A Vacation (in Torbole) on the Wings of Freedom Thanks to Wing Foiling

Lake Garda, and especially Torbole sul Garda, is the undisputed paradise of water sports, like sailing, windsurfing , and SUP (Stand Up Paddle). 

The wind that caresses your skin on hot summer days is one of the most wonderful feelings you can imagine. After all, we all know that the Garda winds, especially the Ora,  are the true protagonists of the Trentino side of Lake Garda. They’re one of its distinctive features, along with the various sports activities that, thanks to these winds, seem to be invented for being practiced right here. And, among these sports, there’s a new one that’s already driving enthusiasts crazy, but that also really intrigues newbies: Wing Foiling.

What is Wing Foiling

We asked Chiara Lolli – owner of the 

Duotone Pro Center in Torbole – whom we had a pleasant chat with.

Chiara explained that Wing Foiling is the latest in water sports and consists in holding a wing while on a Stand Up Paddle or Surf board (Wingsurf) or on a SUP with hydrofoil (Wing Foil). This is a sport that’s a cross between Windsurf Foiling, Kite Foiling, and SUP Foiling. 

The main purpose of Wing Foiling is to be able to move as freely as possible on water using both wind and wave energy. A wing offers better handling than a kite or a windsurf, ensuring greater ease when taking off from the water under the same wind conditions.

Wing Foiling is usually practiced with short boards that are wide and thick. This helps the rider stand and have greater stability.

“On days with little wind, watching  an experienced wing foiler fly over the water, masterfully handling hiswing is truly fascinating, which is why many people are drawn to wing foiling. It’s the ideal sport for experiencing Lake Garda while you also exercise.

Wing Foil Lake Garda

If what Chiara said makes you want to jump on a board and fly on the wings of freedom, pushed by the wind while admiring the beauty of colorful Torbole in the distance, we have an experiential package just for you.

You’ll be able to discover and learn this new sport, thanks to the collaboration between Toblini Apartments and Duotone Pro Center Torbole.

The center is located in Torbole sul Garda, in the marvelous bay called Conca d’Oro, and offers various courses for those who are first approaching this new sport.

Whether they’re group courses or custom private lessons, you’ll be given attention, professionalism, and a special treatment as guests of Residence Toblini or Casa Toblini “Al Lago”. So book your experiential vacation now.

Life is the most beautiful of adventures, but only an adventurer discovers it.

G.K. Chesterton

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