Sailing at Lake Garda

Lake Garda has a long sailing tradition; everyone in the world knows it. Torbole and Riva del Garda are the upmost places where you can practise this sport and enjoy great days at the lake.

Lake Garda – and, in particular, its northern side – gives you the occasion to practise many other outdoor activities, but the best one is sailing! The regular winds guarantee the perfect conditions to go sailing, to learn how to sail or to watch the numerous international regattas during your holidays at Lake Garda.

Furthermore, the quality of the services like the sailing schools, the clubs and boat rentals is high. Experts and beginners can find what they need to make their sailing unforgettable!
Spring is the best season to approach the sailing. When you come on holiday, visit one of the sailing schools of Lake Garda Trentino and try this sport!

Residence Toblini and Casa Toblini al Lago are really close to Lake Garda – Casa al Lago lies on the beach – so both are perfect for your sailing holidays. Feel the magic, the heady sensation of feeling this sport can offer.

They are situated near the sailing clubs of Torbole and Arco – incredible locations to go sailing.
Want to know other great extras?
A trailer warehouse, a large indoor swimming-pool where you can relax your muscles after the workout…. And a room with maxi-screen to watch the most thrilling competitions!

If you are a beginner, what about learning how to sail during your holidays at Lake Garda?
Going on holiday means freedom, learning new things and – why not? – get a new lease on life. 
Give yourself a few days and you will feel the real power of the wind. Set the stress free, you’ll just need to think of the weather and the lake conditions or smell the fragrance of the rain, where something in the air is about to change. When, after your sailing on Lake Garda or a simple trip on the sailboat, you come back to the comfort and design of Apartments Toblini, it will seem like nothing else has ever let you feel that way.

The sailboat is a world, a way of living, an experience that makes you understand how the daily life can be composed of beautiful new things.
Sailing is a journey, far from the traffic jam… and from motorboats because, in the northern side of Lake Garda, motorboats cannot sail.

Far from peak time and the common places, where no control can exist but only your management ability, you will live a real lesson in living, even just for one day, on a sailboat at Lake Garda.
To feel a long emotion, try the sailing. To live a real holiday, come to Residence Toblini.

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