much lower prices than in high season. 

Sports, such as trekking or mountain biking, are also ideal in April. Both the excessive heat and bitter cold are just a fading memory. The  maximum temperatures recorded during this month are approximately 18° C. with peaks up to 20. Just perfect!

And if the sun is your daytime companion, April is truly the best month for a bike ride or a walk along one of the many hiking paths Lake Garda in Trentino has to offer. 

Torbole, Riva del Garda, and Arco are truly among the most beautiful places on the lake, each with their own peculiarity worth discovering. The neighboring towns in the province of Verona (Malcesine) and Brescia (Limone) are also quite lovely to visit in April.

But the most exciting itinerary of your vacation could end up being an excursion to Monte Baldo, which becomes an expanse of colorful primrose! And, from up there, the lake looks like an atypical fjord! Get your cameras ready! 

Actually, all the mountains around the lake are worth a visit in April, the month during which nature awakens and offers colors that we can only dream of in summer! 

Another wonderful experience you shouldn’t miss out on  in April ? A fun picnic! The fields and lawns are green again, and all the newly grown wildflowers will make your picnic incredibly fragrant. You can choose a lawn directly on a lakefront, like in Torbole or Riva, or a more romantic picnic on the lawn of the Arco castle! 

This shore of the lake offers castles, majestic mountains, a Central European atmosphere but, at the same time, the pleasantness of a typically Mediterranean climate, along with sports worthy of a Mediterranean island. 

All you have to do is treat yourself to an April vacation in this corner of paradise, and perhaps in one of our two accommodation facilities: Casa Toblini Al Lago (directly on the beach of Torbole) and Residence Toblini (in the center and a stone’s throw from the lake and the colorful village of Torbole). 

So, don’t ever let it be said that April is the month of slumber! 

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Easter 2023 on Lake Garda: a new, exciting season starts again

Ostern am Gardasee

After a long winter, the watchword in spring is: awakening! And what’s better than getting the kinks out of your body and spirit if not on vacation

One of the most anticipated holidays afterthe winter is definitely Easter. And one of the most desired destinations is, without a doubt, Italy… where there’s one place that encloses in itself  more worlds than one: Lake Garda.

Nature awakens in all its splendor, flowers bloom, and their intense fragrance permeates everywhere. This is the spectacle that is  spring, and witnessing this awakening is undoubtedly the perfect excuse for going on vacation. 

If it seems premature to be thinking about a vacation on Lake Garda for Easter 2023, you’re mistaken, and we’ll give you at least three good reasons to book now: 

1- More convenient prices. It might seem strange, but most everyone offers more competitive rates if you book well in advance. This happens especially if you book directly or without going through the internet and/or agencies. 

2- Tailored accommodations. Booking in advance of your arrival date allows you to have a vast choice in terms of accommodations, such as a panoramic apartment with the prettiest view that’s waiting just for you. Book it with just a click before someone else grabs it! 

3-  More time to plan your vacation. Accommodations are no longer a worry. Now that you’ve booked your stay and you’ve been able to choose your dream apartment at the lowest rate, you can dedicate your free time towards deciding on the places you’d like to see and make a list of the activities you absolutely want to do, like visiting  museums or trekking and biking. Things you’ve been desiring for a long time. You can also select the restaurants where you want to dine by taking a look at the reviews and also the distance from your accommodation. 

A dream? No! Reality. An undeniable advantage you’ll have in booking your vacation well in advance is being able to take your time in deciding on your stay by carefully selecting the structure, the type of accommodation, its location, and being able to get a better quality-price ratio. 

We at Toblini Apartments love to reward our most loyal guests, guaranteeing they receive a better rate if booked in advance. This is why we’ve already posted our rates on online for the 2023 season.

One-room, two-room, three-room apartments with a clean essential design, comfortable terraces where you can dine, swimming pool, and modern bike storage. 

So book your Easter 2023 vacation on Lake Garda now and discover all the advantages of this  clever choice. See you soon in Torbole to celebrate together! 

5 things you don’t know about Lake Garda

It’s really very big for being a lake, to the point that it resembles a fresh-water sea. It wets three Italian cities: Brescia, Verona, and Trentino. It’s the largest lake in Italy and, besides being breathtaking, Lake Garda offersseveralpeculiarities that not everyone is familiar with.

Let’s discover them together.

1 Land of the outdoors. This tourist destination loved by Italians and foreigners is one of the places preferred by sailing and climbing enthusiasts, but also mountain bikers and trekking excursionists. In short, all outdoor sports become even more exciting here!

2 Depth & Co. Lake Garda is located 65 meters above sea level, it stretches 51.6 km in length from Riva del Garda to Peschiera, with a width of 17.2 km, and a maximum depth of 346 meters. Not bad! What temperature is the water? During summer, the lake is always about 20° Celsius. This makes swimming  in it really pleasant (yes, it is safe for bathing), especially when the outdoor temperature exceeds 30° Celsius! 

3 Mr. Wind. The north side of Lake Garda, from Malcesine to Limone up to Riva del Garda, but especially Torbole sul Garda, is dominatedby winds. Regular and constant, these winds create a Mediterranean microclimate north of the lake, despite it being mountainous. Temperatures are mild, with a summer average of 30° Celsius, and winter is never very cold. This is why you can practice outdoor sports all year round. The wind in Garda, known as the “Ora”, blows in from the south and is the “undisputed master” of this territory, making Torbole the land of windsurfing and sailing.

4 A variety of food and wine. What can you eat during a holiday on Lake Garda? You’ll be spoiled for choice, but the Trentino side of the lake is, without a doubt, the richest in gastronomic specialties. From carne salada to the best P.D.O. extra virgin olive farthest north worldwide, its local products are truly excellent products to discover and savor! Did you know that Torboleoffers a type of broccoli with quite a unique flavor?! The Slow Food Presidium renamed it “Son of the Wind”,  thanks to the strong winter winds which blow between Arco and Torbole that give this vegetable its unique sweet flavor. You can find it freshly harvested in winter but also during other seasons in the form of a spread, which is delicious on freshly toasted bread or on a nice plate of spaghetti! And let’s not forget wine, which is the true pride of Trentino! There are many taverns and wineries that offer their finest bottles (for true connoisseurs) but also lighter wines that are very popular with less demanding palates. 

carne salada

5 A NON-Norwegian fjord. Northern Lake Garda resembles a Norwegian fjord. High mountains “embrace” its (very clean) waters, making it seem just like a fjord! But the Mediterranean climate here, and also its temperatures (pleasant even in the middle of winter), reminds you that we’re actually in Italy, in this corner of the Mediterranean called Lake Garda! 

There are many things still to be discovered around the largest lake in Italy. But, to do that, instead of reading this article, maybe you should book a vacation here! And in Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini Al Lago in Torbole, you’ll be at just a stone’s throw from its colorful village and its breathtaking beaches. So, are you ready for a Mediterranean escape? 

Lakes to visit near Lake Garda

Lago di Ledro

Lake Garda is immense, like the sea! Blue from afar and, from its crystal clear waters, this lake – the largest in Italy – is definitely worth a visit! But its northernmost part, the easiest to reach from the Brenner, in Trentino, is a land full of other lakes, more or less as vast as Lake Garda, and many are also suitable for swimming! 

In fact, a holiday in Lake Garda Trentino also allows for a nice tour of the nearby lakes both by car and bike. 


If you love cycling (MTB, racing, or electric), a nice excursion on two wheels to discover the nearby lakes will be really easy and fun. Starting from one of the most beautiful villages in all of Lake Garda, Torbole sul Garda, you can reach one of the most spectacular alpine lakes of them all:

Lake Tenno.

Lago di tenno
Lago di tenno

Small enough to be circumnavigated in an hour by canoe, of an intense emerald color, this alpine lake is one of the most photographed lakes on social media. Safe to swim in, even for children, it harbors a peculiarity: a magnificent islet in the center of the lake, which can also be reached on foot when the water level drops. From there, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby medieval village of Canale di Tenno by bike trail: a place suspended in time, where you can enjoy typical local dishes like carne salada e fasoi!

Lake Ledro

Lago di Ledro
Lago di Ledro

You definitely have to take a ride to Lake Ledro. This lake is one of the cleanest in Europe. Safe to swim in, and perfect for children, with its  pebbles, grass, and clear blue waters, it’s ideal for canoeing, SUP or even just a relaxing ride on a pedal boat. Then, after a nice swim, your children will love to visit the pile dwellings museum, a very important testimony of the Bronze Age, while the more daring can practice canyoning in nearby streams and visit beautiful waterfalls, such as the Gorg d’Abiss. What’s the best way to reach Lake Ledro? Easy, along one of the most beautiful trails in Europe, on foot or by mountain bike: the Ponale. 

And what should you take back home with you? A pack of Storo polenta. A real must-have to enjoy, as is the well-known gnocco Boemo

Lake Toblino

Lago di Toblino
Lago di Toblino

The lake of fairy tales… with even a castle in the center! Lake Toblino, which you can reach via an easy bike trail, is a very romantic lake, suspended between a dream world and reality, in the beautiful Valle dei Laghi. 

You can’t swim in this lake, so you’ll have to settle taking photos and strolling around it on foot. 

Sometimes, in the morning, the Toblino castle emerges from the mist of the lake. Legend tells that fairies and gnomes once lived here happily, and there’s even a small temple dedicated to them, as a plaque placed in the portico of the castle recalls.

The lake is surrounded by a thicket of reeds, and migratory birds and many species of fish take refuge here. The scenery is relaxing and ideal for walks and rides.

To fully admire the 16th-century castle, we suggest you to take the wooden walkway that runs along the banks. The perfect place for couples to steal a kiss! 

The very unique Lake Loppio, along the Adige-Garda pedestrian/bike path, is also worth a mention.

Until a few decades ago, it was a very beautiful alpine lake. In the 1950s, a tunnel was dug between the Adige river and Lake Garda, in order to drain excess water from the river when it overflowed, therefore, eliminating any risk of flooding. The tunnel was built right under Lake Loppio, which emptied when the aquifer was intercepted. Today, this former lake is a very fascinating biotope to visit and is home to many species of animals and birds. And don’t forget the characteristic islet of Sant’Andrea!

So, as you can see, Lake Garda isn’t the only lake in the area! A vacation in Torbole can be a magnificent dynamic experience in search of emotions and thrills. But have you already chosen your accommodations? At the Toblini Apartments, we have everything that couples (seeking relaxation or sports) and families could need. Take a look here, and start your vacation adventure.

The most beautiful beaches on Lake Garda: a paradise for families and sports enthusiasts

spiaggia attrezzata Torbole sul Garda

Bask in the sun accompanied by the sound of crickets and cooled by the Ora wind, with the scent of the Mediterranean and a postcard panorama. This is Lake Garda, where every day is the right day for a beach experience! 

Lake Garda – almost as vast as the sea, with its crystal clear  waters of an intense blue, which are always refreshing and restorative – is known worldwide for the beauty of its landscapes. But while the vast, flat southernmost part will remind you of the sea, because of the absence of mountain ranges, northern Lake Garda in the province of Trento is enthralling, with its iconic shape that’s reminiscent of an atypical Norwegian fjord. 

Right here, situated among Torbole, Riva del Garda (in Trentino), Malcesine (in Veneto), and Limone (in Lombardy), the lake narrows and is embraced by lush majestic mountains that outline its contour. 

Enjoying an entire day at the beach here is certainly sublime, especially if you’re a sports enthusiast and love water sports. 

A home to sailing, windsurfing, and kite surfing, Torbole is probably the most suitable village for a sports vacation focused on water sports, thanks to an element that is an integral part of this territory: the wind and, specifically, the Ora, typical of Garda, which blows from south to north and is ideal for sailing, kite surfing, and windsurfing enthusiasts who love to have fun whizzing across the lake. 

But which are the most beautiful beaches on Lake Garda

There are several well-known beaches in Torbole sul Garda, for regattas and wind-sports enthusiasts, with their manicured green lawns and many cafés and restaurants where you can sip a drink at sunset as you watch surfers surf and yachtsmen navigate across the lake nudged by the wind.

Circolo Surf Torbole
Circolo Surf Torbole

Spiaggia Lungolago [Lakeside Beach]. A beach that’s worth considering, since it’s very close to the colorful village of Torbole, with its unforgettable views, bike path, and many services including beach umbrellas and sun beds, which are almost impossible to find throughout the entire north side of the lake. Another peculiarity is that it is the windiest area of all! But it’s also perfect for families with children because of the many services it offers.

Torbole Strand am See
Torbole Strand am See
  • Spiaggia delle Lucertole [Lizard Beach] (Corno di Bò). Lovers of the wild, this is for you. This beautiful beach, which can also be easily reached by canoe or SUP from Torbole, towards Tempesta, is very small, but it is truly breathtaking, seeing that it is a cliff (a piece of mountain ridge with sheer sides) much sought after by climbing enthusiasts. 
  • Porfina di Riva del Garda. Very close to the beautiful San Nicolò marina in Riva del Garda – with its posh clubs, enlivened by the sound of sail boats – this trendy beach is very wide, directly on the pedestrian/bike path that leads from Riva to Torbole, and it’ also fully serviced for families with children (with a nearby playground), cafés,  and convenient parking. Ideal for sports enthusiasts – who’ll enjoy exploring perfect coves for windsurfing – but also for families.
  • Navene. We’re in Malcesine, the Venetian shore of Lake Garda. Here peace and tranquility rule the roost. The silence is broken only by the many kite sails you’ll be able to admire on the lake. This beach is, in fact, a kitesurfer’s dream, with lots of  places from which you can rent equipment or even take a class, and you’ll love the weather here too. Canoeing, SUP, and wingfoiling: a sports enthusiast’s paradise where even dogs are welcome. This beach isn’t really trendy, so you’ll definitely be able to relax on its long shore, perfect for sunbathing, since the sun sets a bit later than in Torbole. Ideal for a sunset picnic on Lake Garda! 

Also worth mentioning is the well-known, beautiful Giamaica Beach of Simione, on the Brescia side of the lake, with its crystal clear water… but watch out! It’s always really crowded in summer, yet, it’s definitely still a must-see! 

Lake Garda offers a myriad of beaches to explore! Small and discreet for the true-at-heart hippy, or vast and long and fully-serviced for families with children, with also clubs for sports enthusiasts and for passionate and dynamic vacationers, with peaceful beaches immersed in a serene environment. The choice is yours! And if you want a beach experience even when you sleep, you can stay overnight in one of our six apartments at Casa Toblini Al Lago directly on the beach. Your alarm clock? The waves of the lake! 

Have a great vacation!